Jungle Creations' Anna-Lee Bridgstock on Netflix’s Streaming Smackdown, Amazon Prime Video & the AI Legal Space  

ExchangeWire’s John Still and Mat Broughton are joined by Anna-Lee Bridgstock, Executive Director, Data & Product at Jungle Creations, to discuss the biggest news in the ad tech world. 

Tune in to hear this week’s discussion on Netflix’s decade-long WWE deal, its rivalry with Amazon on the streaming landscape, and the FTC’s investigation into the intricate web of partnerships among the biggest AI players. 

Netflix strikes $5bn deal to livestream WWE’s Raw show (Financial Times)

Netflix has struck a decade-long deal with World Wrestling Entertainment to broadcast its weekly headline show Monday Night Raw. From January 2025, Raw will be exclusive to the streaming giant in the UK, US, Canada, and Latin America, with other regions to be added over time. The deal will see Netflix pay in excess of USD$5bn (£3.9bn) to air the show for a decade.

Prime Video’s pitch deck includes fixed CPMs and precision targeting in Amazon’s bid to advertisers (eMarketer

In a pitch deck, Amazon revealed its sponsorship models: Preferred Deal, Guaranteed Buy, and Premium. Preferred Deal is the most economical option, with a base CPM of USD$26 (£20.43). It allows advertisers to harness the tech giant’s vast audience data for precise targeting. Guaranteed Buy and Premium are at slightly higher price points, but offer an elevated engagement level through more intricate targeting options, as well as exclusive program sponsorships.

US launches inquiry into AI deals by Microsoft, OpenAI, Google and Amazon (The Guardian

The Federal Trade Commission, the US trade regulator, has launched an inquiry into investments and partnerships made by the biggest players in the generative AI landscape. Companies under investigation include Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Anthropic, Microsoft, and OpenAI. The inquiry will investigate the authority and rights of the tech giants’ investment in the AI companies, scrutinising whether the deals undermine fair competition.