• Merkle Partners with RefugeeForce to Support Refugees Launching Their Careers in the Salesforce Ecosystem

    Merkle, a leading technology-enabled, data-driven, customer experience management (CXM) company and part of dentsu, has announced its partnership with RefugeeForce, helping refugees to learn digital skills, grow their network, and launch their Salesforce careers. RefugeeForce is an independent provider of Salesforce [...]

  • Automation, its Impact on People & our Collective Responsibility

    Automation in advertising has scaled so quickly over the past decade, that in many cases, it has caused a disconnnect between the automation specialists and their leaders. In this exclusive piece for ExchangeWire, Jonas Jaanimagi (pictured below), technology lead, IAB [...]

  • Is In-Housing Viable in a World of Walled Gardens?

    Having done a number of Road to ATS video segments, panels, and op-eds on the future of the service layer of late, I am reminded of just how complex media buying is at a global scale. There is a common [...]

  • Why Education Is STILL a Barrier to Programmatic Adoption

    In the run up to an upcoming training programme run by The Programmatic Advisory, in conjunction with ExchangeWire, The Programmatic Advisory's founder and CEO, Wayne Blodwell, highlights the importance of training to keep up to date with the emerging trends [...]

  • Do We Still Need Sales People in a Programmatic World?

    Will programmatic buying and selling replace the need for sales teams? No, of course it won’t. However, it will require a new set of skills to be honed, writes Paul Gubbins (pictured below), independent ad tech consultant, exclusively for ExchangeWire. Having [...]

  • Who Is Responsible for Programmatic?

    Often, asking who is responsible for programmatic advertising results in a misinterpretation that the 'who' has to be a single individual. However, as Kristen Ditsch, senior manager of client success, Choozle, explains, it isn't as simple as that. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Ditsch [...]

  • TV Ads Have Diminishing Influence in AU; China Video Ads Climb to £966m in 1Q2017

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: TV ads have diminishing influence in AU; China video ads climb to £966m in 1Q2017; AU small [...]

  • The Rise of the CCO: Creating a Customer-First Experience

    Customers have developed high expectations for their interactions with a business and are now more loyal to the experience than the brand, making them more powerful than ever. Online search makes it easy to find an alternative product, price, or [...]

  • Succeed as a Woman in Technology? This Girl Can

    Women in technology; women in STEM fields; women in ad tech; women in advertising – whichever way you cut the numbers, they reflect a set of industries that remain remarkably male-dominated. The needle is moving and there is no shortage [...]

  • Pairing Technology with People: Man & Machine’s Future Co-Existence in Media

    The ad tech industry has a lot to answer for. The digital boom forced the focus in advertising to shift to technology rather than the expertise of people. As a result, writes Chris Dobson (pictured below), CEO, The Exchange Lab, [...]