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  • Senior Agency Exec, Anthony Rhind, Leaving Carat to Join Adform As CSO; Why European Ad Tech Can't Sell at a Premium

    In this week’s ExchangeWire Weekly European Roundup: Rhind heads to ad tech; another European bargain bucket ad tech sale; mobile carriers look to “poison the well” with Shine hook-up; BidSwitch enables programmatic buying across native; and why ad tech is far from dead.

    Anthony Rhind Leaving Carat To Join Adform As CSO

    Anthony Rhind, currently Global Chief Digital Officer at Carat, is leaving to join Adform, a leading European ad tech provider.

    Adform, a profitable ad tech company (that’s right, US readers, a [...]

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  • Ad Tech: Not Even the Beginning of the End

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things ad tech, martech, and programmatic.

    Advertising technology is dead, don’t you know? A recent post in Techcrunch told us excitedly that ad tech has had its day, and that we are now all marketing technology. This in the week TechCrunch parent AOL was gobbled up in a $4.4 billion [...]

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  • The Inevitable Collide of Martech And Ad Tech

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things adtech, mar tech and programmatic.

    Having attended the MarTech conference last week in San Francisco, a few things struck me about the two-day conference on the nascent marketing technology sector: first, how granular the conference is in content and technology focus; and secondly, how very few ad tech vendors were present at the marketer-heavy show.

    The latter was very surprising given [...]

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  • As Rubicon Project Buys Ad Net For $120 Million, Should SaaS Model Be Abandoned In Ad Tech?

    This week Rubicon Project bought ad network Chango for over $100 million, mostly in stock. This was an interesting acquisition, not because Rubicon bought a buy-side company, but more a realisation of the difficulty in building a 100% SaaS-based ad tech model. Chango, effectively, is an ad network with most of its retargeting buys under management.

    Its margins are probably fairly sizeable, given its IO-based business. This is [...]

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  • ExchangeWire European Weekly Round Up

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the goings on in the world of ad tech during the last seven days, and in this week’s edition: Ad Tech not dead yet as Exelate exits For $200 million; Zalando buys Metrigo for $3 million as it looks to in-house its buying function; and Rubicon releases third annual mobile buyer survey.

    Nielsen Acquires Exelate for $200 million; Ad Tech not dead yet, clearly

    With an unprecedented number of stories over the past two weeks about the [...]

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  • So You Are In Ad Tech... What Does That Mean?

    This may shock you, but I actually came across a useful piece of content the other day on LinkedIn. You’ll be glad to know it wasn’t the usual spammy “top five ways YOU can become a C-level parody by observing a generic listicle of unoriginal thinking” fare.

    No, instead it was a piece around consolidation in advertising technology. Now you might also be thinking right now that this is also rather generic. And to be frank, it is.

    However, the piece, written by a [...]

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  • The New Agency Programmatic Strategy Revealed... in Two Handy Visuals

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things ad tech, mar tech and programmatic

    As reported by ExchangeWire this week, Publicis is re-organising some of its programmatic trading functions within the group with internal agencies now spearheading programmatic buying. Vivaki’s role is now more consultative, working in tandem with the media planning function within the likes of Starcom and Zenith. The purpose is clear: to keep programmatic within the agencies, and curtail the outsourcing [...]

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  • Programmatic’s Multi-Channel Approach Roadblocked by Walled Gardens?

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things adtech, mar tech and programmatic.

    Programmatic advertising continues to be dominated by desktop retargeting, gaming DR, and soft brand metrics. However, there does seem to be a shift in focus among some enlightened agency decision makers.

    A realisation has dawned at agencies within holding groups that their future in programmatic should be built around multi-channel buying consultation. This will ultimately have more longevity than display [...]

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  • Fill Out the European Programmatic Survey - Get 20% Off ATS London Tickets

    We’re only eight months away from the world’s oldest and largest programmatic event, ATS London. This year we will be hosting ATS London again in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre.

    ATS London is the only major international programmatic event that remains UNSPONSORED. That means no pay-to-play. This was something we introduced in 2013, ensuring the highest quality of content for our community.

    Those that are invited to speak are [...]

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  • Revealed, the Facebook Ad Tech Strategy… and it’s Kind of Like Google

    The Echo Chamber is a regular column, penned by Ciaran O’Kane, on all things ad tech, mar tech and programmatic

    Advertising technology is the blood and guts of content monetisation on the internet. For most, it is unglamorous and bereft of the perceived sexiness of high-level agency machinations – the antithesis to the celebrity-type news cannon fodder that permeates the mainstream trades.

    For those actively knee-deep in it, however, we know how essential advertising technology is to making money in digital.

    Those companies [...]

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