• DSP vs SSP: When Two Tribes Go To War

    In this week’s Madtech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane outlines a looming battle between SSPs and DSPs. There was a lot of drama around the first anniversary of The Trade Desk’s (TTD) supply path optimisation (SPO) product, OpenPath. OpenPath has been positioned as [...]

  • Commerce Media: The Anatomy Of a Utility Publisher

    Following on from last week’s MadTechSketch, Ciaran O’Kane dives a little bit deeper on the “utility publishers” category that is becoming a mainstay of commerce media. Typically a utility publisher is a service not reliant on advertising as the primary revenue [...]

  • The (Addressabilty) Revolution Could Be Tokenised

    In our latest MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O’Kane imagines how TrustPID might work and the inevitable problems it will face. Many have tried; most have failed. Telcos have an exceptionally bad track record in ad tech.  From AT&T to Singtel to Verizon, [...]

  • Adform Launches Global Partner Programme Leveraging its Ad Tech Platform Capabilities

    Adform, the leading global independent advertising platform, is launching its new Global Partner Programme, to provide significant strategic growth opportunities for commercial partners enabling them to leverage Adform’s network and solutions with their own customers and prospects.  Adform’s Global Partner Programme [...]

  • AdInMo Expands In-Game Commercial Team

    AdInMo, the contextual in-game advertising platform has appointed ad tech gaming evangelist Yasin Dabhelia as its VP of programmatic to lead its global demand strategy.  Yasin brings extensive digital and cross-media advertising experience. He has been part of the growing in-game [...]

  • Wolves Interactive & AdInMo Collaborate to Enhance the In-Game Racing Experience

    AdInMo, the in-game advertising platform, today (October 31st, 2022) announced a multi-title deal with Wolves Interactive to monetise their portfolio of hit racing titles with immersive InGamePlay ads and join AdInMo’s global programmatic in-game ad network.  InGamePlay brand ads are seamlessly [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: Why The Ad Network Will Flourish Again

    In this week's MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O'Kane explains why, contrary to common belief, the ad network model is bigger than ever before. Industry people generally have a negative view of ad networks and the value proposition. The very words conjure up bad [...]

  • Ferris the Zero Waste App Becomes the Latest Publisher to Join The Goodnet

    Sustainability ad network, The GoodNet, and Ferris, the zero waste app, today (September 7th, 2022) announced a partnership whereby The GoodNet takes on the sales of Ferris’s new advertising and sponsorship products. Through this partnership, The GoodNet’s advertisers will be [...]

  • A Future Without Programmatic Open Auctions?

    Is a sea-change coming for the world of publishing and programmatic? Alexander Lund thinks so. Here he outlines his vision for how a new path can be forged. The tides are once again changing in the ad tech industry, and we [...]

  • The MadTech Sketch: how to break up Google

    In our latest MadTech Sketch, Ciarán O’Kane imagines how the Google ad tech business could look if it is broken up due to impending regulation. Ever since the WSJ broke the story about Google potentially hiving off its ad tech business [...]