• Second Place is Just First Loser: Why It’s Time to Readdress the First-Price Auction Debate

    Amid the chaos and confusion surrounding the recent brand safety issues in programmatic advertising, another debate has been slowly building momentum among those on both the buy and sell sides of the industry: the first-price auction model, writes independent ad tech consultant, Paul Gubbins (pictured below).

    This debate is moving beyond the water cooler chat of yield analysts to the mainstream press for two main reasons. Firstly, recent high-profile catalysts, including the announcement from the Guardian that they are taking market-leading [...]

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  • Programmatic in DACH is Happening, Slowly But Surely: Q&A with Frederike Voss, CEO, orbyd

    The DACH region, made up of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland tends to play by its own rules when it comes to programmatic. ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Frederike Voss (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, orbyd, about the challenges publishers face in the region; yet how, while progress is slow, publishers are fully embracing programmatic.

    ExchangeWire: What publisher trends stand out in the DACH region?

    Frederike Voss: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are very specialised markets, perhaps too specialised for certain programmatic approaches that might [...]

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  • Publisher Co-ops in Southern Europe: Q&A with Marco Guglielmin, CRO, Zodiak Advertising

    Each market has a different approach to programmatic buying and selling and markets less often heard about, such as Italy and Spain, have very different methods from the UK or France when it comes to publisher monetisation. Marco Guglielmin (pictured below), chief revenue officer, Zodiak Advertising, explains the publisher trends he is seeing in Southern Europe, the rise of the publisher co-op and the growth of the multi-SSP approach.

    ExchangeWire: What growth journey have Zodiak been on since starting in Italy four [...]

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  • AdBlock Plus Launches SSP; New Targeting Options for Snapchat

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: AdBlock Plus goes SSP; Snapchat introduces new targeting capabilities; TVadSync expands to Europe; Optimove receives funding; and Adform and ADmantX partner up.

    AdBlock Plus enters the ad sales game

    From ad blocker to SSP: AdBlock Plus moves on from whitelisting and now wants to officially sell approved ads. With an ad sales platform of their own, Eyeo is cashing in on their previous sales model: selected [...]

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  • Ex-Fintech Engineers Launch New Native SSP: Q&A with Simon Gilbert, CEO, Patrius

    There’s a new native SSP in town and it’s been built by ex-fintech engineers. Still working with beta partners, but launching imminently, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Simon Gilbert (pictured below), CEO, Patrius, who draws the many parallels between ad tech and fintech, explaining why there is a need for an independent native SSP in the ecosystem and what Patrius will bring to the table.

    ExchangeWire: Your background is in investment banking technology. What prompted you to move into the world [...]

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  • It's R.I.P for SSPs: Here's Why

    SSPs are considered a necessary, and even vital, part of the digital ecosystem, providing a valuable link between publisher inventory and the DSPs and exchanges fielding its demand, allowing publishers to achieve maximum yield. However, argues Scott Braley (pictured below), GM of advertising platforms, Ooyala, there’s no real reason why publishers can’t access that demand directly. Braley believes the standalone SSP is dead and here he explains why.

    Looking at the ad tech landscape, I cannot help but be struck by [...]

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  • Rubicon Project Revenue up 33%; Rocket Fuel's Struggle Continues

    Yesterday (2 August), Rocket Fuel (the ad network desperately trying to transform itself into a software company) reported a loss of USD$16.7m (£12.53m) in second quarter ended 30 June, 2016.


    – Platform Solutions grew significantly year-on-year, representing 18% of GAAP revenue in the second quarter, versus 6% in last year’s second quarter. Media Services was 82% and 94%, respectively

    – Top Customers: revenue from top 50 customers was 53% of total revenue, compared to 47% in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015

    – Revenue [...]

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  • Equinix Sells Data Centres; PubNative's New Mobile Native Mediation Tool

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Equinix takes another step towards completion of Telecity acquisition; Mobile native mediation tool by PubNative; Sizmek opens Frankfurt data centre; WFA issues guidelines against ad fraud; Mediaocean acquires INVISION; Xaxis and Scoota collaboration; and Southeast Asia VP for Adform.

    Equinix divests data centres in order to acquire telecity

    In a bid to keep the European regulation authorities happy, Equinix has sold eight of its own [...]

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  • Tremors in the UK Video SSP Market

    Tremor Video recently announced the appointment of Andy Morley as managing director, UK; and, even more recently, that the UK arm of the global company would be undergoing some significant changes. ExchangeWire met with Morley (pictured below) on the day of his three-month anniversary at Tremor Video to discuss these changes and his new direction for the company.

    When Morley was appointed as UK MD of the well-established ad network, he joined a company that faced an identity crisis. According to [...]

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  • For Supply Chains, the Direct Approach Works Best

    Although successful and still growing, programmatic trading is outdated and overpriced. If it is to survive, the industry needs to up their game and update and optimise programmatic. In this piece, Andrew Eifler, VP product management, AppNexus Advertiser Technology Group (pictured below), takes a leaf out of the airline industry’s book to show how it could be done.

    For being a new technology, programmatic advertising has seen a remarkable rise to prominence. Magna Global predicts that programmatic buying will grow at [...]

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