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ATS Paris 2019

ATS Paris 2019
3rd Apr 2019

ATS Paris 2019 – Wednesday April 3
ATS Paris returns in 2019 on Wednesday, April 3 for another full day event focusing on challenges and future trends in the programmatic advertising and marketing technology industry.

ATS Paris remains the only programmatic advertising and marketing technology event in France, bringing a full range of key players across the industry together for debate and discussion.

Who attends ATS Paris?
» Agencies
» Senior Marketers
» Trading Specialists
» Ad Exchanges
» Ad Networks & Sales Houses
» Ad Servers
» Infrastructure & Development Providers
» Tools & Apps Developers
» Affiliates
» Ad-Tech Vendors
» Publishers
» Data Solution Providers & Data Platforms

* Tickets are non refundable. We will happily transfer the cost of the ticket to another ExchangeWire event or alternatively transfer the ticket to a colleague.

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