Merkle Partners with RefugeeForce to Support Refugees Launching Their Careers in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven, customer experience management (CXM) company and part of dentsu, has announced its partnership with RefugeeForce, helping refugees to learn digital skills, grow their network, and launch their Salesforce careers.

RefugeeForce is an independent provider of Salesforce training and has been part of Salesforce’s Talent Alliance since 2018. Through its employee volunteering initiatives, Salesforce offers mentors for the programme. The programme provides free training to refugees who are building a new life in their adopted home. Merkle is partnering with the organisation to contribute funding for over 60 highly educated refugees and to hire new talent.  RefugeeForce educates refugees and helps them start their Salesforce career through personalised programs, with one-on-one mentorship, job coaching, and network expansion. The foundation aims to change the perception of organisations and the public about the experience and skills that former refugees bring when building a new life in their adopted home.

Together RefugeeForce and Merkle will enable opportunities for refugees in Germany and the UK, with plans to extend this initiative throughout the EMEA region. Their joint Salesforce expertise and understanding of the industry provides the perfect platform to upskill participants and launch their Salesforce career.

“We are thrilled to welcome Merkle to the RefugeeForce community as an official EU Recruitment Partner,” said Gaspar Rodriguez, co-founder of RefugeeForce.

He adds: “In response to the recent crisis in Ukraine, it is now more important than ever to help refugees settle in their host countries while preparing pathways towards employment. As a global movement helping refugees get their lives back on track across the EU, we are committed to supporting all individuals who are forced to flee their homes. Latest UN estimates show that nearly 2.5 million refugees have left Ukraine, of which more than 100,000 have settled in nearby Germany. To support in the best and most efficient way, we aim to scale up our training program in Germany, UK, and the Netherlands to support hundreds of additional participants. We have created the Safe Futures Fund to provide stability and employment over the long term. Help us create Safe Futures for those who need it."

Ben Gott, practice lead, data & martech EMEA, SVP said “As a business leader we have tools at our disposal to help those most in need. Understanding how can be difficult though, until you find a team like RefugeeForce. I look forward to a long and productive partnership, and taking another small step towards diversity in my team and serving the society we live in. All credit to Gaspar, Lean and the RefugeeForce team for showing up.”