• PulsePoint's Gareth Shaw Discusses Digital Advertising in the Healthcare Industry

    In this voxpop edition of TraderTalk TV, Gareth Shaw, general manager EMEA at PulsePoint, video sponsors of ATS London 2017, discusses why the company is developing its programmatic solution and evolving into the burgeoning healthcare industry.

    In this episode Shaw explains:

    – The background behind PulsePoint’s launch of a programmatic platform for the healthcare industry

    – How the platform works and the audience it’s aimed at

    – Why the pharma and healthcare industry is primed for digital growth

    – The challenges that exist in digital [...]

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  • A New Beginning for Brazilian Digital Advertising

    Digital’s credibility has been put in doubt in recent months, mostly because of a domino effect that has driven advertisers around the world to review their advertising investments across platforms and publishers. This also applies to the Brazilian digital market, one of the fastest-growing in the world, achieving 26% year-on-year growth in 2016. Given the potential continued growth that exists in this market, it’s time to take a step back. Originally published on ExchangeWire Brazil on 6 June 2017.

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  • Disrupt Your Marketing: Understanding What AI Really Means

    Retargeting is an important campaign strategy with many options available to marketers. But how are artificial intelligence (AI) technologies helping to make ‘smarter’ campaign decisions and change the retargeting game? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Radoslaw Dobrolecki (pictured below), US business development director, RTB House, talks about AI, the advantages and differences between machine learning and deep learning, and the importance of considering deep learning technology an integral part of your marketing strategy.

    With the rise of programmatic, ensuring you’ve [...]

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  • DOOH Has Evolved to Become Flexible, Tactical & Real-Time: Q&A with Neil Morris, Grand Visual

    In April 2017, digital OOH production house, Grand Visual, launched its campaign-management and delivery platforms to the entire market with the creation of QDOT, a dedicated ad tech business for digital OOH. ExchangeWire speaks with Neil Morris, the founder of QDOT and Grand Visual, to see how its ad tech platforms are helping to unlock the flexible, creative potential of the medium on a global scale, and to find out which brands are leading the charge.

    ExchangeWire: What does QDOT do?

    Neil [...]

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  • Now & Next: Fake News

    Fake news is a hot topic across the globe. The concept of fake news is particularly pertinent and discussions focus on genuinely falsified news and genuine news that is claimed to be fake for personal or company gains. This issue of ExchangeWire’s Now & Next looks at the problems fake news is creating for media professionals, and what (if anything) needs to be done to address them.

    The prevalence of fake news

    Fake news is affecting a large proportion of the online population.

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  • ATS London 2017: How the Ad Industry Can Get Started in AI

    At ATS London 2017, Tod Loofbourrow, CEO, ViralGains delivered a keynote speech about how the ad industry can get started in artificial intelligence.

    The high-octane keynote, telling advertisers what to look out for and the right questions to be asking vendors and partners, followed by a fireside chat with ExchangeWire CEO, Ciaran O’Kane, got the audience thinking about what AI really is and what it actually means for the advertising industry. If you weren’t at ATS London this year, this is [...]

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  • Shared Responsibility Needed to Make APAC Programmatic

    All parties with a stake in the Asia-Pacific ad tech industry are responsible for ensuring programmatic delivers the value it promises and ad content quality must remain the focus for marketers.

    Together, this would ensure consumer experience is optimal and brands get the most returns on their ad dollar, said delegates at this year’s Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum in Singapore.

    During a panel discussion about the region’s programmatic landscape, focus inevitably centred on brand safety and, hence, viewability. Panellists, though, [...]

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  • How Voice Search Will Change Consumer Behaviour

    With the business world only just coming to terms with mobile as the future of the internet, there’s an emerging, and slightly misunderstood, revolution sitting on the periphery of even the most attentive marketers and businesses: voice search. Wajid Ali, head of paid search, Forward3D, explains why.

    It would be naïve to consider ‘voice search’ in the same way it once was initially showcased in 2011, as a novel way of inputting your specific search into Google. Looking back, what’s surprising [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Act As GDPR Impact Spans Wide

    Asia-Pacific businesses that assume they need not worry about the upcoming European Union’s data privacy laws should think again, as they may need to ensure compliance even if they do not physically operate in the region.

    Slated to take effect on 25 May next year, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) would enable more than 500 million citizens in the European Union (EU) to move their data from one provider to another, as well as instruct any organisation to stop [...]

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  • Mobile Formats: The Devil Is in the Data

    Different mobile formats drive different engagement rates, depending on whether the ad is a swipe or video ad, for example. In order to target effectively, marketers need to understand how engagement rates differ depending on a whole host of issues such as market, time of day, type of content, or which vertical is being targeted. In this op-ed, Widespace’s head data analyst, Pinar Larsson, provides five ways this type of analysis can teach us more about consumer behaviour and, therefore, impact the [...]

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