The Stack: Elon Musk releases AI chatbot; OpenAI to be trained on new information; Meta to require disclosure of AI in political ads 

This week: Elon Musk releases AI chatbot; OpenAI to be trained in new information; Meta to require disclosure of AI-generated content in political ads…

This week has brought about many updates in the world of AI. Musk announced the release of his new AI chatbot, Grok, while OpenAI shared that it will be updating its chatbot’s knowledge on information up to April 2023. 

Google is rolling out new generative AI features for Performance Max which it claims will help marketers scale and build high-quality assets while driving performance. We’ve also seen new AI regulations announced, with Meta’s decision to require political or social issue related advertisements to disclose any misleading use of AI.  

We also recently saw Amazon come under fire for its use of “Project Nessie”, a secret algorithm which reportedly controlled pricing on the platform to result in extra profit. Meanwhile, YouTube announced new safeguarding features. 

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