• 5 Ways Holistic Will Change Video Advertising Globally

    As audience viewing preferences continue to shift towards watching video anytime and anywhere, and platforms and devices continue to multiply, the media industry is seeing video advertising evolve into a more robust format that can reach viewers whenever and wherever they are watching. Writing for ExchangeWire, Paula Minardi, head of content strategy, Ooyala, explains that, with this evolution to multi-screen experiences, premium video publishers and broadcasters across the globe have been increasingly prioritising programmatic video advertising – automated, data-driven video ad [...]

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  • Thanks to Technology, Video Creation Has Been Democratised: Q&A with Dror Ginzberg, CEO & Co-Founder, Wochit

    As advertiser and publisher investment in video continues to grow at a huge scale, the breaking down of barriers to the development of video content and distribution, as well as the realisation of economies of production scale, are starting to happen. ExchangeWire speak with Dror Ginzberg, CEO and co-founder, Wochit about video creation at scale.

    ExchangeWire: Has the power of video been fully realised by advertisers?

    Dror Ginzberg: Bill Gates famously wrote that ‘content is king’ in 1996; and since [...]

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  • Video is About True Customer Engagement, Not Just Viewability: Q&A with Tod Loofbourrow, ViralGains

    Video advertising is becoming more and more of a preferred medium to advertise and engage with potential customers; but there are different rules for video compared to traditional display advertising. Tod Loofbourrow (pictured below), CEO, ViralGains, explains how much more than basic viewability data and measurement should go into a successful video campaign.

    ExchangeWire: How are people using video today that’s different than the past?

    Tod Loofbourrow: Marketers have finally realised that video is a different ballgame than display [...]

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  • Krush Reaches Millennial Users With Highly Targeted Video Ads: Q&A with Jeff Chi, Krush

    The ability to target millennials is a coveted asset to any advertiser. And Krush, with their successful video app, ooVoo, has tapped into this audience with their massive number of registered users. ExchangeWire speak with Jeff Chi (pictured below), VP, Ad Sales and Monetization, Krush about extending the reach of video campaigns to their unique millennial audience across their premium apps and websites in partnership with Videology.

    ExchangeWire: Krush have an interesting publisher mix, what are some of the [...]

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  • Why RTB Will Enable More Advertisers to Embrace Mobile Video

    RTB is an excellent way to test formats because it allows you to evaluate, iterate, and optimise without a large minimum spend per campaign and placement. In this piece, Tim Koschella (pictured below), CEO, AppLift, breaks down its benefits to advertisers, and why he predicts an overdue surge in mobile video spend.

    Mobile video real-time bidding is about to take off; and that means good things for publishers and advertisers alike.

    RTB empowers advertisers because it gives them more control over [...]

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  • Outstream Video Formats Continue to Grow: Q&A with Jerem Febvre, Sublime Skinz

    Advertisers want to tell their stories with video advertising; and the latest auto-playing, outstream ad units are giving brands increased exposure with extremely high viewability. As the use of outstream continues to grow, Jerem Febvre (pictured below), co-founder and president, Sublime Skinz, talks about the benefits and efficacy of this innovative ad format.

    ExchangeWire: Outsteam video ad units seem to be popping up everywhere. How is this format performing over traditional pre-roll formats?

    Jerem Febvre: First, I think we [...]

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  • Collaboration on KPIs; Transparency Can Drive Spend

    ExchangeWire Research’s weekly roundup brings you up-to-date research findings from around the world, with additional insight provided by Rebecca Muir, head of research and analysis, ExchangeWire. In this week’s edition: Collaboration on KPIs; Transparency can drive spend; a generation gap; and Attention-grabbing video.

    Collaboration on KPIs

    There is a need for greater agreement between brands and media agencies in defining and setting business-driven KPIs, according to research from DataXu. The findings, which questioned senior marketers at brands and professionals at media [...]

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  • Don't Put All Your Programmatic Video Eggs in One Basket

    There are myriad opportunities for publishers to leverage the growth of video. However, warns Ron Dick (pictured below), CEO and founder, Cedato, video in 2017 looks markedly different from when publishers first started testing the medium. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Dick explains how diversification and playing by your own rules are the keys to success.

    It’s among the fastest growing of the fast-growing channels. JP Morgan reckons US video ad spend traded programmatically will grow by 12% through 2017.

    In fact,

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  • Header Bidding for Video Makes Sense: Q&A with Eric Hoffert, AppNexus

    Header bidding adoption has ramped up quickly over the last few years, but has yet to spread significantly to formats other than web display. AppNexus is one of the companies pushing to change that, having recently released a guide for publishers on using header bidding for one of their highest-performing formats: video. In this Q&A, ExchangeWire asks Eric Hoffert (pictured below), SVP video technology, AppNexus, for more insights.

    ExchangeWire: Why does header bidding make sense for video?

    Eric Hoffert: Advertisers know that video is [...]

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  • Vertical Video Has Outgrown Snapchat, Now a Premier Mobile Ad Format: Q&A with Ryan Griffin, AdColony

    Two years ago, Snapchat launched vertical video ads; a year later, Facebook and Instagram followed. Now a slew of non-social mobile publishers – from Gaming to News and Entertainment – are adopting the format. ExchangeWire speak with Ryan Griffin (pictured below), SVP, Strategy, AdColony, to weigh in on the vertical video trend.

    ExchangeWire: There’s a lot of hype around the vertical video format, but outside of social platforms, it’s not yet as prevalent as you would expect. What do you attribute [...]

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