Company details

Our collaboration with Oraki has been transformative. Their exceptional level of service and support in areas like Publisher . Revenue Management and Google Ad Manager 360 management, combined with their deep technical expertise, have been crucial in our evolution and growth. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape.
— Sharon Weiss, CTO at Minute Media

Company description

Oraki (formerly Total Media Solutions) is your trusted partner in the digital publishing world. As a tech-based revenue management company, we specialise in simplifying the lives of publishers through cutting-edge technology, effective digital monetisation strategies, and valuable data insights. With a publisher-centric approach, our expert consulting services guide you towards success, helping you reach your peak performance. We're also a GCPP and GAM360 reseller, and with 20+ years in the digital publishing space, we're proud to help you reach your new digital peak.