Azure Tech Propels Ellipal: Astonishing User Growth & ROI in Blockchain Cold Wallets 

Mobile and CTV programmatic advertising expert, Azure Tech is proud to announce that its client, ELLIPAL, was recognised by Forbes as the most secure cold wallet in 2022.

The innovator of 'Air-gapped' cryptocurrency hardware wallets, ELLIPAL provides a one-stop solution for safe, convenient, and user-friendly products and services. As market competition intensified, they sought help from Azure Tech to expand market share through effective user acquisition strategies. The collaboration with Azure Tech has been proven to be the game changing move that propelled ELLIPAL towards unparalleled success. By leveraging Azure Tech's exclusive user acquisition strategies, they achieved astonishing results, witnessing an extraordinary surge in hardware device sales, user growth, and revenue generation

Unveiling the deep collaboration: The partnership between ELLIPAL and Azure Tech was built on  a shared vision of success. Together, we embarked on a journey  to transform the landscape of ELLIPAL's user acquisition approach. Leveraging our expertise in ad exchange and the SSP platform, we created custom-tailored advertising strategy to target precisely the audience that would be most receptive and would genuinely engage with ELLIPAL's blockchain cold wallet solutions. 

Exclusive user acquisition strategy: Azure Tech's exclusive user acquisition strategy, backed by sophisticated targeting algorithms and data analytics, played a pivotal role in driving unparalleled user growth for ELLIPAL. By identifying and reaching out to potential users who exhibited a genuine interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency,  the campaign yielded impressive results. Also, we provided real time auction feedback, so as to analyse their supply and their needs timely to optimise the performance of our campaign.  

Driving user engagement: The partnership with Azure Tech not only attracted an influx of new users by 150% but also heightened user engagement by 120%. By delivering personalised, visually captivating, and informative ads across various platforms, Azure Tech maximised user interest and interaction with their offerings.

Exceptional ROI and revenue generation: With Azure Tech's expertise in ad optimisation and performance tracking, ELLIPAL witnessed outstanding achievements, with hardware device sales increasing by 500%, and a remarkable 200% growth in ROI and revenue generation compared to the same period last year. 

The precise targeting and innovative ad formats utilised by Azure Tech ensured that ELLIPAL's ad spend translated into tangible returns, solidifying its position as a leader in the blockchain cold wallet market. 

Ellipal founder David Tian: "Throughout the collaboration, Azure Tech's data-driven approach played a crucial role in making informed decisions. The continuous analysis of campaign performance, user behaviour, and market trends empowered both Azure Tech and us to make real-time adjustments and optimise the advertising strategy for maximum effectiveness."

The remarkable success story of ELLIPAL's deep collaboration with Azure Tech serves as a testament to the power of exclusive user acquisition strategies in driving user growth and revenue. Through this innovative partnership, ELLIPAL solidified its position as a leading blockchain cold wallet giant, achieving astonishing results. The collaboration with Azure Tech showcased the potential for growth and success when two industry leaders unite with a shared vision and commitment to excellence. 

[For more information contact: sihandai@azuretech.io]

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