Programmatic Marketer London 2016

Programmatic Marketer London 2016
8th Sep - 8th Jul 2016
61-63 Shaftesbury Ave,
London W1D 6LQ,
United Kingdom

Programmatic Marketer, London - Thursday, September 8

ExchangeWire is launching a brand new educational event, exclusively for brand advertisers and marketers who want to learn and understand more about programmatic advertising.

Content curated and hosted by ExchangeWire, and exclusive partners, Programmatic Marketer will provide attendees with an understanding of the basics of programmatic advertising, as well as why and how it is being applied in practice, among advertisers.

Why should you attend Programmatic Marketer?

Programmatic Marketer will:

- provide an opportunity for marketers to hear from programmatic technology vendors and their brand clients, to understand the challenges and opportunities in the application of their technology

- provide an opportunity to hear from brand marketers who have implemented programmatic solutions in their organisations, as they outline what has worked and what hasn't

- provide partners will the opportunity to meet and network with brand advertisers and marketers who are specifically looking to learn about the value of applying programmatic technologies

Programmatic Marketer will be a half day event from 2.00pm to 5.30pm followed by networking drinks and content will focus on a mix of educational case study presentations and fireside style interview and discussion sessions. Attendance is by invitation only.

* This is an advertiser only event. Please do not register for a pass unless you are an advertiser.

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