• The cookieless future: a new era for privacy?

    With Google set to end the use of third-party cookies by 2023, ad tech is bracing itself for a sea change. But what will this mean for the industry? Rather than a crisis, does the shift away from third-party data [...]

  • ADvendio Supports the Media Industry in Preparation for the End of Google’s Third-Party Cookies

    With the end of Google’s third-party cookies set to take place in 2023, companies are looking to digitally transform their offering and move to a first-party data revenue strategy, to protect themselves against major financial losses. As Google is the [...]

  • The Rise of Contextual Targeting in a Cookieless World

    On the eve of ATS London 2022, Andy Ashley, global marketing director at SmartFrame, introduces key findings from a recent whitepaper detailing the importance of contextual advertising following the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies. Third-party cookies are soon to be a [...]

  • Making Sense of First-Party Data in a Post-Cookie World

    Ahead of ATS London 2022, Sophie Lee, sales director at Quantcast, discusses how a comprehensive approach to data in the nebulous post-cookie ecosystem and building trusted relationships with consumers should form the crux of marketing efforts. Whether we’re talking about first-party, [...]

  • Crimtan Teams up with Two of the Biggest Automotive Publishers in Industry First

    Two of Britain’s leading automotive publishers have put aside their rivalries and teamed up with Crimtan to offer post-cookie solutions to advertisers. Autovia and Haymarket Automotive are two of Britain’s biggest automotive publishers. Between them, they own Auto Express, BuyaCar, Car [...]

  • Identity-Free Targeting in a Post-Cookie World: Q&A with Nano Interactive

    In this Q&A written exclusively for ExchangeWire, Carl White, CEO & co-founder of Nano Interactive, discusses identity-free targeting, how it can benefit advertisers and publishers, and what its future could look like in a post-cookie world.   What are the core benefits [...]

  • In Solving for Third-Party Cookies, We Can Solve for So Much More

    In this contributed article written exclusively for ExchangeWire, Marc Fanelli, chief operating officer at Eyeota, discusses how the ad tech industry can go further than simply solving for third-party cookie deprecation. Google’s planned deprecation of third-party cookies has garnered no shortage [...]

  • The Evolution of Spanish Ad Tech: Interview with Mario Torija, Index Exchange

    Coinciding with ATS Madrid 2022, ExchangeWire speaks to Mario Torija, managing director Spain, Index Exchange, to discuss the current state of play in the Spanish advertising landscape, and how the ecosystem is set to evolve in the coming years. How is [...]

  • Unlocking Addressability in the Post-Cookie World

    On the eve of ATS Madrid 2022, Mario Torija, managing director Spain, Index Exchange, outlines how rebuilding consumer trust and industry-wide collaboration can unlock addressability in the post-cookie ecosystem. The journey towards addressability in a post-cookie world won’t necessarily be an [...]

  • (First-) Party Like It's 1999

    Ahead of ATS Madrid 2022, Airey Baringer, senior director, product management, privacy at TripleLift, outlines how, much like IT versus the millennium bug, the digital advertising industry is successfully preparing itself for the deprecation of third-party cookies. The cookie apocalypse is [...]