Iris' Richard Hayter on X, YouTube, and OpenAI

In this episode of the MadTech Podcast, Richard Hayter, group creative director at Iris, joins ExchangeWire's CEO Rachel Smith and head of content John Still to discuss allegedly deceptive ads on X, YouTube cracking down on AI-generated videos, and the Sam Altman leadership drama at OpenAI.

A Watchdog Group Calls for an Investigation of X’s Sneaky New Ads

Last month, X rolled out a new ad format that appeared to serve paid-for posts without labeling them as ads. On 15th November, the ad industry watchdog Check My Ads filed a petition with the Federal Trade Commission which asked the regulator to investigate X’s posts, classed by the complaint as “inherently deceptive”. It is estimated that even if the FTC pursues an investigation, it could take a year or more to reach a conclusion. If the complaint is upheld by the regulator, the commission has the ability to fine up to USD $44,100 (£35,488) per violation. 

Is X in trouble?

YouTube cracking down on AI-generated videos

YouTube is cracking down on the use of AI-generated videos on its platform. The platform has announced new rules for AI-generated content which will come into effect by next year. Creators will have to disclose any use of AI tools to make realistic-looking videos. Updates made to the platform’s privacy complaint process will also allow the removal of AI-generated content simulating an identifiable person (including their face or voice), as well as the request to remove AI-generated music which is made to mimic a particular artist. 

Can the industry crack down now or has the horse bolted? Is standardisation necessary?

Sam Altman out and in again at OpenAI

Days after being fired by the OpenAI board, Sam Altman has been reinstated to his position as CEO. His return follows almost all 750 members of the workforce threatening to quit unless he was reinstated and the board was replaced. In the deal agreed, a new board will be led by Bret Taylor (former co-CEO of software firm Salesforce). Altman had initially been sacked due to uncandid communications with the board, which it claimed had hindered “his ability to exercise his responsibilities”. 

How big a deal is this really? Is the brave AI future in good hands?