• Data, Data Everywhere, But Execution is Key

    Data is everywhere, and in massive amounts; but what good can all that data be to marketers if the data isn’t usable, scalable, or able to be properly utilised to their advantage? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Dana Hayes (pictured below), president, ShareThis, offers some guidelines for marketers to succeed in the overwhelming world of data.

    Almost every marketer has an insatiable appetite for data. Beyond targeting, modern marketers leverage data to holistically understand consumers, validate assumptions, increase their pool of prospects [...]

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  • 'Artificial' Offers No 'Intelligence' Without Data

    Some believe it is hogwash, while others say it is necessary for their company’s survival, but one thing is certain about artificial intelligence (AI) – without data, its value will be limited.

    Companies in developed Asian markets, such as Singapore, have been more responsive to trying out AI and given a mandate to push the technology, said Yu Junde, chief business officer at Appier. “They feel they need to adopt AI or risk being left behind”, he noted, but added [...]

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  • Why Probabilistic Is the Key That Unlocks New Markets

    As the capabilities exist for marketers to target audiences one-to-one, there are certain roadblocks that limit the ability to grow these strategies worldwide. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Keith Petri (pictured below), CSO, Screen6, explains the importance of a probabilistic data approach in this new world of GDPR and future regulations, in order to achieve highly accurate results, while still addressing consumer privacy concerns.

    There are dual forces at work in the world of digital marketing. One is the growing capability [...]

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  • Marketers Need Mobile-First Strategy As APAC Heads to Devices; AU Brands Improve on Digital UX

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Marketers need mobile-first strategy as APAC shoppers head to their devices; AU brands improve on digital customer experience; Audience data spend more than double in Asia; Mindshare inks blockchain partnership in Singapore; and dentsu X marks its spot in AU.

    Marketers need mobile-first strategy as APAC shoppers head to their devices

    Twitter says its users in Thailand, Indonesia, [...]

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  • Data Fragmentation Is the Biggest Challenge: Q&A with Tijs van Santen, Impact Radius

    The amount of data in and around advertising is staggering. But when that data comes from a multitude of sources, and is fragmented within various systems, how can a marketer properly use that data to make the best decisions for their campaigns? Tijs van Santen (pictured below), CRO, Impact Radius, talks about the importance of clean data, goal alignment, and the challenges that martech companies face around attribution.

    ExchangeWire: Who is Impact Radius and what problems do you solve for [...]

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  • After Years of False Starts, True Native Offers Hope: Q&A with Kai Henniges, video intelligence

    With GDPR around the corner, is first- and third-party data going to struggle? Kai Henniges (pictured below), CEO and co-founder of Swiss mobile video SSP video intelligence, believes that native is the way forward, as it works with existing page content, rather than relying on data.

    Quietly creeping up on us for years, native video has emerged as a dominant force in digital advertising. The reason is a collision of factors – with video consumption habits and GDPR the final pieces [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Differentiate in Programmatic Landscape

    In a market democratised by programmatic, brands in Asia-Pacific must be able to stand above the crowd and not have a myopic view of the digital landscape.

    Programmatic had levelled the playing field and created a space in which even multibillion dollar brands competed with mom-and-pop stores. This meant that marketers would need to work harder to differentiate themselves, said Sanchit Sanga, Mindshare’s Asia-Pacific chief digital officer.

    “To win in this scenario, you’ll need to have much better data strategies in [...]

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  • China Programmatic Ads to Hit £4bn; Tencent Online Ads Grow 48%

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: China programmatic ads to hit £4bn; Tencent online ads grow 48% in 3Q; Advertisers want agencies to do better with programmatic; AdTiming aims to help US brands target China; and Wagawin opens in Singapore to tap SEA.

    China programmatic ads to hit £4bn

    China’s programmatic ads will generate USD$5.3bn (£4bn) this year, making the market the world’s second [...]

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  • Email Still Relevant Tool for APAC Marketers

    Reports of the demise of email marketing have been greatly exaggerated. That is what Dynamic Yield would like to convey to industry detractors who decry the effectiveness of email as a marketing tool.

    The ad tech vendor launched a suite of services this week that it said would enable marketers to send personalised email to better engage their customers. Dynamic Yield for Email had been integrated with the vendor’s main personalisation software, so marketers would be able to tap user [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Follow AI to Reach New Audiences

    With artificial intelligence (AI) and other technological developments creating more ways to engage consumers, brands in Asia-Pacific need to ensure they are ready to tap these new avenues.

    The emergence of autonomous vehicles and mobility as a service, for example, would open up new windows to engage an audience that would no longer need to focus on the road, said Tripti Lochan, VML’s Southeast Asia and India CEO.

    She believes that changes in the automotive industry will have a significant impact over [...]

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