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How Much Of A Problem Is Click Fraud In Programmatic?

Bot-2Thomas Servatius, IPONWEB, head of client services, share with ExchangeWire readers some insights on just how big of a problem click fraud is in ad tech, and some of the reasons why it remains, despite everyone being aware of it.

How big an issue is click fraud in the ad tech sector?

Click fraud is one of the big three challenges facing the industry, the other two are attribution and optimisation. Advertisers should be put in control of attribution; such as who gets credit for conversion optimisation, and look at the different models available, this needs to be addressed.

The other is optimisation; we’re still far away from genuine automation because the optimisation engines are usually only built to optimise towards one goal. But if you look at what advertisers really want, it’s multiple goals such as plenty of clicks, and being placed on premium sites, while maximising conversions.
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Insist On A New Planning Process If You Want To Stand Out

james.bailey.maxusJames Bailey, head of Maxus for business, says really understanding the traits of your target audience is better than understanding the businesses you serve in the B2B sector. 

While there are many standout examples of marketing in the B2B category, these still tend to exist in isolated pockets. Largely, the focus still remains on tactical or lead generative activity over creative and engaging work. I believe that B2B advertisers led the way in the application of genuinely useful content for generating sales leads and the refinement of that process so leads are nurtured and utilised.
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Despatch From Germany: 'Clean Up Your Act!’

germanyAs the initial phase of this year’s Ad Trader conference closes, it appears the message is loud and clear, but as we all know; the problem still persists.

This year’s Ad Trader Conference, hosted in Berlin, is entering its second half, where the leading luminaries of the digital media industry in Germany gather to discuss accelerating the nascent programmatic media trading sector here. And the message from the stage was clear: ‘Clean up your act!’
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German Broadcasters Tipped To Embrace Programmatic

adtraderAs ExchangeWire prepares for its fourth annual Ad Trader Conference, hosted in Germany, market sources here have told this publication that tier one broadcasters in Europe’s economic powerhouse are poised to embrace trading with programmatic players, potentially channeling lucrative brand advertising budgets via the ad tech sector.

The initial hesitancy of German media owners to embrace programmatic media trading is a trend well documented on this publication (market sources here say they have adopted a ‘wait and see’ approach); that plus the stringent privacy protocols here are largely regarded as having stunted a potential goldmine for the ad tech industry.

But after months of probing ‘What is the reality of the German ad tech sector?’, several sources have disclosed to ExchangeWire that major media owners in the broadcasting space here are preparing a series of experiments, which could potentially pave the way for a boon for the programmatic sector here.
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Programmatic or Premium? If You Think You Have To Choose, You’re Doing It Wrong

Graham MoyseyAhead of this year’s Ad Trader conference hosted in Berlin, Graham Moysey, AOL, head of international, tells publishers there that selling ads programmatically need not involve selling inventory at bargain basement prices.

The idea that ad buyers and sellers should have to choose between a programmatic or premium path is a false one. Simply put, these two are not opposites.
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ExchangeWire European Weekly Round-Up

sociomanticIt’s been a busy week for ad tech, with no short supply of major announcements, quite fitting given that it was Advertising Week Europe, where programmatic trading, was described as “the prettiest girl at the ball” by its organisers. ExchangeWire will bring you its take on what went on.

ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space.
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Don’t Get Tripped Up By Data Privacy When Entering The German Market

germanyWith 33% of German consumers choosing not to engage with a website over privacy concerns, Ken Parnham, managing director, EMEA for TRUSTe, explains just how serious an issue privacy is in Europe’s biggest untapped market.

With the increase of programmatic buying and the online bidding landscape growing in the German market, more US based companies are looking to expand into Germany and take advantage of increased activity in the country’s booming online ad marketplace.

The traditional ad-tech expansion route for a US company is to launch in the US market, open an office in the UK and then expand into Germany, using the German market as the springboard for the rest of Europe. The route is the most logical one however there is a major issue companies should be aware of: German attitudes and legislation around consumer privacy are very different than in the UK and the US.
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The Rise Of The Data-Driven Bidder Continues: Sociomantic Acquired By Dunnhumby For A Rumoured $200 Million

sociomanticDunnhumby announced today that it is acquiring Sociomantic for a rumoured $200 million dollars.

It is one of the biggest ad tech M&A deals in Europe’s history, and is likely to spark a huge series of acquisitions as first party data players look to move into the programmatic media space.

Sociomantic, one of the leading independent players in the retargeting market, has built its own bidder technology and is integrated with most supply sources globally. The company has offices in 14 markets and was rumoured to have a run rate of $100 million.

No doubt this is one of the reasons Dunnhumby shelled out several hundred million for the German ad tech company. But it’s more likely that Dunnhumby has aspirations to roll out a data-driven media buying business.

The Socmantic-powered Dunnhumby is likely to take a run at the programmatic market, carving itself out a chunk of the growing automated media spend.

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A Message To Adweek Europe: Why Programmatic Is Eating Your Advertising Business Alive

idrisThe following is an unabridged version of an editorial written by ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, for the Advertising Week Europe newspaper.

Ad Week Europe, at its core, is a celebration of advertising – and the power of engagement. The creative is still king, and in the end it really is about the brand experience. That’s what advertising is about after all, experience.

Many of the C-level types attending this year’s event will likely immerse themselves in the content emanating from the array of star-studded panels that Ad Week are putting on. Most will probably eschew the ad technology-heavy discussions.

Technology and data just isn’t as sexy as ‘Stringer Bell’ speaking evocatively about his passion for music. Who really wants to get bogged down in the semantics of targeting and real-time execution of advertising campaigns across multi-screens?

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Going Native Tomorrow At Advertising Week Europe - Come On Down

AdWeekEurope.logo_It is the last day of Advertising Week Europe tomorrow – and I will be chairing a panel around native advertising.

Having endured the likes of James Corden and Idris Elba as poor warm-up acts, you will finally get to see me in the flesh on (JUST!) the third last panel of the week.

It will doubtless be a mind-blowing experience that will ultimately change your professional and personal lives. At the same time.

The panel will focus on the concept of “native” advertising – a new advertising channel that is close to my own heart (see assorted tweets over past twelve months on the subject).

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