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Xaxis Eyes Cross-Screen Ad Dollars With Xaxis Sync

Xaxis.LogoAdvertisers’ calls for cross-device targeting capabilities appear to have been answered with the unveiling of Xaxis Sync, the GroupM trading desk’s multi-screen technology that lets media buyers purchase ads on viewers’ mobile devices coordinated with commercials running on their televisions screens.

Xaxis Sync uses video identification technology to capture and analyse metadata about television spots airing on more than 2,000 channels across. For instance, when a spot runs, Xaxis is able to use this metadata as a trigger to deliver complementary ads on viewers’ smartphones or tablets that run within 2 seconds after the start of the TV spot.
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The Cross-Device Chasm And Why Statistical Identification Matters

GarethDaviesresizedExchangeWire columnist Gareth Davies, AdBrain, CEO and co-founder, explains: ‘WTF are statistical IDs, and why should I care?’

In an increasingly mobile-first world, the proliferation of mobile device adoption presents a major challenge to digital marketers who traditionally relied upon desktop cookie tracking to target and reach their wired audiences. While the cookie isn’t dead just yet, it’s certainly on its last legs as a new battle is being fought by tech goliaths and upstarts alike in a bid to better understand multi-screen consumers. The prize; a holistic audience profile. This way we can connect mobile users with other devices, to create a single cross-device audience ID, and in return more relevant and impactful ads for consumers, not to mention a greater share of the digital ad dollar.
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What I'm Going To Do When I Get The Yahoo CRO Role

cashAs you might have noticed from some Tweets this morning I officially announced that I might apply for the vacant Yahoo CRO role. Why would Marissa Mayer hire me? Firstly, there is a long tradition – since she started her tenure – of Mayer hiring foreign-born CRO’s. In case we have never met, I am Irish born – and can perform lots of sales pitches in a heavy accent.

But that’s only part of it. I have a plan for Yahoo. It doesn’t require me to stand in front of agency ad execs, pleading for their advertising spend, and gives me a carte blanche to spend all that Alibaba money. To tell you truth I cannot wait to start my new role. Here’s what I’ll do…
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Twitter Takes Aim At Facebook’s Core App Install Business

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 14.12.42Twitter has lifted the lid on its latest mobile app install suite that aims to help advertisers drive downloads of their mobile apps both on- and off-Twitter, in a move that is set to compete with Facebook’s core mobile proposition.

The announcement was made today (17 April) and means marketers will be able to marketers and developers to drive app installs and app engagements via MoPub Marketplace, with Spotify counting as one of the early beta partners for the project.
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ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

googleExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

Mobile continues to dog Google

Google this week issued its first quarter results for the year, with revenues of $15.4bn, up 19% year on year, however then search giant’s ongoing inability to convince advertisers to pay more money for mobile inventory meant it missed forecasted results, prompting a dip in its share price.
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Mobile Operator Telefonica Launches Axonix From The Ashes Of MobClix

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 11.02.14Mobile operator Telefonica is poised to inject fresh competition into the mobile ad tech sector with the imminent launch of Axonix, a mobile ad exchange built on the technology of the now defunct MobClix/Velti venture.

The mobile operator – which has an extensive amount of mobile operator brands, including O2 in the UK, taking in over 200 million subscribers – will launch Axonix in the coming weeks along with GSO Capital Partners, a division of investment firm Blackstone.

The Axonix exchange will be based on MobClix technology acquired by the pair in the wake of (MobLicx parent company) Velti’s Chapter 11 proceedings, and will be the first mobile ad exchange owned by a single global mobile operator group, according to Telefonica.
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IAB Issues Viewability Standards

iab-logoUK trade bodies representing advertisers, publishers and the ad tech sector have laid down guidelines on viewable ad impressions in a move designed to introduce viewability as a media trading standard for the first time.

The IAB has this morning (15 April) published standards stating that 50% of pixels must be in the viewable portion of an internet browser for a minimum of one continuous second to qualify as a viewable display impression for a standard display ad.
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Click Fraud And How To Detect It

clickfraudThe issue of click fraud is endemic in the online advertising business, with estimates over the scale of the problem varying wildly, with some parties claiming that up to 50% of all billed-for ads are generated by non-human traffic.

Last week, this publication spoke with IPONWEB’s Thomas Servatius who explained the market dynamics that permit click fraud to continue at its current levels. This week, ExchangeWire speaks to experts in the field to gain further insight on just how the fraudsters operate, and possible methods to combat them.
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ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

Bot-2ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.

German Advertisers Tipped To Embrace Programmatic, But Warned Of Dangers

This week’s sold out Ad Trader Conference, hosted in Berlin, was pre-empted by market insiders tip the (currently nascent) programmatic market there go through a period of steep growth. But equally those that make the decisions in the market, such as speakers Herzlich Willkommen, BVDW president, demand more from the industry sector.

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Adtruth's James Collier Explains the Various Approaches to Cross-Device Targeting

As Neal Mohan says we are not in a mobile-first world anymore, it’s a multi-device eco-system for advertisers. Too right, Neal. In this #TraderTalkTV episode, Adtruth‘s James Collier explains the various approaches to cross-device targeting. Here Collier goes into detail on three forms of methodologies around cross-device targeting, namely multi-screening tracking, multi-screening and “householding”.