• Has the Industry Cried Wolf on the Single Customer View?

    If marketers could equate the single customer view to a number, it would be 42: the answer to life, the universe, and everything, writes Lindsay McEwan (pictured below), VP and managing director, EMEA at Tealium, exclusively for ExchangeWire. Since the dawn of digital, achieving unified customer understanding has been the primary industry obsession; but as only 20% of marketers have done so, it seems this is a mission that will never be completed.

    Or is it?

    While the cry [...]

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  • Localisation Key to Survival Amidst China's Walled Gardens

    Localisation and working alongside walled gardens may be key to survival in China’s tough ad-tech landscape. Although, this does not mean brands should stop demanding more transparency.

    Lured by the country’s sizeable market potential, numerous foreign players have attempted to grab a piece of the pie, but few could claim success. A big part of this was due to their lack of local knowledge, according to Albert Sim, Miaozhen China’s vice president of Miaozhen systems, who is based in Beijing.

    While [...]

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  • APAC Smartphone Growth Drives Brand Contact Points; HK Online Ad Spend to Hit £483.84m

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: APAC smartphone growth drives brand contact points; HK online ad spend to hit £483.84m; OTT opens up ad potential in China; APAC brands investing in marketing software to meet customer expectations; and Developed APAC markets less trusting of brands.

    APAC smartphone growth drives brand contact points

    Asia-Pacific and Western Europe continue to drive global smartphone ownership, which will [...]

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  • Not Perfect, But In-App Ads Provide Better Audience Engagement

    While they may not always capture user attention completely, mobile and in-app ads still offer better audience engagement and targeting.

    In fact, the proliferation of data and smartphones in Asia-Pacific over the past couple of years had significantly changed the way marketers approached mobile, said POKKT’s founder and CEO Rohit Sharma.

    Video, in particular, was the biggest driver of mobile ads today, while banners were losing traction, he said in an interview with ExchangeWire. With operations in India and Southeast Asia, [...]

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  • Digital Publishing: What Does the Future Hold?

    Matching our fast-paced lifestyles and expectations, digital subscriptions to a variety of media sources have become increasingly attractive as an alternative way of delivering news. But as the industry stabilises, like print, online publications are reaching scale and hitting new challenges – traffic growth is stagnating, and ad revenue simply isn’t enough anymore. In this piece, Christophe Bize (pictured below), VP data and mobile analytics at Ogury, explains that using a correct balance of data is key to to reaping [...]

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  • Mobile Drives SEA Digital Ad Spend; E-commerce Accounts For 30% of China Online Ads

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Mobile drives SEA digital ad spend; E-commerce accounts for 30% of China online ads; AdAsia buys Japanese publisher trading desk; New AU agency to tap voice experience; Dentsu turns up Amplifi in Malaysia; and Oracle unveils AU audience-data offering.

    Mobile drives SEA digital ad spend

    Mobile ad spend across six Southeast Asian markets is expected to more than double [...]

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  • The GDPR Will Drain the Ad Tech Cookie Pool

    While the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its ‘baby sister’, the ePrivacy Regulation, may be full of ambiguous, legal jargon, one thing is clear: if you collect data from EU citizens, then your world is going to look a whole lot different come 25 May, 2018. Even though most of the articles contained in both regulations are troubling for the online advertising industry, there’s one section of the GDPR that’s especially worrying – the one about user [...]

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  • Why You Must Clean-Up Your Stores of Unstructured Data: Q&A with Des McHugh, ZL Technologies

    Have you heard of the term ‘unstructured data’? If you’re currently in the throes of preparing your company for the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), then it’s probably a term you should become familiar with, as it applies to more than you may think. Des McHugh, information governance consultant, ZL Technologies (Ireland), outlines for ExchangeWire exactly what it is and how it must be handled to ensure GDPR-compliance.

    ExchangeWire: What is ‘unstructured data’?

    Des McHugh: In formal terms, unstructured data refers to [...]

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  • 11 Seconds to Effectively Target APAC Travellers

    Marketers keen to target travellers in Asia-Pacific need to ensure their data is recent and appropriate, or end up completely missing the boat.

    For travel marketing specialist, Sojern, that meant having the ability to act within 11 seconds after someone had made an online booking. This was the amount of time its platform would be aware an airline reservation had been made and trigger the corresponding campaign action to target specific consumers, said Russell Young (pictured below), Sojern’s Asia-Pacific managing [...]

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  • AU Online Ads Hit £4.64bn; Klareco to Shed Bell Pottinger Asia in Rebrand

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: AU online ads hit £4.64bn; Klareco to shed Bell Pottinger Asia in rebrand; Eyeota brings Helix to Indonesia; Maxus becomes Essence in Korea; and Social impacts SEA trust in financial brands.

    AU online ads hit £4.64bn

    Online ad spend in Australia has climbed 11.7% year-on-year to reach AUD$7.6bn (£4.64bn) in fiscal 2017, ended June 30.

    The “robust double-digit growth” helped [...]

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