• The More We Can Predict, The Better We Can Deliver: Q&A with Haylee Adkins, Global Head of Client Strategy, Drawbridge

    Data alone doesn’t make marketing relevant. With personalisation at the top of many marketers’ lists, cross-device identity-based marketing is gaining traction. ExchangeWire chats with Haylee Adkins (pictured below), global head of strategy, Drawbridge, about the developments in ID-based marketing and how machine learning will help make advertising more relevant.

    ExchangeWire: Drawbridge is focusing on identity-based marketing. Is mere data not good enough anymore?

    Haylee Adkins: It’s not that data isn’t good enough… it’s that data is typically incomplete. Brands may have data on consumers [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Follow AI to Reach New Audiences

    With artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological developments creating more ways to engage consumers, brands in Asia-Pacific need to ensure they are ready to tap these new avenues.

    The emergence of autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service, for example, would open up new windows to engage an audience that would no longer need to focus on the road, said Tripti Lochan, VML's Southeast Asia and India CEO.

    She believes that changes in the automotive industry [...]

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  • 4 Ways Marketers Can Put Dark Data in the Limelight

    What if you walked through the British Museum in the dark? You’d probably get lost among the mummies or fumble through the gift shop; you’d likely skip entire rooms and exhibitions, walking straight past the Rosetta Stone, and overlook other ancient masterpieces. In short, it’s never the best use of anyone’s time to be left in the dark. And, writes Chris Le May, SVP and MD for Europe and emerging markets, DataXu, the same goes for marketing: the more [...]

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  • The Vast Number of Technologies for Marketers Has Created a Paradox

    Amidst a shift of focus from being a marketing attribution solution to a marketing intelligence solution, with an emphasis on people-based marketing, Visual IQ has recently partnered with data management platform (DMP), Lotame. ExchangeWire speaks with Ryan Rolf, vice president of data solutions at Lotame and Phil Gross, vice president of product management at Visual IQ to find about more about this shift of business focus and Lotame’s role in helping to achieve that.

    ExchangeWire: What will the partnership between Visual [...]

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  • Localisation Key to Survival Amidst China's Walled Gardens

    Localisation and working alongside walled gardens may be key to survival in China's tough ad tech landscape. Although, this does not mean brands should stop demanding more transparency.

    Lured by the country's sizeable market potential, numerous foreign players have attempted to grab a piece of the pie, but few could claim success. A big part of this was due to their lack of local knowledge, according to Albert Sim, Miaozhen China's vice president of [...]

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  • The New Data Protection Bill Brings Post-Brexit UK Firmly in Line with the GDPR

    For those wondering how Brexit would affect the UK’s adoption of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), here’s your answer: it won’t. This week the UK government announced the Data Protection Bill (DPB), which is designed to align with the GDPR, which comes into force in May 2018, when the UK will still officially be an EU member.

    The GDPR comprises a host of consumer-focused data protection laws, which the DPB is designed to emulate. The introduction of the [...]

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  • 5 Things to Know About GDPR

    It’s now less than a year until new data protection rules will be introduced in Europe. Known as the GDPR, the effects of the wide-reaching privacy protection regulation still seem to be shrouded in mist for the members of the ad tech and martech industry on both sides of the Atlantic. In this piece, Julia Shullman (pictured below), senior director, deputy general counsel of commercial and privacy, AppNexus, summarises five steps to be taken by companies to get ready for GDPR.

    The General [...]

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  • AI Plugs Human Errors & Lets Marketers Focus on Quality

    Left to run autonomously, marketing platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can avoid mistakes humans make. Rather than fear it, marketers should leverage this to better focus on producing value-added quality. AI marketing systems could watch and analyse consumers’ digital journeys, and decide the best way to spend media dollars, says Naomi Simson, co-founder of Australia’s Big Red Group (BRG).

    Describing AI as the ability to read and learn from data and adjust outcomes, she said AI-powered marketing systems enabled the [...]

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  • Solving the Disconnect Between Data & the Real World

    Have we lost the art of understanding data and interpreting key intent signals? Harvey Sarjant, managing director UK, certainly thinks so. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Sarjant explains why intelligent data modelling will allow brands to reconnect with the entire consumer decision-making process.

    Procter & Gamble’s recent close shave with a batch of bad data has, fortunately for them, turned out to be an amusing marketing mishap. It could have been much more serious and brand damaging however.

    When Gillette, which is owned by [...]

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  • If You Want to Ride the Programmatic Wave, Keep it Simple

    Teads hosted its inaugural ‘Programmatic Wave’ event to a packed room in London last week, seeing experts from across the industry coming together to discuss the evolution of programmatic, using surfing as a surprisingly fitting analogy. From creative and data, to brand safety and technology, almost no topic was left uncovered, with one common, yet oft-ignored phrase uttered several times throughout: ‘keep it simple’.

    ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane hosted the ‘Data 101’ session, discussing the fundamental role of data in the [...]

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