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The Road to ATS Singapore: What's Shaping 2023?

As excitement builds for ATS Singapore 2023, ExchangeWire took to the road for an exclusive event for agencies, brands, and publishers.

Chaired by ExchangeWire COO Lindsay Rowntree, our all-star panel give an insight into the APAC region's most pressing topics and a preview of what’s to come at ATS Singapore 2023.


Lindsay Rowntree - COO, ExchangeWire (Moderator)

Gurman Hundal - Co-founder and Executive chairman, MIQ

Silas Lewis-Meilus - Global Head of Media Business Units, Haleon

Raj Parekh - Lead, Digital Sales and Strategy, Mediacorp • Caroline Campbell, VP Sales and Membership, StackAdapt

Avis Easteal - Regional Head of Consumer, Luxasia