• The Metrics That Matter: App Marketing KPIs That Drive Quality Downloads

    The recent update to Google’s Play Store algorithm, and new app marketing offerings and partnerships that Google announced at their annual flagship event, have renewed a spotlight on app marketing metrics. Writing for ExchangeWire, Shani Rosenfelder (pictured below), Head of Mobile Insights, AppsFlyer, explains why instead of just buying users, app marketers and developers must build and promote apps that users will love and continuously use – and they’ll be rewarded for their efforts.

    With a shift in how [...]

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  • Brands Must Mind Search Nuances in APAC

    Most established businesses are well aware that Asia is not a homogeneous region and comprises markets that each require a different approach and strategy to ensure success. The same applies for search campaigns, says Hannes Ben, Forward3D’s chief international officer, who urges the need for brands to recognise the key differences in markets such as China, Japan, and Korea. Ben helped set up the digital marketing agency’s Asia-Pacific division and multilingual search business, Locaria.

    In this industry byliner, he identifies [...]

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  • Break Out of the Walled Garden

    One of the most striking differences between the development of the desktop web and the mobile web is the insularity of the mobile web. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Alex Moss, VP Sales, Europe, YouAppi, explains why, despite the convenience of the walled garden, your advertising performance depends on you broadening your horizons.

    Despite Google’s dominance of the desktop web, users still spend a relatively small percentage of their web browsing time on Google-owned websites.

    Compare that with the mobile web, and [...]

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  • Incoming Earthquake? The Possible Implications of Google's Ad Blocker

    The rumours about a built-in ad blocker for Chrome have travelled far and wide since The Wall Street Journal reported it three weeks ago, raising many questions about the future of the publishing, advertising, and ad-blocking worlds. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Gal Glikman (pictured below), CEO, Uponit, outlines the reasons for Google’s contemplated move and the possible implications for the publishing ecosystem.  

    We’ve all read the recent speculations that Google are planning to add a built-in ad [...]

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  • 'Project Owl': Google Launch New Quality Improvements – But Do They Go Far Enough?

    Google announced their latest set of quality improvements for search, nicknamed ‘Project Owl‘, following recent criticism around the promotion of fake news and problematic Featured Snippets. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Simon Schnieders, founder and CEO, Blue Array, asks whether the changes actually address the issue at hand.

    Some particularly controversial snippets that denied the Holocaust ever happened and claimed that women are evil have been featured at the top of search results and in voice search queries.

    Google’s ‘autocomplete’ function, which [...]

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  • Analysis: Google & Twitter Q1 2017 Earnings

    Google are triumphing right now. Despite the YouTube debacle, and resulting advertiser boycott, the company’s stock price reached an all-time peak of USD$937 on 28 April, 2017, after posting favourable Q1 2017 earnings (NASDAQ: GOOGL).

    The company saw mobile search and ongoing strength in YouTube driving ad sales higher, while sales on Google Play, hardware, and cloud grew substantially, says chief financial officer, Ruth Porat.

    The IAB’s latest digital ad market

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  • The YouTube Boycott & Brand Management in the Age of Trump

    This recent incident of hundreds of brands boycotting YouTube and Google is very different from anything we have seen before. The situation all seemingly started with an article breaking the news of video ads appearing alongside extremist videos and, within a week, hundreds of brands decided to boycott YouTube. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Dilip DaSilva, CEO, Exponential, asks whether this is an orchestrated event. These brands are likely not talking to each other and collectively deciding to pull [...]

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  • Google’s Latest Crackdown on Interstitial Ads: Will Publishers Have to Rethink Their Revenue Model?

    It seems that Google’s latest changes to their mobile search regulations, and the penalties that come if you fail to adhere, have just been announced. It was not so much a fanfare, but more a whisper, writes Oliver Gold, commercial director, YOC. For those of you who are unaware what’s going on, and let’s face it why wouldn’t you be, Google have just announced changes in the way you are allowed to run ads across mobile sites. [...]

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  • Google's Move for Independent YouTube Accreditation is a Big Step Forward, But a Long Time Coming

    On 21 February, Google announced on the Google Agency Blog that they are to build trust and increase transparency using MRC-accredited measurement on YouTube. What this doesn’t mean is that Google will finally be allowing third-party verification platforms to report on viewability on YouTube. As the blog states, since 2015, they’ve completed integrations with Moat, Integral Ad Science, and DoubleVerify; so the ability for advertisers and agencies to use third-party measurement is already in place. What is [...]

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  • Singapore Millennials Seek Personal Recognition from Retail Brands; Australia Tune into Programmatic Audio Growth

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Singapore millennials seek personal recognition from retail brands; Australia tune into programmatic audio growth; Google bring Shopping Ads to Singapore; Cheetah Mobile mark SpotX in app library; New Zealand OOH cross milestone; Affectv boot-up in Australia; and YouAppi open Japan office.

    Singapore millennials want personal recognition from brands

    Consumers born after 1980 in Singapore seek brands and retailers [...]

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