• The MadTech Sketch: Welcome to the No Data Zone

    On today's MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane maps out the concept of the No Data Zone, or NDZ, and what it means for the ad tech ecosystem. Ad tech will have you believe that programmatic is putting the right message in front [...]

  • Navigating the European Privacy Moat

    In the latest MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O’Kane looks at the implications of the latest privacy rulings in the EU, and maps out the privacy options for the open web and walled gardens. The recent DPC ruling against Meta has serious implications [...]

  • Sojern & PUSHTech™ Collaborate to Better Support Partners' First-Party Data Strategies

    Sojern, the leading digital marketing platform built for travel, and PUSHTech™, a CRM, marketing automation, sales, and support platform, have announced a new partnership to better support hotel partners make the most of their first-party data.  “As Google looks to eventually [...]

  • Navigating the Transition to First-Party Data - Q&A with Sandy Ghuman, Silverbullet

    In this exclusive Q&A, Sandy Ghuman, managing director at Silverbullet, discusses how publishers and buyers are adapting to first-party data, how brands can best navigate the current economic climate, and why strategy is imperative to succeed in the privacy-first era. How [...]

  • Clean Rooms Uncovered: Breaking Down the Data Stack

    In our latest Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane looks at data clean rooms, and draws out the six key areas of ad tech relevance for the technology. Much has been written over the past weeks about the entrance of Snowflake and Amazon into [...]

  • Positive Social Impact in Advertising: Q&A with Sigma Software

    Following ATS Singapore 2022, ExchangeWire speaks to Sigma Software Group's Olha Paramonova (vice president, AdTech) and Katherine Tuluzova (executive vice president, North America) for an overview on how standards can be maintained to ensure advertising has a positive social impact, [...]

  • AdsWizz’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation Technology Increases Relevance and Awareness Scores for Targeted Ad Listeners

    AdsWizz Inc, the global leader in digital audio and podcast technology solutions, has announced its success in helping Mustard.co.uk, the British motor insurance comparison website, to increase purchase intent and brand awareness by utilising AdsWizz’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) technology [...]

  • Permutive Partners with Pubmatic to Streamline Demand for First-Party Data

    Permutive, an audience infrastructure for the responsible web, today (October 6th, 2022) announced a partnership with PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. As advertisers seek out privacy-centric addressability solutions, this new partnership makes [...]

  • The 4 Factors Driving Effective Contextual Targeting

    Following ATS Singapore 2022, Narayan Murthy Ivaturi, director, sales, Southeast Asia, InMobi, details the rise of contextual targeting and outlines four key considerations marketers need to take to effectively leverage it. The past few years have seen discussions around data privacy [...]

  • Sovrn Enables Publishers to Achieve a Near Double CPM with ID5 ID

    ID5, the market-leading identity provider for digital advertising, in partnership with Sovrn, a leading provider of advertising, affiliate marketing, and data products across more than 60,000 websites,  announced that publishers leveraging Sovrn Signal and the ID5 ID can unlock a [...]