• IP Geolocation Can Help Prevent Fraud: Q&A with Kate Owen, Digital Element

    In a mobile-driven world, users want to have shopping experiences that are relevant and targeted. IP geolocation technology is the technology that makes personalised shopping experiences on-the-go possible. Talking exclusively to ExchangeWire, Kate Owen (pictured below), VP Northern Europe, Digital Element, talks about the benefits of IP geolocation technology for advertising and as a tool to battle payment fraud.

    ExchangeWire: What are the benefits of IP geolocation technology for advertising?

    Kate Owen: IP geolocation technology is ubiquitous to digital advertising – if [...]

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  • Why Probabilistic Is the Key That Unlocks New Markets

    As the capabilities exist for marketers to target audiences one-to-one, there are certain roadblocks that limit the ability to grow these strategies worldwide. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Keith Petri (pictured below), CSO, Screen6, explains the importance of a probabilistic data approach in this new world of GDPR and future regulations, in order to achieve highly accurate results, while still addressing consumer privacy concerns.

    There are dual forces at work in the world of digital marketing. One is the growing capability [...]

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  • After Years of False Starts, True Native Offers Hope: Q&A with Kai Henniges, video intelligence

    With GDPR around the corner, is first- and third-party data going to struggle? Kai Henniges (pictured below), CEO and co-founder of Swiss mobile video SSP video intelligence, believes that native is the way forward, as it works with existing page content, rather than relying on data.

    Quietly creeping up on us for years, native video has emerged as a dominant force in digital advertising. The reason is a collision of factors – with video consumption habits and GDPR the final pieces [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Must Differentiate in Programmatic Landscape

    In a market democratised by programmatic, brands in Asia-Pacific must be able to stand above the crowd and not have a myopic view of the digital landscape.

    Programmatic had levelled the playing field and created a space in which even multibillion dollar brands competed with mom-and-pop stores. This meant that marketers would need to work harder to differentiate themselves, said Sanchit Sanga, Mindshare’s Asia-Pacific chief digital officer.

    “To win in this scenario, you’ll need to have much better data strategies in [...]

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  • Better Mobile Metrics Can Help APAC Brands Get Over Numbers Obsession

    There is urgent need to define viewability and create standardised metrics for mobile ads in Asia-Pacific, where marketers remain hooked on the numbers game, focusing their attention on clicks rather than other more effective metrics.

    This obsession over clicks has resulted in brands neglecting the importance of verification, says Rohit Dadwal, Asia-Pacific managing director at Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), who underscores the importance of delivering better accountability as well as transparency.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Dadwal further highlights that security still [...]

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  • For Targeted Advertising, Mobile Device ID Crumbles the Cookie

    Location data is now able to give marketers a wealth of information to better target consumers; and the use of mobile device IDs has helped gather extremely detailed data. This data gives advertisers information to create a better advertising experience for their consumers. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Brooke Willcox (pictured below), director of digital business development, MNI Targeted Media, explains why the traditional cookie is being overpowered by the mobile device ID, and has become a better option for [...]

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  • Shared Responsibility Needed to Make APAC Programmatic

    All parties with a stake in the Asia-Pacific ad tech industry are responsible for ensuring programmatic delivers the value it promises and ad content quality must remain the focus for marketers.

    Together, this would ensure consumer experience is optimal and brands get the most returns on their ad dollar, said delegates at this year’s Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum in Singapore.

    During a panel discussion about the region’s programmatic landscape, focus inevitably centred on brand safety and, hence, viewability. Panellists, though, [...]

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  • From Target to Audience: Advertising Strategy Shift for Mercado Livre

    The advertising business unit of Mercado Livre Brazil was created in 2009 to offer solutions for platform vendors, allowing them to take advantage of their inventory, which currently reaches 40 million unique site visits, generating 4,000 searches and 100 purchases per second. From a solution that was basically restricted to sponsored links, Latin America’s largest e-commerce site has improved their advertising strategy over the last three years by focusing on a new purpose: enriching the user experience throughout the path [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Overlooking Physical Customer Touchpoints

    Marketers have been so focused on optimising customer experience across digital channels that they have neglected the need to be equally responsive on physical touchpoints.

    A survey by CMO Council revealed that 78% of marketers believed they could respond or react to consumer feedback, requests, suggestions, or complaints specific to campaigns within two weeks – with 43% saying they could do so within 24 hours, according to the research, which polled 153 marketers in the US.

    However, their responsiveness dipped [...]

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  • In-App Targeting Vendor Won't Need SDKs from APAC Marketers

    Following its Tokyo launch early this year, Remerge is now looking to expand further into Asia with promises to offer services designed specifically for app retargeting.

    The Berlin-based mobile ad platform has just opened offices in Singapore and Seoul, after setting up shop in Tokyo in January 2017. While Singapore will serve as its Southeast Asia hub, the Korean outfit is responsible for the local market as well as China, according to Remerge CEO Pan Katsukis.

    The vendor touts an “SDK-less solution” [...]

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