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AI & Machine Learning; Performance Marketing Services
EMEA North America
"Moneypenny, the B2B call and live chat experts entered 2022 experiencing a tough environment with Google CPCs 51%+ YoY. We just weren’t seeing the results from Google across Q1 2022. We tested Google’s own automated bidding systems but reversed back to manual bidding as campaign results were significantly reduced. After implementing the BrightBid solution, within just one week our PPC conversions improved significantly, ROAS increased by 21%+ and CPL reduced by 29%."
— Lee Bishop, group digital director, Moneypenny.com

Company description

BrightBid is a rapidly growing ad tech company utilising AI and human expertise to create more refined Google Ads recommendations for businesses to drive customer acquisition. Combined with BrightBid’s marketing and sales expertise, its AI- and human-led offering enables B2B and non-e-commerce companies to compete better in search, seeing at least 35% more value from PPC on average. Founded in 2020, BrightBid is well in the top 10% of fastest-growing SaaS companies globally and has achieved over 150 million impressions for its 450+ customers.