• Striking the Balance: Agencies' Mastery of Creativity and Data-Driven Tactics

    How do agencies maintain an effective balance between creativity and data-driven strategies? We hear from Emily Hart, digital director at AKA UK. The question of utilising both data and creativity is one that I think is consistently relevant, and is certainly [...]

  • PRISA Media se asocia con First-id para avanzar en el entorno cookieless

    En un entorno digital que evoluciona rápidamente hacia una era sin cookies de terceros, PRISA Media se posiciona a la vanguardia de la innovación publicitaria al iniciar una prueba de concepto con First-id, la solución de ID first-party que está [...]

  • Captify & Samba TV Launch Australia’s First Search & TV Measurement Solution

    Captify Australia, the leading search intelligence platform for the open web, and Samba TV, the leading provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, today (March 19th, 2024) announced the integration of Captify’s Search Intelligence with Samba TV’s [...]

  • The Rise of Retail Media Networks

    Retail media networks represent a significant evolution in the rapidly growing field of ad-supported digital media channels. What are some of the opportunities and challenges surrounding this $100bn space? It would be remiss to overlook ad tech’s current focus on the [...]

  • Predictions 2024: Data Futures

    As we move into 2024, the question persists – how can advertisers balance privacy and personalisation within the data conundrum?  The ad tech sector has always been at the forefront of innovation, leveraging data analytics to optimise advertising strategies and maximise return [...]

  • How Curation Unlocks Fresh Audiences for Marketers

    Ad tech curation represents an evolution in digital marketing, where the precision of technology intersects with the art of advertising to unlock new audiences. As consumer attention becomes increasingly fragmented across a multitude of platforms and media, the ability to curate [...]

  • The Human Element: Redefining Data Privacy Strategies in Ad Tech

    By incorporating the principles of data invitation, security, dialogue, and value proposition, advertisers can not only comply with stringent regulations but also build a rapport with consumers that goes from transaction to interaction. The tension between data and privacy has created [...]

  • What Could the Digital Markets Act Mean for Ad Tech?

    Last week, the European Commission announced a pivotal update to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), one of the regulator’s strongest attempts to rein in the power of Big Tech and democratise the technology landscape. On 6th September, the European Commission named [...]

  • ATS Singapore 2023: What to Expect

    ExchangeWire’s flagship APAC event, ATS Singapore, is back for its 12th year. Bringing together 50 speakers over 15 engaging sessions, 650 attendees are in for an action-packed two-day event, covering all things ad tech in the region and beyond.  For the [...]

  • Curation for the Ad Tech Nation: An Overview

    An overly convoluted programmatic supply chain means that both publishers and advertisers are looking for more refined ways of buying and selling ads. We take a look at curation as a viable solution, a programmatic tool that is a win-win [...]