• Adform Survey Finds Marketers are Unaware of How to Prepare for Google’s Cookie Deprecation

    The advertising industry edges closer to one of the most significant changes in a decade, as Google plans to migrate 1% of Chrome users to Privacy Sandbox early next year. Yet, marketers still lack preparedness for the deprecation of third-party [...]

  • Data is the Key to Unlocking the Cookieless Future: Q&A with Kristina Prokop, Eyeota

    In this exclusive interview ahead of ATS Singapore, Kristina Prokop, co-founder and CEO of Eyeota, discusses how marketers in APAC and beyond are preparing for the shift towards a privacy-first landscape, and how data will continue to play a vital [...]

  • Industry Review 2024: Making Attention Pay

    ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. Next up, can attention come to define an era and help wean the industry off vanity metrics? The battle for attention has never been fiercer. This [...]

  • Industry Review 2024: The Cookieless Future is Here

    ExchangeWire’s Industry Review is back, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. As third-party cookies finally crumble, where are the major opportunities for post-cookie technology? This is it, the year of third-party cookie deprecation. The industry must [...]

  • Industry Review 2024: All You Need To Know

    ExchangeWire’s Industry Review will be published in January 2024, as we look at the top trends for an era-defining year. Industry Review is back. These are the eight key pillars that will define media, marketing, and commerce in 2024, globally. We’re [...]

  • Making the Most of the Post-Cookie Landscape

    Although Google has been talking about deprecating third-party cookies since 2020, it finally appears to be making good on its threat: early next year, third-party cookies will be switched off for 1% of Chrome users, the tech giant announced in [...]

  • Digiseg Appoints New CTO to Accelerate the Next Stage of Growth

    Digiseg, the global leader in privacy-first household demographic data, has appointed Kasper Sørensen as chief technology officer. Kasper brings a diverse technical background including software architecture and product strategy as well as extensive experience leading successful teams and SaaS products. He [...]

  • Curation for the Ad Tech Nation: An Overview

    An overly convoluted programmatic supply chain means that both publishers and advertisers are looking for more refined ways of buying and selling ads. We take a look at curation as a viable solution, a programmatic tool that is a win-win [...]

  • Verve Group’s Moments.AI Now Available in Match2One Platform

    Verve Group today (July 26th, 2023) announces that Match2One – its easy-to-use self-service advertising platform for businesses within e-commerce, financial trading and fintech, and iGaming – has embedded Verve Group’s Moments.AI contextual advertising technology into its platform.  With Moments.AI, Match2One customers [...]

  • Adlook the First DSP in the World to Incorporate Chrome Protected Audience API

    Adlook, a next-generation brand growth platform, is proud to announce that it has become the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) to incorporate Chrome’s newly released Protected Audience API (PAAPI), cementing Adlook’s position as a next-generation brand growth platform. The move [...]