• Predictions 2022: Next Wave – Blockchain, the Metaverse, and More

    In the thirteenth article in ExchangeWire's 2022 Predictions series, industry figures share what they anticipate for new technologies — particularly the rapidly developing Metaverse, NFTs, and blockchain — in the coming year.   NFTs will get hyped in gaming NFTs have become hugely [...]

  • Blockchain-Enabled Gaming: Q&A with Don Norbury, Shrapnel

    Following their USD$10.5m (£7.93m) funding round earlier in November, ExchangeWire speaks to Shrapnel head of studio Don Norbury on how the developer will use the investment and how blockchain-enabled gaming is set to evolve. How will the funding be used to [...]

  • WhatsApp Update Privacy Policies; Pakistan Again Removes TikTok Ban

    In today’s ExchangeWire news digest: WhatsApp update privacy policies after hefty fine; Pakistan removes ban on TikTok; and Lydia adds crypto trading to their platform to allow alternative currency options for users.   WhatsApp update privacy policies subsequent to Irish ruling   WhatsApp have [...]

  • “Self-Regulation Convention” Signed by Chinese Tech Giants; Nubank Propose IPO

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates in media, marketing, and commerce from around the globe. In this edition: major Chinese tech giants sign a "self-regulation convention"; Nubank proposes IPO; IAB Europe to face draft ruling; Robinhood [...]

  • “Self-Regulation Convention” Signed by Chinese Tech Giants; Facebook Metamorphose into Meta

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: some Chinese tech giants have signed a “Self-regulation convention” on NFTs; Facebook have rebranded amid metaverse developments; and Roblox overcome three-day outage.   “Self-regulation convention” on NFTs signed by Chinese tech giants   According to an Ant Group WeChat [...]

  • Fivetran Nets USD$565m & Acquires HVR; Activision Blizzard Under SEC Investigation

    In today's ExchangeWire daily news digest: Fivetran nets USD$565m (£413m) and acquires HVR; Activision Blizzard under SEC investigation; and Sorare raises USD$680m (£497m) for NFT fantasy gaming. Fivetran nets USD$565m (£413m) and acquires HVR Automated data integration company Fivetran has announced that [...]

  • Untangling the Web: Q&A with Alkimi Exchange

    In this interview with ExchangeWire following the recent webcast discussing the future infrastructure of the ad tech industry, Alkimi Exchange's Neil Bruce (CCO); Adam Chorley (COO); and Ben Putley (CEO) discuss the benefits of pursuing a decentralised approach and how [...]

  • Five Challenges & Changes Ahead of Marketing Nirvana

    Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Bedir Aydemir, Head of Audience and Data, Commercial, News UK and judging panel member for The Wires Global 2021, outlines key immediate challenges the digital advertising industry faces in the post-cookie environment. I’m an optimist when it [...]

  • John McAfee Announces 'Ghost' Data Service; Singapore's 'Project Ubin' Passes Initial Tests

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates in ad tech from around the globe. In this edition: John McAfee announces world's first fully private 4G network, 'The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service'; the Monetary Authority of Singapore's [...]

  • Singapore's 'Project Ubin' Passes Initial Tests; Podcasts See Growth Despite COVID

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Singapore's money authority's blockchain initiative, 'Project Ubin', passes initial commercial testing; podcast ad revenues see some growth in spite of the ongoing Coronavirus crisis; and US e-commerce and SaaS firm BigCommerce files to go public.   Singapore’s [...]