Programmatic Marketer London 2016

Programmatic Marketer - London

1.30pm - Arrival & registration

2.00pm - Welcome & Introduction: What is a ‘Programmatic Marketer’?
- Rachel Smith, ExchangeWire
- How has the industry come to understand 'programmatic'?
- How does this relate to what brand advertisers and marketers need to achieve?
- Breakdown of what a programmatic marketer should look like

2.05pm - The Trade Desk, Fireside Chat
- Ciaran O'Kane, ExchangeWire
- James Patterson, GM - UK, The Trade Desk

2.25pm - What Does the Modern Marketing Team Look Like?
- Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire
- John Broughton, Head of Performance Marketing, Confused.com
- A discussion with brand advertisers who will share how they have structured their teams
- Outline of how programmatic tools are being used, why and what results these yields
- Outline of what a modern marketer looks like
- What have brand marketers implemented that has worked, and what hasn't

2.55pm - Break

3.15pm - IPONWEB, Fireside chat
- Ciaran O'Kane, ExchangeWire
- Nathan Woodman, General Manager of Demand Solutions, IPONWEB

3.35pm - The Pain Points of Implementation
- Lindsay Rowntree, ExchangeWire
- Fiona Davis, Managing Director, Infinitive
- Nick Shay, EU Technology Strategy & Consulting Lead, SapientNitro
- Discussion of marketers who have implemented various data management tools and systems, outlining the approach they took
- Discussion of examples of implementation from a ‘modular’ and ‘whole stack’ approach - what was the difference, what worked and what didn’t
- Sharing of advice, top tips, things to look out for, and mistakes not to be repeated

4.05pm - Future Gazing
- Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire
- Danny Hopwood, VP Solutions and Platform Operations EMEA, Vivaki
- Ceri Jones, VP Global Marketing Operations, Basware
- Wayne Blodwell, The Programmatic Advisory, Founder & CEO
Discussion of team structures, definition of the modern marketer, and the modular/stack cycle and approach
- Summary session that brings together points discussed throughout the afternoon and outlines what the future might look like for the ‘programmatic marketer’

4.40pm - Networking drinks

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