• IPA Bellwether Report Q2 2021: Budgets Increase for First Time Since 2019

    The IPA Bellwether Report Q2 2021, released today 15th July 2021, has revealed that total marketing budgets across the United Kingdom increased for the first time since Q4 2019, rising by a net balance of 6% across surveyed companies. This [...]

  • Machine Learning in Cookieless Solutions: Q&A with Simon Halstead, Verizon Media

    In this exclusive interview, ExchangeWire speaks to Simon Halstead, Vice President Exchange and Supply International, Verizon Media, to discuss how machine learning can be applied to contextual solutions to provide reach and scale in cookieless environments. What are the key opportunities [...]

  • Reframing The Industry: The MadTech Middleware

    The ad ecosystem map has been a staple of this industry for a good decade. From Scott Brinker’s Sistine Chapel martech work to the omnipresent ‘tidy box’ vendor map, we have used these resources to better understand the multitude of [...]

  • 2021 Predictions: Mobile and In-Game

    Whilst the events of 2020 proved disruptive for many businesses, and even catastrophic for some, a handful of sectors thrived amidst the year’s unprecedented circumstances. With citizens around the world forced to stay inside and refrain from mixing with friends [...]

  • Transparency & Trust: The Future of Programmatic Buying

    Transparency and trust are not new topics of conversation in the world of programmatic advertising. However, 2020 has seen these issues return to the fore as question marks were raised over whether the industry is doing enough to provide security [...]

  • Record 2019 UK Adspend Forecast to Fall 16.7% (£4.23bn) to £21.13bn in 2020

    The latest Advertising Association/WARC Expenditure Report, released today [20 April 2020] shows UK adspend rose 6.9% year-on-year to reach £25.36bn in 2019 – the tenth consecutive year of ad market growth. Despite 2020’s promising start in Q1, the downgrading of [...]

  • Why The Vertical Ad Network Will Win The Decade

    The term ‘ad network’ surfaces a lot of ill-feeling when discussed at conferences or in the trade press – its reputation has been besmirched by consistent bad behaviour over two decades. Programmatic ad tech vendors built market share in the [...]

  • Advertising Vs Coronavirus: Part Two - The Service Layer

    In the second of a series covering the effect of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, ExchangeWire speaks to industry experts to learn how their businesses and clients are coping with the crisis and their predictions during this time of uncertainty. Keyword competition [...]

  • Advertising Vs Coronavirus: Part One - Ad Tech

    In the first of a series covering the effect of the ongoing outbreak of the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus upon the advertising industry, ExchangeWire speaks to a variety of technology vendors and industry associations for their insight into how the [...]

  • Tokyo 2020 Postponement a Blow to Advertisers; Rivals Join Forces for OOH in Singapore

    In today’s edition of ExchangeWire Daily Digest: the decision to postpone the Summer Olympics in Tokyo is expected to have a major impact on advertisers; Moove Media and XCO team up to help advertisers in Singapore; and Facebook announces it’s [...]