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4 April 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Don’t Get Tripped Up By Data Privacy When Entering The German Market

germanyWith 33% of German consumers choosing not to engage with a website over privacy concerns, Ken Parnham, managing director, EMEA for TRUSTe, explains just how serious an issue privacy is in Europe’s biggest untapped market.

With the increase of programmatic buying and the online bidding landscape growing in the German market, more US based companies are looking to expand into Germany and take advantage of increased activity in the country’s booming online ad marketplace.

The traditional ad-tech expansion route for a US company is to launch in the US market, open an office in the UK and then expand into Germany, using the German market as the springboard for the rest of Europe. The route is the most logical one however there is a major issue companies should be aware of: German attitudes and legislation around consumer privacy are very different than in the UK and the US.
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1 April 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Cross-Device Audience Targeting & Media Buying Opportunities In Germany

JeffGreenAhead of next week’s Ad Trader Conference in Berlin, Jeff Green, The Trade Desk, CEO and co-founder, share his views on how adoption of programmatic trading in Europe could outpace its uptake in the US.

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26 March 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Crossing The Great Data Divide

germanyAhead of next month’s Ad Trader Conference hosted in Berlin, Dimo Velev, OpenX, regional director, DACH, asks how can German publishers thrive in the era of big data given the more stringent privacy laws there, compared to the rest of Europe.

German publishing houses are notoriously risk averse, and are noted for their initial hesitance to ride this wave of innovation, although market data and anecdotal evidence suggests this is about to change.

In this piece Velev explains to ExchangeWire readers how ad tech providers can cooperate with said publishers to unlock the value of their first-party data to help spread value across the economic powerhouse of mainland Europe.
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24 March 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

The Debate: Public Vs. Private Exchanges

AdscaleRomanusSebastianThe German programmatic market tipped for a period of sharp growth in 2014, as publishers there gradually open up to alternative models of monetising their digital inventory.

With German publishers notoriously slow to embrace automated trading, Sebastian Romanus, managing director of Munich-based Adscale, discusses the merits and drawbacks of public and private ad exchanges, ahead of next month’s Ad Trader Conference hosted in Berlin.
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11 March 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

German Media Players Primed For Automated Push

germanyGerman advertisers and publishers may currently lag smaller European economies, such as the UK and Belgium, in the uptake of real-time advertising, but separate studies show engagement rates among online audiencesthere are well above the European average, and the tide may be about to turn in the market.

The hesitancy of German publishers to trade their premium inventory via programmatic channels is a well-documented phenomenon, but statistics from Adform’s latest quarterly report demonstrate the willingness among web audiences there to engage with interactive ad formats delivered via programmatic channels.
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5 March 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Ad Trader Conference: What Is The Reality Of The German Programmatic Market?

ADCON_LogoWhen it comes to programmatic the Germans love to talk a good game. At the recent d3con event in Berlin most panels had seven-to-eight people talking up their programmatic buying and selling strategies. That’s a lot of noise to have on any stage. A lot. All participants talked about growth with many saying they are seeing a significant shift in spend into programmatic. But what is the reality?

There is little data on the market – and many of the sales houses are guarded about what they are doing. To them selling via RTB only puts downward pressure on CPM pricing. So what kind of market will we see unfold in Germany? Where does the growth come from? We intend to go into more detail on all this at the upcoming Ad Trader conference on April 08.
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27 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

Microsoft, Nugg.ad Germany Deal Notes Privacy As An USP

microsoft-advertising-logoMicrosoft’s German arm has announced a deal with nugg.ad that will see the IT giant use improved ad targeting technology on its suite of digital services, including Xbox 360, Skype and email service Outlook.com.

The deal further suggest a rapid increase in the German programmatic market – a trend predicted by ExchangeWire sources earlier this year – and also comes as Microsoft Advertising attempts to keep pace with rival platforms, such as Facebook and Google.

Both companies maintain the newly-launched service will let advertisers target up to 10 million users each month across multiple platforms (on the three platforms, plus the websites of “select partners”) while maintaining its users personal privacy.

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9 January 2014 in ExchangeWire EMEA 0 Comments

‘Tech Providers Have Never Faced Greater Pressure To Demonstrate Value On A Media Plan’

ValueAndCostGroupM’s purchase of Germany-based Plista for a reputed €30m indicates an increased appetite for data-driven solutions among the industry’s big players, but also points to mounting pressure facing third-party tech partners as we enter 2014.

This week WPP’s investment arm GroupM – which houses media agencies including MEC, Mediacom and Mindshare – further added to its stable of programmatic entities, namely Xaxis and Quisma. Officially GroupM and Plista have yet to publicly disclose the value of the purchase, but reports citing sources close to the deal place at circa €30m.

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19 December 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Insiders tip the German programmmatic market to double in 2014

germanyAppNexus’ deal with UIM (United Internet Media) will see the pair build a private marketplace letting advertisers bid on inventory on websites such as GMX and WEB.DE, in a move that could see the German programmatic ad market double in 2014.

The collaboration is currently being tested and will kick off in earnest in January 2014. This will offer advertisers both premium transparent media buys, as well as more scalable blind purchases across UIM’s audience of 30 million unique users in real time.

The dynamics of the German market had formerly resulted in a certain resistance to programmatic media trading, with publishers there eager to maintain firm control of their inventory prices, according to market sources.

One source commented told ExchangeWire publishers there had previously been of the opinion that they would rather leave ‘distressed’ inventory left unsold than offload it at a discount price, as this could potentially undermine their asking price in future sales negotiations.

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30 April 2013 in ExchangeWire EMEA 1 Comment

Germany's Rocky Road To Programmatic: The Ad Trader Conference Overview

rockyroadWe hosted our third Ad Trader Conference in Berlin two weeks ago. It was an interesting day, and offered up some fascinating debate and talking points. Looking in you would think nothing has changed since the first Ad Trader Conference, but a cursory look under the bonnet reveals that all is not what the sales houses are saying publicly – with significant volumes currently being traded programmatically.

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