ATS Tokyo 2015

Opening Session

9.30am: Welcome & Introduction
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire

Data - How to Leverage Data in Programmatic World

9.35am: Opening Keynote
Cross-Device Programmatic – How to Use Data to Make This Work
Tetsuya Shintani, Country Manager, Japan, The Trade Desk

10.00am: Presentation & Fireside Chat
How to Build a Strategy to Manage and Execute 3rd Party Data
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
– Kevin Tan, CEO & Co-Founder, Eyeota

10.30am: Panel Discussion Session
Current & Future Trends of Data-Driven Marketing & Promotion
– Tomoyuki Noshita, Japan Editor, ExchangeWire.jp
– Shunsuke Konno, Managing director, CEO, IREP & Managing director, Relevancy-Plus
– Akinari Kakeya, Executive Officer, OPT
– Daisuke Ishikawa, Exective Manager, Internet Advertising Business Division, CyberAgent

11.10am: BREAK

11.30am: Keynote Presentation
Hard Things Done Right: Leadership in the Programmatic Age

– Dave Osborn, VP APAC, AppNexus

Publishers - Strategies for Increasing Yield

11.50am: Presentation & Fireside Chat
Programmatic Publisher Strategy of Yahoo!JAPAN
– Tomoyuki Noshita, Japan Editor, ExchangeWire.jp
– Toru Takata, SVP, CPO of Marketing Solutions Company, Yahoo Japan Corporation

12.20pm: Presentation & FireSide Chat
Publisher Programmatic Strategy – Where Technology and Data Help Publishers Optimise Yield
– Tomoyuki Noshita, Japan Editor, ExchangeWire.jp
– Tomoyuki Ikeda, Country Manager, Rubicon Project

12.50pm: LUNCH

2.00pm: Panel Discussion Session
How Publishers Should Utilise Programmatic for More Monetisation?
– Tetsuya Takeuchi, General Manager, Marketing Solution Division, Media Services Group, D.A.Consortium
– Yoshiaki Katsui, Deputy Manager, Digital Sales Center, Asahi Shimbun
– Sadanori Shibata, Exective Manager, Data Management Platform Department, Data Driven Media Marketing Business Division, HAKUHODO DY MEDIA PARTNERS
– Kazuo Nomura, Deputy Director, Content Creation and Distribution Department, Fuji Television Network
– Satoshi Kawasaki, Head of trading desk, DAC ASIA

2.40pm: Presentation & Fireside Chat
Take Control of Yield Management: Reassessing Inventory and Audience Sales
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
– Richard Bush, GM of Publisher Solutions, IPONWEB

Marketers - How to Build a Programmatic Strategy with Data & Technology

3.10pm: Presentation
Utilizing Programmatic for Digital Marketing; Integration of Mass Media, Offline, Online-DSP is Not the Tool for Retargeting
– Ryuji Yokoyama, President & CEO, Digital Intelligence Inc.

3.40pm: Does Data Bring a Marketing Evolution for Marketers?
– Hideyoshi Tanimoto, Managing Director, GMO NIKKO
– Yuichi Azumi, Division Manager, Sales Division, Mail Order Division,  Peach John
– TakeshiTamate, Head of Marketing, Marketing Division, Asahi Breweries
– Shinichi Iwata Marketing Director, Lifenet Insurance Company

4.10pm: BREAK

4.30pm: Presentation
Reaching Viewable Audiences with Programmatic

– Toru Sasaki, Head of Media & Portals Partnerships, Japan, Google

Mobile - Why Programmatic Mobile Will Work for Publishers & Marketers

4.50pm: Presentation
Solving the Marketers Latest Cross-Everything Dilemma

-Ashwin Puri, Head of APAC, LiveRail


Closing Presentations

5.20pm: Presentation & Fireside Chat
Making Marketers Smarter In Programmatic – Leveraging 1st Party Data & Technology
– Tomoyuki Noshita, Japan Editor, ExchangeWire.jp
– Yusuke Yokota, Country Manager, Japan, MediaMath

5.50pm: Presentation & Fireside Chat
Putting Trust Back Into Programmatic
– Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
– Duncan Trigg, VP AdEffx, comScore
– Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, comScore


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