OpenX Team Up with Givsly to Automatically Donate 5% of Gross Media Spend to Nonprofits of the Buyer’s Choice

OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel supply-side platforms, today (February 6th, 2024) announced the launch of Impact PMPs turnkey deals, that integrate donations to nonprofits at no additional cost to the brand. Powered by Givsly, the leading purpose-driven marketing solution, OpenX’s Impact PMPs allow advertisers to easily activate deals while supporting charitable causes of their choice. 

As the importance of social responsibility for brands continues to rise, 90% of consumers report that values are important when choosing a brand, and 81% of millennials expect companies they purchase from to make charitable contributions.

Through OpenX’s partnership with Givsly, deals activated through an Impact PMP will automatically include a 5% donation of gross media spend to associated nonprofits of the buyer’s choice. Buyers can select pre-built deals timed to tentpole moments or traditional advertising events that are less commonly associated with charitable causes.

How it works:

  • Simple execution: Target pre-built audiences with relevance around different interests, events, behaviour, and more.
  • Greater control: Select from pre-built auction packages from the library or activate custom IDs and automatically donate to one or more of 400 directly integrated nonprofits. 
  • Higher quality inventory: Execute these pre-built packages on TAG-certified, premium, omnichannel inventory across publishers.
  • Elevated social impact: Give back to people and the planet with no additional investment.
  • Meaningful measurement: Track not only campaign results but also the specific impact to the community.

"We have partnered with Givsly on several of their Responsible Media solutions and have seen promising signs that these solutions increase campaign performance without disrupting our current way of doing business,” said Ed McElvain, EVP, P3 at Mediahub. “This latest announcement of the Impact PMPs with OpenX only amplifies our ability to make sure we are positively impacting our media buying while also reinforcing values that are important to our clients."

In addition to the Impact PMPs, Givsly offers creative formats that incorporate a donation when people take certain actions to engage with advertising. Creative adjustments can be made to the Impact PMPs to drive higher performance in campaigns, with such creative achieving double the click-through rate, an 18% higher video completion rate, and a 9% increase in CTV engagement.

“Across the business, OpenX is invested in delivering outcome-based solutions. When it comes to media responsibility, too much of what we see in tech and media is virtue signalling, and provides little monetary support to important issues,” said Amanda Forrester, VP, marketing at OpenX. “Programmes like OpenX’s Impact PMPs will allow advertisers to direct funds toward organisations that support minority publishers, women, LGBTQ communities, and underrepresented communities, in an effort to make a real change.”


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