• How Advertisers can Advocate for Social Responsibility: Q&A with The GoodNet

    In this exclusive Q&A, Guy Jones and Oliver Deane, founders of The GoodNet, talk to ExchangeWire about how brands can educate consumers to adopt socially positive lifestyles, how brands and publishers can collaborate to advocate for sustainability, and the future of The [...]

  • The Post-Pandemic Landscape of Television: Q&A with Carl Thomas Petterson

    In this exclusive Q&A, Carl Thomas Petterson, outgoing digital sales manager at NENTGroup, talks to ExchangeWire about the pandemic’s impact on broadcast TV, how linear publishers are adapting to continue to monetise their content, and how publisher revenue models may [...]

  • Predictions 2022: Publishers & First-Party Data Part 2

    In the eleventh article in ExchangeWire's 2022 Predictions Series, and following on from part 1, we hear from more industry figures about what's in store for publishers and first-party data this year.   Publishers will focus on facilitating well-informed consent, conveying the [...]

  • Predictions 2022: Publishers & First-Party Data Part 1

    In the eighth article in ExchangeWire's 2022 Predictions Series (and the first of its own two-parter), experts from across the industry share their thoughts on what 2022 holds for publishers and first-party data.   Bolstering the value of first-party data will help [...]

  • Festive Shopping Trends & Consumer Insights: Q&A with Yahoo

    In the run-up to the festive season, ExchangeWire speaks to Yahoo’s Selma Ali (insights director) and Joe Connors (director, buyer development) to discuss the key trends for marketers in the coming weeks and how data can be leveraged by retailers [...]

  • 'Easy' Default Passwords Banned Under UK's PSTI; UK Publishers Pursue Citation Standard

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: the UK government introduce the PSTI to improve the security of Internet of Things devices; UK publishers back a new protocol designed to resolve instances where their original content has been used without citation; and [...]

  • Programmatic Curation: Q&A with Joe Meehan, IPONWEB

    In this exclusive interview following ATS London 2021, ExchangeWire speaks to Joe Meehan, EVP principles, IPONWEB, to discuss how media curation can be used by both buyers and sellers to bolster both transparency and ease of media management. What is programmatic [...]

  • Publishers & First-Party Data: Now & Next

    In this feature article, Euronews’ Sophie Toth (programmatic and ad tech lead) and Duc Nguyen (consultant), in consultation with lawyer and ID-WARD CEO Dr. Mattia Fosci, discuss the importance of effective management and activation of publisher first-party data. Featuring additional [...]

  • Bringing Power Back to Publisher Sales Teams

    In this exclusive article penned ahead of ATS London 2021, Relevant Digital's CEO Petri Kokkonen and COO Olli Järvilehto, discusses how publisher sales and yield optimisation teams can drive revenue diversification in the wake of antitrust investigations into Google and [...]

  • Putting Customers, Insights, and Registration at the Heart of Growth Strategy

    Ahead of ATS London 2021, Paul Hood, director of business planning for The Sun at News UK, outlines three key aspects of the The Sun's growth strategy: incentivised registration, collaboration with platforms, and continual experimentation with engagement and data collection [...]