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Adtruth's James Collier Explains the Various Approaches to Cross-Device Targeting

As Neal Mohan says we are not in a mobile-first world anymore, it’s a multi-device eco-system for advertisers. Too right, Neal. In this #TraderTalkTV episode, Adtruth‘s James Collier explains the various approaches to cross-device targeting. Here Collier goes into detail on three forms of methodologies around cross-device targeting, namely multi-screening tracking, multi-screening and “householding”.

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#TraderTalkTV: IPONWEB'S Shane Shevlin Breaks Down The Mechanics Of A DMP & Outlines Use Cases

2013 was the year of the “DMP” allegedly. There has been much written about the “DMP” and its importance in the programmatic buying over the last twelve months. Some have questioned the value of it as a standalone piece, Regardless of its misnomer as a platform or its perception as a point solution, the reality is that the “DMP” is becoming an important part of the stack for both marketers and agencies alike. Here Shane Shevlin, Director of Business Development EMEA at IPONWEB, breaks down the essentials, giving three use cases of how a DMP is being used in the current market.

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#TraderTalkTV: Rob Webster Discusses The Evolution Of The Media Plan And How Third Parties Add Value Through Prospecting

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV Crimtan‘s Rob Webster discusses the evolution of the media plan. In a deep dive into how the media plan (or schedule) currently looks, he highlights the over emphasis on the retargeting piece, and how third party buyers can continue to add real value to both agency and its client by delivering a prospecting solution that helps advertisers drive actual new customers down the “purchase funnel” to conversion.

Webster, a veteran of the agency world, ultimately sees retargeting being consolidated by the agency trading desk and retargeting solutions like Criteo/Struq, with much of the prospecting being allocated to specialist third party traders on a managed basis.

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#TraderTalkTV: Donald Hamilton Discusses Scale Around Data Targeting, And Why Publishers Should Work Together To Achieve Volume

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Donald Hamilton, UK Managing Director at Zodiak Advertising, discusses the problems for publishers around scaling data targeting. He suggests individual publishers will not be able to compete with big scaled offerings – and so should look at co-oping data. Will publishers in the UK look at a similar model to La Place and Audience Square? Here Hamilton goes into detail as to how this approach might work for digital publishers.

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#TraderTalkTV : Rubicon Project's Jordan Mitchell on Boosting Publisher Yield by Accounting for Scarcity

Jordan Mitchell, Rubicon Project, VP product, discusses how publishers can use algorithms to boost revenue, including real-time advertising solutions, and which targeting criteria to use to boost fill-rates. Rubicon’s Mitchell maps out his company’s approach to aggregating advertiser demand and matching this to publishers’ audiences. Namely, how awarding an impression to the highest bid does NOT always equate to the most revenue for publishers.

Scarcity of advertiser demand is a key consideration, he argues.

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#TraderTalkTV : LiveRail's Yoav Arnstein Explains How Video Private Marketplaces Differ From Their Display Counterparts

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, LiveRail’s Managing Director, Yoav Arnstein breaks down the differences between a video and a display private marketplace. LiveRail is 100% publisher-focused and doesn’t actually sell any product to the buy side, their purpose being to help publishers monetise video across channels. They do this with two approaches: direct-sold premium (their adserver solution) and managing programmatic selling. Video and display private marketplaces do have one thing in common: they both allow publishers to leverage their assets in a better way within preferential commercial relationships, compared to an open marketplace. The differences begin with the technology, display has been around much longer and much more of the inventory is available via programmatic and there is a decent level of transparency regarding who the advertiser is. With video, however, this transparency has yet to be implemented widely. Therefore, each new creative submitted has to go through a manual curation process to be cleared for publication, so the first bid per creative will not be won by the advertiser, however once their specific creative has cleared the block list, they will be able to bid in real time. This hands-on process provides a high level of safety for publishers.

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#TraderTalkTV : Alenty's Laurent Nicolas Explains Why Viewability Should Be the New Currency for Online Advertising

As ATS Paris quickly approaches, we’re continuing our French focus for this week’s #TraderTalkTV with Alenty co-founder and CEO, Laurent Nicolas. Here Laurent describes how Alenty measures viewability across different environments, including premium, RTB and mobile, with a success rate of 95%. IAB in the US has been pushing for viewability to become a new ‘currency’ for advertising in the future, however ad viewability is important in its own right, for obvious reasons. Laurent uses the flipboard to chart case study success rates and put some hard numbers behind the business model, with it now possible to retarget people via RTB to drive viewability frequency — essentially serving users until they see the ad. In the latest numbers released, only 43% of ads are actually viewed online, with CPMs remaining constant across the scale of viewability, not reflecting actual value. As more and more advertisers state an in-view expectation of 80%, viewability is becoming a priority measurement.

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#TraderTalkTV : Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU, ValueClick on the Benefits of MultivariateTargeting

In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Stefan Vos, Director, Data & Analytics EU at ValueClick breaks down multivariate targeting, particularly around behavioural targeting. At the basic level, behavioural segments can be picked by hand for a campaign, the next step above that is to run the same campaign, but with a conversion rate tracked for each segment, however with this method behaviours will can be overlooked that the marketer hadn’t foreseen. Many large performance advertisers online opt for indexing, which is taking people who convert (or other desirable behaviours) and indexing them against the average user online. However, with this model, individual users are overlooked in favour of segments of users. The step beyond this, and the one Stefan feels works the best, is multivariate targeting, which aggregates all their behaviours, plus their content context and personalised information (such as geo, browser, ect.) for a holistic view of who the particular user is, driving a higher probability of conversion.

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#TraderTalkTV : Fabien Magalon, MD, La Place Media Breaks Down the Benefits of Publisher Partnership

This week’s #TraderTalkTV takes us back to Paris with ATS Paris speaker Fabien Magalon, Managing Director at La Place Media, where he breaks down the concept behind La Place Media, an alliance between five media sales houses/publishers. Now celebrating its one-year anniversary, La Place Media encompasses 150 sites, 30 million users and 4.5 billion impressions. Fabien juxtaposes direct sales versus what La Place Media offers, which focuses more on selling audience. Built around driving value to publishers, from January to June 2013 they were able to increase CPMs 36%. La Place Media started with display, but sees the potential for massive growth in the French mobile market, although there are currently issues with fragmentation of the space. Looking forward, La Place Media is also launching a Premium Video Ad Exchange, which will operate as a private marketplace.

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#TraderTalkTV : eXelate's Alain Sanjaume on Connecting Online & Mobile Data for Multiscreen Targeting

Straight from Paris, this week’s #TraderTalkTV sees Alain Sanjaume, Senior European Consultant at eXelate and speaker at next month’s ATS Paris, breaking down the use of third-party data across multiple screens, from the PC world to the mobile world. First, eXelate collects demographic & geo data, interest (content consumed), intent (to purchase) and branded data, from which they drop an anonymised cookie on the user. Multiscreen wants access to this type data beyond  the PC, however it’s tricky on a cookie-less platform where you have to resort to fingerprinting, user ID or device ID. The challenge lies in connecting these two modes with a digital touchpoint, which eXelate endeavours to do.