Programmatic Foundations London 2017

Programmatic Masters London 2017
21st Nov - 22nd Nov 2017
The Bloomsbury Building
Office Group, 10 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2SL
Programmatic Training
The Programmatic Advisory and ExchangeWire bring you Programmatic Foundations, a two half-day training course that will provide you with knowledge and understanding of the strategy and theory behind programmatic marketing and advertising, as well as the principles of implementation and execution. The course will enable you to consider the current landscape of technology solutions available, and how you can best leverage data and technology to reach your consumers.

This training session is suitable for those within brands and agencies new to programmatic marketing or those wishing to strengthen their foundation knowledge. The sessions will focus on four key pillars of programmatic advertising: data, measurement, creative, and publishers.

What will you learn?
- The theory and principles behind the programmatic industry and relevant technology
- Building a programmatic strategy for your business and how to plan this
- How to apply this theory in practice, the challenges you need to be aware of and what you need to know next

Who should attend?
- Marketers and brand advertisers looking to better understand what programmatic advertising requires and how it can best be executed
- Agencies working with clients to execute programmatic campaigns
- Those new to programmatic, or those looking to build on their foundation knowledge with more detail of implementation and execution

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