Adverty Announced as Winner in Techarenan Challenge 2021


Adverty AB (publ) announce today (15 November) that the Company have won the Audience Award in the  competition Techarenan Challenge 2021. 500 companies operating within a wide array of industries from across the Nordics have applied to the competition. The winners will now join the winners’  delegation, which in previous years has visited New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. 

The Techarenan Challenge, now arranged for the eighth consecutive year, is aimed at Swedish and  Nordic companies in the startup and growth phases that are based on a unique innovation or  business model with potential for global commercialisation. The companies have been evaluated by  an expert jury where great focus has been on scalability, sustainability and well-defined growth opportunities. 

"Winning the Audience Award in this prestigious competition shows that our ad method, now  launched on the global markets, has established solid interest amongst both investors and industry  professionals. Three billion people play games today on their mobile phones, PCs or consoles and  this number will only continue to grow in the future. We think we have something really big going on  here, adapted both for current and future generations of gaming platforms", says Niklas Bakos,  founder and CSO at Adverty. 

The 2021 finals took place in Stockholm on November 12, where Adverty pitched for this year’s jury.  The finals were streamed live at Techarenan.se. 


For further information, please contact: 

Anders Rössel, CFO 

Phone: +46 70 867 00 20 

E-mail: ar@adverty.com