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  • TV Ads Have Diminishing Influence in AU; China Video Ads Climb to £966m in 1Q2017

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: TV ads have diminishing influence in AU; China video ads climb to £966m in 1Q2017; AU small firms lack resources for marketing; Rapport goes up in Malaysia; Grey ‘Hug’ it out in Dubai; Swisse Wellness buys AU creative agency; Kargo gears up in NZ; and GroupM releases Thai digital playbook.

    TV ads have diminishing influence in AU

    TV [...]

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  • Localisation Key to Survival Amidst China's Walled Gardens

    Localisation and working alongside walled gardens may be key to survival in China's tough ad tech landscape. Although, this does not mean brands should stop demanding more transparency.

    Lured by the country's sizeable market potential, numerous foreign players have attempted to grab a piece of the pie, but few could claim success. A big part of this was due to their lack of local knowledge, according to Albert Sim, Miaozhen China's vice president of [...]

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  • China Ad Tech Players Don't Always Respect Boundaries; Singapore Media Giants to Build Programmatic Marketplace

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries; Singapore media giants to build programmatic marketplace; China 1Q online ad revenue fall to £7.78bn; AU radio network offers personalised ads; Amazon must localise to build SEA loyalty; and IAB AU offers video, audio, and mobile glossaries.

    China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries

    China’s ad tech landscape can be [...]

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  • APAC Publishers Dragged Down by SSP Codes

    Publishers in Asia-Pacific still are putting multiple codes from different SSPs, which drags down page loads and worsens ad latency. They need to move away from this and start embracing header bidding, urges Rammohan Sundaram, C1X’s Asia-Pacific Middle East Africa managing director and senior vice president. He notes that awareness of header bidding in the region remains nascent, but will continue to grow as it becomes the standard platform to connect with SSPs.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Sundaram also discusses [...]

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  • A Tale of Two Ad Networks: How the Quiet Growth Story of Media iQ Defeated the 'Rocket Fuels'

    When I met Gurman Hundal seven years ago in a small Soho pub for the first time, he told me he was going to start a programmatic ad network. At first I thought as a model it would have no longevity, but anyone who has worked with Gurman knows and respects his deep understanding of advertising technology and what’s possible operationally. Media iQ’s core offering was going to be about 100% programmatic trading.

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  • 5 Things to Know About GDPR

    It’s now less than a year until new data protection rules will be introduced in Europe. Known as the GDPR, the effects of the wide-reaching privacy protection regulation still seem to be shrouded in mist for the members of the ad tech and martech industry on both sides of the Atlantic. In this piece, Julia Shullman (pictured below), senior director, deputy general counsel of commercial and privacy, AppNexus, summarises five steps to be taken by companies to get ready for GDPR.

    The General [...]

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  • ATS London 8 Years on: Why Ad Tech Matters More than Ever in 2017

    ATS London is now in its eighth year and I still remember our first event vividly. It took place in the old Centre Point building and, like all of our ATS events since, it was oversold. The great Mike Nolet, former AppNexus CTO, spoke. As did Ben Barokas.

    There was a joint keynote from Marco Bertozzi and the late great Kurt Hecht. Louisa Wong, then a publisher exec at Sky, was picking fights with everyone on the buy [...]

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  • Bridging the Gap Between Publisher & Ad Tech Worlds: Q&A with Lulu Phongmany, PulsePoint

    Transitioning from a position in publishing to a role in ad tech helped Lulu Phongmany, VP strategic partnerships, PulsePoint, bridge the gap between understanding publisher needs and ad tech challenges. Advocating for mutually beneficial outcomes is critical to successful publisher/ad tech provider relationships, argues the PulsePoint VP. ExchangeWire talked to her about the publishing world versus ad tech.

    What was it like transitioning from the publishing world to a startup?

    My time at an early-stage company was critical to my career [...]

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  • Cutting Complexity While Increasing Control

    As the opening Keynote at ATS Singapore, Sukesh Singh, VP, APAC, Adform, shared the stage with Kumar Prashant, founder and senior partner at Entropia, one of Malaysia’s leading agencies. In the session, Singh and Prashant highlighted how Entropia and Adform deployed a full-stack ad tech solution, which resulted in Entropia increasing their process efficiency by 80% over their previous single point ad tech approach.

    A large grocery franchise in Malaysia needed to deliver their campaigns, which were regularly updated and advertised [...]

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  • History Repeats Itself in Ad Tech, So What’s Next?

    Much has been written and debated on the pages of the ad tech industry’s trade publications, websites, and blogs. There is no shortage of opinions, rationalisations, and debates for why things happen, with many points of view, forecasts, and predictions. We have seen many wins and many disappointments. But, writes Chris Karl (pictured below), CEO, VertaMedia, there is no denying that in the real world (the one that happens when you shut down your computer or turn off your phone) [...]

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