Global Charity Epic Foundation Uses Innovative Mobile Video Ad Format to Drive Donations

Ogury Epic

Ogury, a global technology leader in mobile advertising anchored in privacy protection, recently donated over USD$1m in ad space to non-profit organisations. This includes Epic Foundation, which used Ogury’s innovative ad format Thumbnail Ad to increase donations.

Epic Foundation is a global charity which supports outstanding non-profit organisations and social innovation, including Haven House and De Paul UK, to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Epic Foundation’s campaign used Ogury’s exclusive Thumbnail Ad format to deliver their campaign across the US, UK, France, and Germany, enabling the global charity to reach more than seven million mobile users in less than a month. Ogury released Thumbnail Ad, a fully on-screen ad format which is available on mobile web and in-app, last year.

With this creative format, video ads appear in a precise corner of the web page delivering an effective advertising experience without compromising the consumer's user experience. Thumbnail Ad is a picture-in-picture format and is proven to be less intrusive than traditional ad formats as it allows users to view Epic Foundation’s video ad whilst continuing to navigate the web page. The campaign leveraged Ogury’s Personified Targeting technology, based on Ogury’s unique audience data to deliver highly relevant targets for Epic Foundation, without using any personal identifiers.

“The past year has been hard on many and it’s now more important than ever to give back and support non-profit organisations that are making a difference in the world,” said Thomas Pasquet, CEO, Ogury. “I’m proud that we were able to do this in the form of donated media, generating brand awareness for Epic Foundation and generating more revenues for media companies and publishers.”

“When we began working closely with Ogury, our ultimate goal was to enhance overall brand awareness for our organisation and mission to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and youth around the world,” said Alexandre Mars, founder and CEO of Epic Foundation. “With the help of Ogury and its innovative Thumbnail Ad unit, we were able to generate more than 12 million impressions in less than a month - a truly spectacular digital campaign that translated to more donations and ultimately, more lives changed.”


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