• Video Fuels China Digital Ad Spend; Asian Consumers Choose Humans Over Bots

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Video fuels China digital ad spend; Most Asian consumers choose humans over bots; China programmatic ad spend climbs 78%; Aussies will shame loved brands for wrongdoing; Singapore agency offers Facebook cross-border insights; Twitter snags 35 APAC video content partners; MediaMath takes professional services to ANZ; and Rice takes up shop in HK.

    Video fuels China digital ad spend

    Digital [...]

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  • Kargo: Don't Over-Rely on Open Exchanges

    To mitigate the risk of ad fraud and bots, marketers in Asia-Pacific should not be too dependent on programmatic open exchanges and must combine technology with human oversight.

    Advertisers should practise caution against relying solely on automation, advised Rob Leach, Kargo’s Asia-Pacific general manager, who pointed to a The&Partnership study that revealed nearly 30% spent on open exchanges last year was on invalid traffic. He further underscored the need to assert more human control to ensure quality, rather than quantity, ad [...]

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  • Connected TV Tunes Up AU Video Inventory; China Social Ad Potential Largely Untapped

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Connected TV tunes up AU video inventory; China social ad potential largely untapped; AU consumers find newspaper ads most trustworthy; O&M eyes ‘exciting’ Shenzhen; Dentsu snaps up Little Giant; and Booze & beauty amongst brands losing relevance in Singapore.

    Connected TV tunes up video inventory in AU

    Connected TV has grown rapidly to account for up to 35% of a [...]

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  • Header Bidding: Should Publishers Partner Up or Go Solo?

    Header bidding is proof that, in the digital age, small code changes can make a big difference. By allowing multiple streams of demand to bid on the same inventory simultaneously, media buyers have increased access to inventory and publishers enjoy higher yields. With clear benefits for all, header bidding has made it to the mainstream. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Ally Stuart (pictured below), regional director EMEA, Sharethrough, details what publishers must consider when opting to bring header bidding in-house versus partnering with [...]

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  • Singapore Publisher Ends Print & Goes All-digital; Australia's Network Ten to Be Part of CBS

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Singapore publisher ends print, goes all-digital; Australia’s Network Ten to be part of CBS; Twitter partners with agencies in APAC education exercise; Melbourne Alliance aims to boost two agencies; IAB SG unveils brand-safety handbook; Digital platforms drive ad revenue in AU; and GroupM strips APAC reporting lines under NewCo.

    Singapore publisher ends print, goes all-digital

    Mediacorp Press says [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Turn to In-App Ads, But Should Avoid Common Pitfalls

    App publishers in Asia-Pacific increasingly are tapping in-app ads as a monetisation model over in-app purchases and freemium, but there are common pitfalls they should avoid if they choose this strategy.

    With in-app purchases growing at a much slower pace, developers were looking to ads as a way to sustain their apps, according to Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi’s senior vice president and managing director for Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa (APMEA). In addition, videos offered attractive returns per ad unit and [...]

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  • APAC Publishers Slow to Turn Up Video Content

    Advertisers and agencies want more video content, but few publishers in Asia-Pacific are scaling up to meet the increased demand over concerns about cost and complexity.

    Eager to reduce their dependence on YouTube, marketers in the region are keen to seek out alternative video inventory, says James Sampson, DataXu’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager. However, most premium publishers have yet to add video content at scale, he notes, adding that there also are other issues to consider.

    In this Q&A with [...]

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  • Premium Content is More Important than Ever: Q&A with Richard Reeves, MD, AOP

    With fraud, ad blocking, dwindling yield, and transparency issues knocking on their doors, premium publishers are having a tough time at present. These challenges aren’t insurmountable, but will require collaboration if publishers are to overcome them, with a focus on premium content. Speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire, Richard Reeves, managing director, AOP, explains why. 

    ExchangeWire: What are the top-three concerns for premium publishers, at the moment?

    Richard Reeves: Although efforts to mitigate ad blocking are having an impact, this remains one of the top [...]

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  • China Ad Tech Players Don't Always Respect Boundaries; Singapore Media Giants to Build Programmatic Marketplace

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries; Singapore media giants to build programmatic marketplace; China 1Q online ad revenue fall to £7.78bn; AU radio network offers personalised ads; Amazon must localise to build SEA loyalty; and IAB AU offers video, audio, and mobile glossaries.

    China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries

    China’s ad tech landscape can be [...]

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  • APAC Publishers Dragged Down by SSP Codes

    Publishers in Asia-Pacific still are putting multiple codes from different SSPs, which drags down page loads and worsens ad latency. They need to move away from this and start embracing header bidding, urges Rammohan Sundaram, C1X’s Asia-Pacific Middle East Africa managing director and senior vice president. He notes that awareness of header bidding in the region remains nascent, but will continue to grow as it becomes the standard platform to connect with SSPs.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Sundaram also discusses [...]

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