• How the DMA is Reshaping Ad Tech for Better or Worse

    With the aim to curtail the unchecked dominance of big tech firms and foster a more equitable space, the DMA has stirred both apprehension and optimism within the ad tech industry. We take a look at some of the intricacies [...]

  • Opti Digital's Magali Quentel-Reme on AI, Sustainability, Balancing Revenue and UX, and Innovative Ad Formats

    Opti Digital's CEO, Magali Quentel-Reme talks to ExchangeWire about AI's pivotal role in driving digital ad revenue growth, emphasising its transformative impact on programmatic advertising. Quentel-Reme also highlights the industry's focus on sustainability and the importance of innovative ad formats [...]

  • Predictions 2024: Open Web

    As we venture into 2024, the open web stands on the brink of transformative shifts. In this prediction, we delve into the significant changes anticipated for the year ahead, shaping the future of digital landscapes. Understanding the trajectory of the open [...]

  • Commerce Media: Advertising's New Playground?

    In the rapidly evolving world of advertising, a new contender has emerged with the potential to redefine the playing field: commerce media. Welcome to the revolutionary world of commerce media, where shopping carts meet ad spots, and consumers' clicks tell a [...]

  • Adzymic Launches Premium Advertising Network, Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX), in  Singapore & Malaysia

    Adzymic, a leader in dynamic creative technology, today (September 28th, 2023) announced the launch of Adzymic Premium Exchange (APX) in Singapore and Malaysia.  APX is an innovative advertising network that integrates high-impact formats and non-intrusive rich media ad units such as [...]

  • The Resurgence of Ad Networks: Why it’s Happening and What it Means for Advertisers

    Ahead of ATS Singapore, Travis Teo, executive director & co-founder of Adzymic, analyses the revival of ad networks. In this exclusive byline, Teo discusses what has led to this resurgence and what it could mean for the ad tech industry. As [...]

  • The Future of Ad Networks

    “Will three-martini lunches make a comeback?”  This was the question posed by Rob Beeler at this year’s ATS London as he discussed the potential sidelining of ad networks for a return to direct sold. While Rob’s keynote highlighted the more appealing [...]

  • Are AI-Powered Junk Sites a Problem for Ad Networks?

    As artificial intelligence has grown in prevalence, so too has a long-running problem for the ad industry: junk websites. Although junk on the internet is not a new issue – the term “clickbait”, for example, has been in use since [...]

  • DoubleVerify & IAS: Moving From Verification To Activation

    In this week’s MadTech Sketch, Ciaran O'Kane looks at how two heavyweights in the world of verification have been shifting focus towards activation and attention. DoubleVerify (DV) recently agreed to buy Scibids for $125m. Why did an ad verification company want [...]

  • Nexxen's Josif Zanich on Notable Ad Tech Trends in the APAC Region

    Dynamic, unique, and going through a period of immense growth, we’ve got our eye on ad tech trends shaping a region renowned for its affinity towards the innovative. We caught up with Josif Zanich, managing director APAC, Nexxen, ahead of [...]