• Zeotap & TikTok for Business Join Forces to Bring Optimised Targeting to TikTok Campaigns

    Zeotap Data, the fully-consented people-based, deterministic data composed of over 500 million unique IDs, announces a new partnership with TikTok for Business, the ad platform of the popular short-form video entertainment platform, TikTok. This strategic collaboration aims to enable advertisers [...]

  • Ethical Considerations in AI-Driven Advertising: Striking the Right Balance

    Exploring the multifaceted realm of ethical considerations in AI-driven advertising, we delve into the pressing concerns it raises, highlighting the importance in establishing a balance between AI-driven marketing strategies and ethical values. AI-driven advertising has revolutionised how businesses connect with their [...]

  • Evorra Partners With AppsFlyer to Power Compliant Data Collaboration

    Evorra, today (September 20th, 2023) announced its data clean room partnership and integration with AppsFlyer, the world’s leading mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform. Through this partnership, AppsFlyer’s data clean room customers will have a greater ability to enrich data [...]

  • James Parker, MiQ: Programmatic in CTV, User Privacy, Sustainability, and ATS Singapore

    MiQ's head of revenue & growth SEA, James Parker, recently sat down with ExchangeWire to talk about all things programmatic, CTV, data security concerns, and more. Ahead of MiQ's appearance at the highly-anticipated ATS Singapore, he also offered us a [...]

  • Data is the Key to Unlocking the Cookieless Future: Q&A with Kristina Prokop, Eyeota

    In this exclusive interview ahead of ATS Singapore, Kristina Prokop, co-founder and CEO of Eyeota, discusses how marketers in APAC and beyond are preparing for the shift towards a privacy-first landscape, and how data will continue to play a vital [...]

  • Managing First-Party Data through the Privacy Age: Q&A with Dan Richardson, Yahoo

    With ATS Singapore just weeks away, Dan Richardson, director of data and insights, AUSEA at Yahoo, joined ExchangeWire to discuss the shifting landscape of data and identity.  In this exclusive Q&A, Richardson outlines how changes to data management are impacting brands [...]

  • What Could the Digital Markets Act Mean for Ad Tech?

    Last week, the European Commission announced a pivotal update to the Digital Markets Act (DMA), one of the regulator’s strongest attempts to rein in the power of Big Tech and democratise the technology landscape. On 6th September, the European Commission named [...]

  • Making AI Work for Advertising

    With AI mania driving heightened competition and elevating industry benchmarks, we are now faced with questions concerning the ad tech sector's trajectory. How can brands harness AI to enhance decision-making and deliver optimised experiences on a large scale? Nothing has been [...]

  • Taking Back Control with Curation: Q&A with Greg Williams, Audigent

    In this exclusive Q&A, Greg Williams, president of Audigent, discusses the development of curation and identity in ad tech, how curation can bring control back to the advertiser, and more. How has the role of curation and identity evolved in [...]

  • The Future of Ad Networks

    “Will three-martini lunches make a comeback?”  This was the question posed by Rob Beeler at this year’s ATS London as he discussed the potential sidelining of ad networks for a return to direct sold. While Rob’s keynote highlighted the more appealing [...]