• ID5 Launches to Clean Up Cookie Synchronisation

    Today (8 September), ID5 is launched, aiming to help improve cookie synchronisation across the digital advertising ecosystem. Cookies are the default means of identifying users online. Identifying users via a cookie isn’t as bad as people believe, but the key challenge here is that cookies are domain-specific. Ad tech platforms are, therefore, obliged to synchronise cookies with each other, a messy process that generates a lot of frustration. Through centralisation and optimisation, we can do better: reduce the cookie-sync footprint, provide transparency to publishers, contribute [...]

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  • Experts Predict the Key Themes of dmexco 2017

    The annual dmexco conference in Cologne is almost upon us again. The year so far has offered up a plethora of hot talking points within the advertising industry – but will they still be the talk of the town, or the halls of the Koelnmesse next week? ExchangeWire asks industry experts what they expect to be the key themes at dmexco 2017 and they certainly had plenty to say.

    What does Marc Pritchard have to say?

    “Whilst many are likely to predict key [...]

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  • The Time for Publisher Ad Technology Independence is Now

    Programmatic marketplace optimisation continues to force change across the buy and sell side of the ad tech ecosystem, as deal flow stayed active over the summer months. Signs of consolidation and/or specialisation (buy or sell side) are abundant; in other words it’s ‘go time’ for many companies in ad tech. We have officially reached the awkward stage of adolescence as an industry and the next growth spurt will reveal what a more mature marketplace may look like as the world [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Talk-Up Customer Experience

    Most brands in Asia-Pacific recognise the importance of user experience, with some turning to data and artificial intelligence to improve consumer engagement. Missteps, though, will happen if marketers fail to understand their customers and rush to adopt emerging technologies without a clear vision.

    Customer experience, consumer ‘hyper-adoption’, and digital disruption were among key trends impacting the industry today, said Fred Giron, Forrester’s Asia-Pacific vice president and research director. He pointed to market players such as WeChat, Kakao, Amazon, and Alibaba, [...]

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  • Truth & Transparency Key to Programmatic Growth

    The advertising industry is in the early stages of a massive reinvention that will result in USD$640bn (£494bn) in annual global ad spend being transformed to programmatic technology. This transformation started with display ads, but will eventually encompass every form of advertising, from TV, to outdoor, to in-car, to mobile, to augmented, and virtual reality. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Jason Fairchild, CRO and co-founder, OpenX, explains why, for this future to be realised, brands must have absolute trust using programmatic [...]

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  • Germany Is Market of Choice for Cedato, Expanding European Footprint with New Berlin Office

    Cedato, the programmatic operating system for video, today announces the expansion of its global footprint, with the opening of its new Berlin base of operations. ExchangeWire speaks exclusively with Cedato CMO, Dvir Doron, about the expansion and why Germany was the market of choice to base the company’s European operations.

    The news comes off the back of the recent launch of Cedato’s Tech Stack for Publishers, which is a repackaging of its product offering to make it more friendly [...]

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  • Header Bidding: The Next Trend for Brazilian Publishers

    Header bidding has been transforming the digital advertising industry as it replaces the legacy waterfall system, which has been dominating media trading since the dawn of programmatic. By allowing the publisher to connect inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time in a unified auction, header bidding technology offers myriad opportunities for both the buy and sell sides.

    In its early days, header bidding promised publishers fair and transparent competition for their [...]

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  • Driving the Industry Forward with Collaboration

    Collaboration. It’s a simple concept, but it seems to be one we take for granted. In a professional environment, at least, collaboration is a concept that could definitely be worked on and developed. Collaborating with potential industry competitors may not be a natural instinct to most, but the reality is that the industry should be working together to create a positive and sustainable environment for digital, as a whole. In this piece, members of the IAB’s Display Trading Council – [...]

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  • Who Is Responsible for Programmatic?

    Often, asking who is responsible for programmatic advertising results in a misinterpretation that the ‘who’ has to be a single individual. However, as Kristen Ditsch, senior manager of client success, Choozle, explains, it isn’t as simple as that. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Ditsch outlines the key points to consider when assigning programmatic responsibility.

    In my three years of helping agencies onboard and bring scale to in-house programmatic media buying, I’ve learned the answer is not so black and white. Determining who is responsible [...]

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  • Native Delivers Brand Safety in a Programmatic World

    When it comes to the most controversial subjects of the marketing world, native and programmatic are vying for first place. Native is criticised as a tactic that intentionally misleads audiences, allowing advertising to disguise itself as genuine editorial content, while programmatic has taken the blame for widespread brand safety and fraud issues due to the lack of transparency in its supply chain, writes Alex McIlvenny, UK country manager, Ligatus.

    Combining these two tactics may therefore seem unwise, but it is in fact [...]

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