• Bridging the Gap Between Publisher & Ad Tech Worlds: Q&A with Lulu Phongmany, PulsePoint

    Transitioning from a position in publishing to a role in ad tech helped Lulu Phongmany, VP strategic partnerships, PulsePoint, bridge the gap between understanding publisher needs and ad tech challenges. Advocating for mutually beneficial outcomes is critical to successful publisher/ad tech provider relationships, argues the PulsePoint VP. ExchangeWire talked to her about the publishing world versus ad tech.

    What was it like transitioning from the publishing world to a startup?

    My time at an early-stage company was critical to my career [...]

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  • History Repeats Itself in Ad Tech, So What’s Next?

    Much has been written and debated on the pages of the ad tech industry’s trade publications, websites, and blogs. There is no shortage of opinions, rationalisations, and debates for why things happen, with many points of view, forecasts, and predictions. We have seen many wins and many disappointments. But, writes Chris Karl (pictured below), CEO, VertaMedia, there is no denying that in the real world (the one that happens when you shut down your computer or turn off your phone) [...]

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  • It’s Time to Trust the Video Everywhere Environment: Q&A with Josh Speyer, AerServ

    Speaking to ExchangeWire, Josh Speyer (pictured below), CEO, AerServ, discusses the changes mobile publishers can focus on to make it easier for TV dollars to move into the channel, and what traditional TV media buyers need in order to feel more receptive to embracing mobile video.

    ExchangeWire: Mobile advertising has been one of the top reasons for expanded digital video budgets. What kinds of systems and processes are TV media buyers using now that can be potential challenges (and opportunities) for [...]

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  • Publishers Need a Tech Stack Built for Video: Q&A with Dvir Doron, Cedato

    Out of the challenges publishers face, being technically prepared for the complexities video presents is at the top of the list for such a valuable revenue channel. Dvir Doron (pictured below), CMO, Cedato, speaks with ExchangeWire about the importance of tightly integrated technology and the advantages of video header bidding.

    ExchangeWire: What are the key pain points for publishers in the video marketplace?

    Dvir Doron: Video definitely represents the most promising revenue opportunity for publishers these days, and is probably [...]

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  • Why Digital Advertisers Need a Premium Marketplace

    There’s one definitive way to address the issues surrounding brand safety and transparency, but the industry’s not set up to deliver it, says Simon Stone, commercial director, Collective.

    Unsurprisingly, with the issues surrounding Facebook and YouTube in recent months, there’s growing concern among advertisers over brand safety and a call for transparency in terms of exactly what kind of content their ads will appear next to. This is driving a shift in thinking about digital advertising.

    Years ago, when I started out [...]

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  • Meeting Minimum Viewability Standards Ignores 98% Engagement; Q&A with Dave Jacobs, 33Across

    In order for publishers to be competitive and drive revenue for success, as well as for marketers to better engage with their consumers, viewability of high-quality, scalable advertising continues to be important to both. Dave Jacobs (pictured below), COO, 33Across, explains that while viewability standards in the industry are being addressed, there is more work to be done to include time in-view to drive the highest engagement for marketers.

    ExchangeWire: What does 33Across do and what are some of [...]

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  • Agency Role Remains Relevant in APAC; AU OOH Revenue Climbs 7% in 2Q2017

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Agency role remains relevant in APAC; AU OOH revenue climbs 7% in 2Q2017; MullenLowe reorgs China operations; iAccess goes to China; comScore offers mobile consumer panel in Malaysia; Wunderman & POSSIBLE join hands; Eventbrite opens up in NZ; and Executive promotions at Merkle, OMD, and UM.

    Agency role remains relevant in APAC

    Media agencies still will be necessary in [...]

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  • ATS SG 2017 Debates Threat of Consultancies & Working with Walled Data Access

    Amid increasing calls for transparency and changes in business models, there remains stoic confidence that media agencies still have a role to play and the need for brands to find alternatives when faced with restricted access to data.

    Discussions at ExchangeWire’s annual ATS Singapore conference this week revolved how relationships between technology, brands, publishers, agencies, and vendors could be improved to drive programmatic development in the region.

    Dushyant Sapre, Criteo’s Asia-Pacific regional director for global supply and business development, noted [...]

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  • IAB AU Releases Ad Effectiveness Glossary; Whitepaper Looks at China's Programmatic Video Market

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: IAB AU releases ad effectiveness glossary; Whitepaper looks at China’s programmatic video market; Publicis acquires AU agency; Brightcove expands consulting business to ANZ; and comScore brings Extended Video reporting to China.

    IAB AU releases ad effectiveness glossary

    The recently-established Ad Effectiveness Council of IAB Australia has completed its first project aimed at helping the digital community assess the [...]

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  • We Don’t Take 3rd-Party Fees from Publishers for Impressions We Buy: Q&A with Marc Grabowski, Criteo

    Last month (23 May, 2016) Criteo announced the launch of its new header bidding platform for publishers, Criteo Direct Bidder. Marc Grabowski, executive vice president, global supply and business development, Criteo speaks exclusively with ExchangeWire about how the new platform works and how it aims to leverage the new platform to drive higher publisher revenue. 

    ExchangeWire: How does Criteo’s new header bidding platform work?

    Marc Grabowski: Criteo Direct Bidder enables Criteo to buy impressions directly and transparently from a publisher.

    The solution is [...]

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