• Lumen Research Announces EMEA Partnership with IPG Mediabrands for Attention-First Advertising Solutions 

    Today, (June 13th, 2024) Lumen Research, the global attention technology company, announced a formal partnership with IPG Mediabrands across the EMEA region to deploy Lumen’s end-to-end, cookieless attention solutions for brands looking to drive higher performance across the funnel.  Lumen offers [...]

  • Connatix’s Jenn Chen on the Cookieless Future: “Start testing solutions now”

    Connatix President and CRO, Jenn Chen, joins us for a discussion around the cookieless future, how both advertisers and publishers are preparing, and how both can create stable revenue streams. As cookie deprecation on Chrome inches closer, are there many advertisers [...]

  • New YouGov Study Shows Only 25% of Advertisers are Ready for Cookie Deprecation

    Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, today (June 12th, 2024) announced results from study conducted on its behalf by YouGov, focused on advertiser reactions to cookie deprecation. Advertisers are bracing for the cookieless world and despite [...]

  • First-id Partners with Webedia Spain to Expand its Cookieless Media Network

    First-id, the first-party identification solution that is revolutionising the French market, is partnering with Webedia to position itself at the forefront of advertising innovation in the digital media sector. By integrating First-id, Webedia will be able to create its own Webedia [...]

  • Privacy Sandbox: What Happens Next?

    Cookie deprecation has once again been kicked down the road. So how are the industry preparing for the drawn-out demise? Is privacy still a priority? John Still asks an expert panel. So, cookie deprecation is no longer imminent. When Google announced [...]

  • Prisma Media Solutions Experience of the Unique Identifier Solution: First-id

    Prisma Media Solutions is a pioneer in the exploration of third-party cookie-free solutions. For 2 years, our teams have been testing the main alternatives to the end of third-party cookies, including ID5, UTIQ, EUID, RampID, and First-id, in order to [...]

  • Invibes ist führend bei Targeting-Alternativen ohne Cookies

    Invibes Advertising (Invibes), ein internationales Technologieunternehmen, das sich auf Innovationen im Bereich der digitalen Werbung spezialisiert hat, setzt mit seiner innovativen Invibes Handshake API zur Ergänzung seiner Hash-E-Mail-Lösung auf eine Zukunft ohne Cookies.  Obwohl Google die Einstellung der Cookies von Drittanbietern [...]

  • Invibes ouvre la voie à des alternatives de ciblage sans cookies

    Invibes Advertising (Invibes), société technologique internationale spécialisée dans l’innovation publicitaire digitale, se tourne vers le futur sans cookies avec son API novatrice Invibes Handshake qui complète sa technologie d’emails hashés. Bien que Google ait une nouvelle fois reporté la suppression progressive [...]

  • Invibes Leads the Way in Cookieless Targeting Alternatives

    Invibes Advertising (Invibes) an international technology company specialising in digital advertising innovation, embraces the cookieless future with its innovative Invibes Handshake API to complement its hashed email solution.  Although Google has once again deferred the phase-out of third-party cookies in Chrome, [...]

  • Navigating the New Advertising Landscape

    The long-awaited “cookie-pocalypse” has been delayed. Again. Harry Menear takes a took at the challenges and opportunities for the ad industry. Google announced on April 25th that it would be holding off on the deprecation of third-party cookies on Chrome due [...]