• How Automation Reduces Friction And Boosts Effectiveness When Selling Guaranteed Inventory

    In the light of Rubicon’s latest acquisitions, this week’s TraderTalk is a timely overview of automating premium inventory sales.

    Joss Wexler, Head of Buyer Cloud at Rubicon Project, this week discusses the concept of automation around guaranteed premium inventory – and the mechanics of how the process would work.

    It’s likely the Rubicon Project’s recent acquisitions will accelerate its plans to enable publishers to sell this premium inventory programmatically.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Explains Programmatic TV Buying Execution

    ‘Programmatic TV’ is soon to become one of the buzz phrases of the ad tech industry, just as ‘cross-screen’, and ‘transparency’ are the de rigeur programmatic terms at present. But still, few people are actually aware of the intricacies of its execution, and potential. 

    In this episode of #TraderTalkTV Phil Duffield, SVP, international,, dispels some popular misnomers over both the term, and the possibilities the technology offers.

    Press play to see how he explains that programmatic TV buying is NOT A [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: OpenX's Jason Fairchild Explains How Various Demand Classes Can Be Merged Into One Auction

    How do you merge all demand classes – particularly RTB and network demand – into one big huge auction? OpenX is launching new functionality on its SSP solution to address this problem on the supply side.

    Here Jason Fairchild gives us a deep dive on how the process works via the medium of the #TraderTalkTV whiteboard – and how publishers can now bundle all these demand sources into one buying channel.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Equinix's Rory Murphy Discusses The Infrastructure Powering The Real Time Ad Ecosystem

    We as an industry talk incessantly about “platforms” as if ad tech was tripping over open APIs – which is not the case by the way. But what of the real platforms? Specifically the cloud and data infrastructure that help power our real-time eco-system. How do millisecond trades get done and ads served without latency issues?

    For an efficient real-time eco-system you need real infrastructure. Brian O’Kelley often refers to AppNexus as the DSPP or [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Project Sunblock CEO Duncan Trigg Explains How Bots Work

    Did you know that a bot found last week in Germany was throwing off three billion in fake impressions, generating £1 million plus per month for the bot owner? And did you know there is also a bot in the UK generating 800 million fake impressions and clicks, making the originator £750K? No?

    In our industry right now an advertiser or a legitimate publisher is being defrauded? The problem is rampant. Some observers think it could account [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Mobile Retargeting... How It Works And Use Cases

    Retargeting on desktop powered the first wave of RTB adoption. Now the next big target for the industry is mobile. But how will mobile retargeting work in such a fragmented space – where there is no universal cookie and you need to navigate around the multi-device id problem? We ask Wesley Biggs, CTO at byyd, to come onto #TraderTalkTV to walk us through the basics of mobile retargeting and the use cases by advertisers.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Ghostery COO Emily Riley Explains How Brands Can Be More Efficient in Managing Third Party Vendors

    In this week’s episode of #TraderTalkTV we speak to Ghostery COO, Emily Riley, about how brands can be more efficient in managing third party vendors.

    The marketing technology eco-system remains a mystery for most senior CMOs with lots of sub functions (social, ecommerce, seach) within this managed almost independently of each other. This disconnect can lead to some operational issues, particularly around latency, etc. For a transactional website, latency can often lead to lost sales.

    Riley [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Quantcast's Rebecca Muir Explains Why the Industry Needs to Move Away from Last Click Attribution

    Attribution is still a huge problem in this industry. Much, if not all, digital advertising buys are measured on a last click/ last view basis. How can we change this, and how do we reward other touch points in the customer journey to conversion?

    In this #TraderTalkTV episode Rebecca Muir argues that the industry should look at alternatives to the last click/last view metric.

    Here she maps out one of those methodologies – effectively, a two [...]

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  • Powerlinks's Mike Harty Explains How Publishers Can Monetise the Most Valuable Parts of the Page

    Native. It is an ad tech misnomer if there was one. But the non-standard IAB unit is getting a lot of attention (trade press column inches) as well as budget. But how do publishers monetise the endemic ad play? And where might be the incremental income be for the struggling publisher?

    Here Mike Harty, Powerlinks COO, talks about the opportunity and how the company’s solution is giving publisher tools to access programmatic budget around endemic advertising – that’s the non-IAB ad [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Affectv Discusses The Concept Of Intelligent Prospecting

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV we invited Affectv’s Glen Calvert into the office to discuss the concept of “intelligent prospecting”. Here Calvert discusses the process of prospecting – and why it is important that the approach is much more nuanced around targeting and creative.

    You can’t simply employ the same slap-dash and zero-frequency-capped (the anecdotes from non ad tech people around stalking ads continue unabated) that pervades much of the industry’s strategy around retargeting. The upper funnel gets the full #TraderTalk treatment.

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