• Time To Reframe The Industry: The Service Layer

    What do you do when the entire structure that acted as the foundation of a multi-billion dollar industry collapses in on itself? It’s not an easy question to answer. And an even more difficult problem to solve. But that’s where [...]

  • The 'Great Fragmentation' is Here: A Glorious Opportunity for the Industry & Investors

    These are strange times, readers. COVID continues to tear away at the socio-economic fabric of the world. The once noble institutions of the ad tech ‘POWA’ breakfast, and the extended media lunch, have been reduced to sad Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams [...]

  • Google Sheds Light on Ad Network Fees; WhatsApp's Pay Service Blocked in Brazil

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: Google reveals some of the details of its ad network fees; WhatsApp sees its payment service barred by Brazil’s Central Bank; and Facebook releases a new tool to help businesses comply with the CCPA.   Google opens [...]

  • New Zealand Injects $50m into Struggling Media Industry; AT&T Shed Almost 90K Paid TV Subs

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: the New Zealand government provides a $50m cash boost to media groups struggling amidst the Coronavirus; AT&T reports a loss of almost 90,000 subscribers from its paid TV services; and CVS is breaking into retail [...]

  • Why The Vertical Ad Network Will Win The Decade

    The term ‘ad network’ surfaces a lot of ill-feeling when discussed at conferences or in the trade press – its reputation has been besmirched by consistent bad behaviour over two decades. Programmatic ad tech vendors built market share in the [...]

  • Why Apple Will Be the Number 4 Ad Platform in 2 Years

    When Apple’s Tim Cook took such a public swipe at the way Google and Facebook use personal data to generate ad revenue, you felt it was a calculated move from the canny tech CEO. Apple’s hardware business is starting to [...]

  • A Tale of Two Ad Networks: How the Quiet Growth Story of Media iQ Defeated the 'Rocket Fuels'

    When I met Gurman Hundal seven years ago in a small Soho pub for the first time, he told me he was going to start a programmatic ad network. At first I thought, as a model, it would have no [...]

  • Ad Networks That Compete on Price Won't Last in China

    An intense price war has been waging between performance ad networks in China; but competing based on price is unsustainable and will not prevent advertisers from jumping ship. Richard O’Connell, general manager of MobAir’s China operations, observes that some ad networks [...]

  • Is There Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

    Today (24 February) ad blocking company Shine, announced that they are rebranding as ‘Rainbow‘. Rainbow is described as “a consumer ad experience”, and the company states: “We are no longer selling ad blocking to mobile carriers, or ISPs.” In short, Rainbow [...]

  • Alphabet Announces First Quarter 2016 Results

    Yesterday, (26 January) Google parent Alphabet Inc., (NASDAQ: GOOG, GOOGL) announced financial results for the quarter ended 31 March, 2016. The internet giant boasted an 8.3% increase in fourth-quarter profit, largely driven by the sustained shift to mobile. However, the [...]