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14 December 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'Eastern European Mobile Ad Trend Forecasts for 2013', by Adam Jablonski, CEO of Epom

The end of the year is a time for refection and projection, on what we’ve achieved and for what we expect. Adam Jablonski, CEO of the Polish ad server Epom, breaks down the current state of mobile advertising in Eastern Europe and what we can expect from the region in 2013.

Stay Alive and Advertise

Despite the widely spoken-of impending Apocalypse on December 21, 2012, we can’t help but look towards 2013 with a renewed willingness to get to work and great expectations for the future of advertising.

The ad industry, which has undergone numerous significant changes lately, will certainly continue evolving next year; and mobile advertising is surely to face many more substantial developments in comparison with other sectors of the market.

Forward Into Mobile

It has become obvious that the future of advertising lies in mobile, and the growth of the mobile ad sector in 2012 proves this fact to the fullest. In fact, the US market spend this year, according to Epom Data Center research, has grown to almost double what it was 2011. As for 2013, the increase of mobile ads’ portability and, thus popularity, is only going to rise, especially due to the constant introduction of new tablet models.

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19 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

'In-App Ads: New Realities & Maximised Profits', by Adam Jablonski, CEO of Epom

Ads Get into Apps, In-App Ads Get to the Top

It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the modern user is almost 100% mobile, regarding both private time and work routine. Due to the fast pace of our lives, dynamics have already converted mobile into one of the key factors in development, no matter which industry is being discussed. Advertising is, obviously, even more affected by new mobility trends, which is perhaps why mobile ads in general, and in-app ads in particular, have recently become the new hit worldwide.

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14 November 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

'The Future’s Bright, The Future’s ‘Kombinowac’', by Stephan van den Bremer, European MD & Mirek Wasowicz, Sales Director, Central & Eastern Europe, IgnitionOne

Poland and indeed the rest of the CEE market is about to erupt when it comes to the future state of data-driven ad buying. Engineering prowess has reigned in the region for some time and the likes of Warsaw are now becoming viable hubs of locally served business rather than just being outsourced hubs. One such company beginning to make inroads is Ignition One, who has just opened its first office in Poland. It’s client list includes: Orange.pl, Play.pl, Netia.pl, Volvo.pl, Toyota.pl, Easygo.pl and Wakacje.pl.

Stephan van den Bremer, European Managing Director and Mirek Wasowicz, Sales Director, Central and Eastern Europe explain why the country is good for business.

Stephan van den Bremer:


The Warsaw office was opened last month, although the company has operated in Poland since 2009. Initially, it was a hub for sales, but due to an unprecedented growth in the number of clients, local client service activities were later added. At the moment, the office focuses on on-site conversion optimisation, re-marketing, media optimisation and attribution.

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2 August 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

ATS London Announces World Class List Of Speakers And Agenda

It’s the biggest data-driven advertising event in Europe. It’s the event that even has its own acronym. ATS London is now in its third year, and the line-up of speakers and content is the best yet. Often copied – A LOT! – but never equalled, ATS London brings together the best in the global online ad industry to discuss the latest trends and developments in the space. And this year is no exception.

It is clear that our industry is moving beyond the mess of the LumaScape to a platform-centric world, and this certainly is one of the key areas being explored by ATS London this year. The full-day programme will be organised into three core themes: brand, application and big data. All of these are effectively shaping the data-driven ad space, and speakers and participants on the day will explore these issues in more depth.

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EMEA Round-Up: myThings' Global Expansion Continues Following Recent $15m Investment; Moblie Ad Network Todacell Raises £1.29m and Doubles Revenue; Turn Drives Continued European Expansion; MediaMind Launches Cookie-Free Ad Targeting for European AppNexus Customers with its Peer39 Data

myThings’ Global Expansion Continues Following Recent $15m Investment

myThings, a global personalised display ad solutions company, announced this week that it has expanded its operations in the U.S. and Latin American markets, in addition to Japan, Turkey, Poland and the Nordics, with the company now operating in 15 markets worldwide. Hand-in-hand with its geographic expansion, the company has recently hired its 100th employee, with a total team growth of 120% in 18 months.

myThings’ strategic expansion decision, especially the opening of offices in the U.S. and Brazil, was a result of growing demand from marketers, particularly in the United States, to extend beyond the industry-focused cost per click (CPC) or view-based models offered by traditional retargeting companies. myThings translates its CPA-driven success to their markets, aiming to enable advertisers to run risk-free campaigns by paying only for actual conversions.

A driving force behind myThings’ expansion is its recent $15m round led by Iris Capital, the manager of the Orange-Publicis Venture Fund, in addition to existing investors Accel Partners, Carmel Ventures, T-Ventures and Viola PE. To date, the company has raised $37m in four rounds of financing.

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30 May 2012 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

European Data Consolidation: Alain Levy & Arnaud Caplier Discuss The Recent Acquisition Of Datvantage And How It Will Help To Bulk Out Weborama's Data Offering

Weborama announced yesterday that it was acquiring Datvantage, a data management solution, for an undisclosed figure. The acquisition might well signal the start of a wider consolidation in the European ad tech space. Here Weborama CEO, Alain Levy, and Datvantage’s Co-Founder, Arnaud Caplier, discuss the deal and how it will augment the current pan-Euro data solution offered by Weborama.

For those not accustomed with Datvantage, please explain what the value proposition; what category do they operate in (exchange, DMP, etc)?

Arnaud: Datvantage is a data exchange: it aggregates audience segments from publishers and offers them to audience buyers (advertisers, agencies and networks) to help them target and optimise their campaigns. The Datvantage platform offers DMP capabilities which enable all stakeholders (publishers, agencies and advertisers) to understand and manage monetisation and usage of their data assets.

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EMEA Round-Up: Adobe Partners with Evidon for Privacy Solutions; Spree7 Appoints Oliver Busch; Rocket Fuel Attracts Adconion MD; Criteo's Five-Point Plan for Big Data; nugg.ad Opens New Targeting Opportunities for Microsoft's Advertising’s Polish Customers

Adobe Partners with Evidon for Privacy Solutions

Evidon announced this week their new partnership with Adobe. The integration will enable Adobe clients to access Evidon’s privacy controls directly though Adobe TagManager, and help them comply with global privacy regulations across all domains, advertisements, applications, and devices. In phase I, they’ll use Evidon InForm to help consumers control their behavioral advertising preferences, including giving them a mechanism to provide their consent to be tracked for OBA—a key requirement of the ePrivacy Directive.

This partnership is significant for two reasons:

First, it will help to ensure the safe use of consumer data. By integrating privacy tools into TagManager, Adobe is now ensuring that their clients capitalise on Big Data and use those tools responsibly, with respect for consumer privacy. That not only helps them comply, but also helps to ingratiate themselves to consumers.

The Evidon privacy tag will be activated through the Adobe SiteCatalyst tag, which is ubiquitous across the internet. This makes it simple for marketers to activate privacy control, and it means privacy assurance for consumers at massive scale. It also means that, as regulations change, privacy controls adapt with them—clients will be able to modify their notice and choice solution on the fly through the tag.

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IPONWEB's Shane Shevlin Discusses His Move To The Company, The IPONWEB Solution In Europe, & The Critical Role Its Technology Plays In The Real-Time Advertising Eco-System

Shane Shevlin is Director of Business Development EMEA at IPONWEB. Here Shevlin discusses the IPONWEB solution in Europe, how the company works with ad tech vendors, and the critical role its technology plays in the real-time advertising eco-system.

For those unaware of the IPONWEB solution in Europe, can you give an overview of your current offering?

IPONWEB is essentially the tech provider behind many of the leading Ad tech platforms in the RTB space. We build and operate customised media trading systems that enable our clients to take advantage of RTB, Audience & Programmatic buying on both the buy-side and the sell-side of the equation, all of which can operate across display, mobile and video channels.

Our solutions leverage u-Platform™, our rapid development ecosystem that packages up the very complex component technologies required to operate in this space – Ad-serving at scale, real-time decisioning, machine learning, big data management, processing and analytics, all void of business logic. We then tailor the solution to specifically solve the business challenges that drive our clients to innovate and deliver the best results for their customers. So on top of this core u-Platform™ base, we then custom develop the algorithms & ad decisioning logic, together with any other unique feature-set requirements. We do this for each and every client.

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Adam Jablonski, Founder and CEO, Epom, Discusses Online Advertising Trends In The Polish Ad Market

Adam Jablonski is Founder and CEO from Epom. Here he discusses some key trends from the Polish online ad market, and how the mobile and automated channels are attracting budget in one of Europe’s fastest growing markets.

Poland has been at the forefront of progress and innovation in the online space over the past couple of years. The country’s integration into the European Union has been a key driving force for further rapid development of technology, particularly digital media start-ups. Online marketing has become one of the fastest-developing niches, thanks to the formation of a strong technological basis and the newly-opened opportunities for international collaboration.

Despite the recent financial crisis, the negative tendencies haven’t actually touched the internet industry in Poland. According to the recent Adex IAB study, the value of the Polish market in online advertising in the second half of 2011 amounted to nearly one billion złoty (£240m). Major brands and agencies are constantly increasing their online advertising budgets.

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