Plaza Premium Group Achieves Remarkable Growth with Crimtan's Targeted Advertising Solutions

Plaza Premium Crimtan

Plaza Premium Group, the global leader in integrated airport hospitality experiences, announced the results of a successful partnership with Crimtan, the pioneer of lifecycle marketing for programmatic advertising. Plaza Premium Group revealed that the collaboration with Crimtan yielded outstanding results, with a significant increase in new customers, by leveraging Crimtan’s targeted ad solutions.

Prior to partnering with Crimtan, Plaza Premium Group faced challenges to maximise growth due to limited regional brand awareness and the need for optimising its marketing strategies. The collaboration, which began in April 2022, focused on elevating brand awareness and driving ROI with a localised and pragmatic approach. Crimtan, known for its expertise in data-driven advertising solutions, implemented a tailored strategy to target potential customers and enhance Plaza Premium Group's brand visibility in the digital landscape.

The case study revealed that Plaza Premium Group experienced a remarkable 37% increase in new customer acquisition in the very first month of its collaboration with Crimtan. Using Crimtan’s industry-leading programmatic advertising solutions to power dynamic creative optimisation, Plaza Premium Group wanted to target six different types of audiences across airport  lounges. With a single template, the ad copies and images were pulled from a data feed and populated according to the traveller’s persona, intent, and nearest airport location. For these lounges in North America, South America and Canada, the group also saw its highest new customer rate peak at 187% during the campaign period in the US. This surge in new customers demonstrates the efficacy of the partnership and the powerful impact of Crimtan's targeted advertising solutions.

"We are thrilled with the success of our partnership with Crimtan," said Esther Tan, global director of marketing, Plaza Premium Group. "What began as a trial and exploration campaign has now become part of our always-on marketing strategy. Crimtan’s advanced advertising solutions, combined with our industry-leading airport hospitality experiences, have proven to be a winning combination. The remarkable 37% increase in new customers at the onset of the campaign itself is a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration."

"In an era of personalised advertising, the collaboration with Plaza Premium Group exemplifies the power of targeted campaigns and tailored creative. With a niche and ever changing target market, we embraced dynamic creative optimisation to efficiently target in-market travellers - something that Plaza Premium Group wasn't able to do with their previous efforts in programmatic," said  Joshua Wilson, commercial director (JAPAC), Crimtan. "Our ArchiTECH platform and our agile and flexible strategy allowed us to quickly pivot and adjust to seasonality, enabling Plaza Premium Group to effectively engage with their target audience and drive impressive growth, ultimately achieving a positive ROI of 2.4 within just two months."

Crimtan’s ArchiTECH platform gives real time customer intent signals that enable Crimtan to serve the most relevant creative to travellers, depending on where they are in their lifecycle journey.

The success of the Plaza Premium Group and Crimtan partnership highlights the importance of localised strategies and bespoke creatives in driving brand awareness and customer acquisition. By leveraging Crimtan's targeted advertising solutions, Plaza Premium Group was able to exceed its goals and grow its customer base significantly.

Following the success of the campaign, Plaza Premium Group has expanded its  partnership with Crimtan, adding two products, Aerotel airport hotel and Allways airport concierge services, targeting the global market. The first campaign for Aerotel surpassed expectations with an ROI of 6.07. With Crimtan's expertise and innovative solutions, Plaza Premium Group will continue attracting new customers and strengthen its presence in the airport hospitality industry.