Making Retail Media at Scale Possible

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In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and ecommerce, one thing is quite clear: to compete with Amazon, the industry must embrace programmatic retail media (PRM). PRM holds the key to unlocking these unprecedented opportunities.

At the heart of this shift lies the need for the adoption of retail media open real-time bidding (RTB). As well as greater transparency and efficiency, it also opens up new possibilities on the supply side. Aggregating tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 inventory presents an enticing prospect for buyers, who have long grappled with the fragmented nature of retail media networks (RMNs).

The rise of walled-garden RMNs has posed a significant headache for buyers, hampering efforts in achieving scale, precise targeting, accurate measurement, and standardisation of ad formats. Enter PRM, offering the ultimate performance channel with the tantalising prospect of both online and offline attribution.

'A monumental opportunity'

The allure of PRM extends beyond mere performance metrics. There exists a monumental opportunity to redirect advertising budgets traditionally allocated to search towards PRM. With product listing ads (PLAs) emerging as the go-to ad unit, boasting user-friendly experiences and enhanced engagement, the stage is set for a paradigm shift in digital advertising strategies.

However, despite the promise PRM holds, it remains in its nascent stage. To fully realise its potential, DSPs (demand-side platforms) must take the initiative to delve into this uncharted territory, conducting extensive testing and refining strategies to capitalise on the opportunities presented.

In conclusion, the road to achieving non-Amazon scale in the retail arena necessitates a concerted embrace of programmatic retail media. By leveraging the power of PRM, industry players stand poised to revolutionise their advertising strategies, driving unprecedented growth and success in the ever-competitive retail landscape.

MadTech Sketch: Making Retail Media at Scale Possible