InfoSum Announces Partnership with Global Identity and Data Platform, zeotap

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InfoSum, the first-party data platform today announced a partnership with global deterministic identity and data platform zeotap. The collaboration will enable brands to make the most out of their first-party data for more effective marketing – thanks to the combination of InfoSum’s privacy-safe platform and zeotap’s deterministic identity and customer data attributes.

Following the introduction of stricter data privacy legislation in the EU – and the impending arrival of similar laws in the US in 2020 – together with web browser restrictions, data gathering and consent for the purposes of targeted advertising has become difficult. Brands are increasingly finding it challenging to share their first-party data with a third-party due to additional compliance requirements. InfoSum and zeotap are joining forces to offer brands a complete solution that will enable better data connection and analysis, for improved marketing results. The solution will work in the following way:

● InfoSum’s Discovery Platform allows for data collaboration without compromising commercial trust or consumer privacy. Brands are able to conduct statistical analysis using their rich first-party customer data to discover audience affinity and connectivity without exposing or sharing raw data.

● Zeotap’s patented deterministic identity graph will allow companies to match their offline first-party customer data with various digital identifiers such as MAIDs, mobile and desktop cookies – without leaving InfoSum’s safe environment

● Zeotap’s rich data offering – spanning from ID-verified sociodemographic data to raw and timestamp-verified app usage and purchase data – will allow brands to enrich these matches further for better customer understanding. Additional analytics run on the matched and enriched audiences will better inform marketing strategies – from which customers to target, to which messages will resonate better with them.

● The joint offering will be available across both European and US markets, allowing brands to engage in better marketing globally focused on real customer understanding – in a privacy-first manner.

Richard Foster, Chief Revenue Officer at InfoSum, commented: “With Zeotap as a leading deterministic onboarding and data partner, we will be able to go to market with a complete end-to-end first-party data solution that’s accurate, fast and straightforward to use, and which lowers the compliance burden for brands because they never lose control of their data.”

“This is very much a reciprocal relationship. Sometimes brands are unable or unwilling to share data directly, but with InfoSum in the middle, it unlocks those opportunities by removing the need to share and centralise data, creating a business-enabling solution. InfoSum gets the ability to activate, zeotap offers its onboarding and enrichment capabilities, and both parties are compelling in market because of it.”

Projjol Banerjea – Founder and CPO at zeotap added: “We understand the value of first-party data, but also its limitations – from the scarcity to the sparsity of it. That’s why zeotap helps brand advertisers unleash their customer intelligence for a comprehensive, 360-degree addressable view of their consumers – at scale. Our patented technology has the capability to match and enrich customer profiles in ways others can’t, and our billions of deterministic customer profiles help make that a reality.”

Bret Leece, Global Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Havas Media Group, also commented: “We are excited to see InfoSum partner with zeotap, one of our preferred partners for Converged, Havas Media Group’s data platform. InfoSum takes sand out of the gears of matching ID data. In the matching and sharing process, there is a significant amount of effort and cost in matching the data. Often, the match does not produce the desired scale or the additional data doesn’t add value. The partnership will enable our clients to securely match their first party data and explore integrations with other data partners, before costly integration.”


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