ExchangeWire Industry Review 2022: Moving Away from Legacy Infrastructure

Our industry is in a state of flux. From regulatory oversight, to increased platform privacy functionality, to the proliferation of the walled garden, the entire ecosystem is still trying to get to grips with a rapidly changing media and marketing landscape.

For our review of the industry this year, we are going to focus on five pillars that will concentrate minds. I believe these pillars represent the best opportunities, and will be the focus of most innovation and investment for the coming 12 months.

1. The fate of the open web

2. The growth opportunity in retail media

3. Making data-driven TV addressable to buyers

4. Growing walled gardens

5. The evolution of the service layer

The industry review provides ExchangeWire's view of the market, and the emerging trends. We firmly believe we are about to enter an extended innovation cycle, moving away from legacy infrastructure that can no longer deliver for buyers and sellers.

The year 2022 will represent the beginning of that transition, opening up exciting opportunities for those vendors building truly innovative technology that has proper utility in a world where walled gardens and privacy underpin the new reality.