ExchangeWire Industry Review 2023: State your Case

If 2022 was a year of recovery and transition, then what are the trends that will seize both industry attention and investment in 2023? Regulations and standards, privacy and an increased focus on environmental impact are all making headlines. All these factors, combined with the current economic headwinds mean that the big decisions, and getting them right, matters more than ever.

Industry Review 2023 offers you the chance to lead the way, to stake your claim as an authority on the industry’s defining issues. Across the following five key themes, this year’s ExchangeWire Industry Review throws the spotlight on the trends that we see as defining the state of the market - giving you the ideal platform to share your opinion, and get your insights and experiences in front of an engaged and attentive audience of industry leaders.

Measurement, attention, and context

As the industry looks for a way to better understand and serve its audience, what advancements and innovations are we seeing? Is context becoming king again? Are attention metrics now key to optimising ad success? Should we continue to trade on impressions if we want to understand the real value of an ad? In a privacy-first world, do we have to redefine the metrics for advertising success?


Despite Google’s continual can-kicking, third-party cookie deprecation does seem to be on the horizon, bringing identity issues squarely into focus for the industry. How can the issue of targeting ads to a privacy-centric public be resolved? How can new strategies be developed to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and advertisers?


As all industries are encouraged to look at their own impact on the environment, advertising is looking more inwardly at its practices than ever before. Or at least it should be. So what are companies actually taking into account when considering ESG and sustainability issues? Do we need to consider new metrics and credentials to attach to campaigns? Is net zero an achievable goal and how do we get there?

The economy

In a year of record inflation amidst a persistent cost of living crisis, how, where, and how much marketers are spending has come under even keener scrutiny. How is the economy shaping ad spend? How can smart marketers make the most of their budgets and maximise opportunities?

Redefining what’s next

What’s the future of your area of the industry? Will 2023 be defined by Web3 and adventures in the Metaverse? What innovations will we see in dOOH or audio? This theme is a chance to highlight innovation and forward-thinking, showing your peers how you see the industry evolving, and what’s shaking it up.