• Do We Still Need Sales People in a Programmatic World?

    Will programmatic buying and selling replace the need for sales teams? No, of course it won’t. However, it will require a new set of skills to be honed, writes Paul Gubbins (pictured below), independent ad tech consultant, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

    Having been involved in helping companies to train and transition their direct sales forces from an IO- to a programmatic-view of the world, I wanted to share some thoughts on what I believe the sales teams of today and [...]

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  • Who Is Responsible for Programmatic?

    Often, asking who is responsible for programmatic advertising results in a misinterpretation that the ‘who’ has to be a single individual. However, as Kristen Ditsch, senior manager of client success, Choozle, explains, it isn’t as simple as that. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Ditsch outlines the key points to consider when assigning programmatic responsibility.

    In my three years of helping agencies onboard and bring scale to in-house programmatic media buying, I’ve learned the answer is not so black and white. Determining who is responsible [...]

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  • TV Ads Have Diminishing Influence in AU; China Video Ads Climb to £966m in 1Q2017

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: TV ads have diminishing influence in AU; China video ads climb to £966m in 1Q2017; AU small firms lack resources for marketing; Rapport goes up in Malaysia; Grey ‘Hug’ it out in Dubai; Swisse Wellness buys AU creative agency; Kargo gears up in NZ; and GroupM releases Thai digital playbook.

    TV ads have diminishing influence in AU

    TV [...]

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  • The Rise of the CCO: Creating a Customer-First Experience

    Customers have developed high expectations for their interactions with a business and are now more loyal to the experience than the brand, making them more powerful than ever. Online search makes it easy to find an alternative product, price, or brand and, as a result, businesses can no longer rely solely on their reputation for customer loyalty. Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO, Calabrio, explains why the quest to achieve the ultimate customer-centric strategy must begin at the C-level, as he charts the [...]

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  • Succeed as a Woman in Technology? This Girl Can

    Women in technology; women in STEM fields; women in ad tech; women in advertising – whichever way you cut the numbers, they reflect a set of industries that remain remarkably male-dominated. The needle is moving and there is no shortage of women and men fighting the good fight, not only to encourage more women to enter the field, but to encourage them to take up senior positions. On International Women’s Day 2017, ExchangeWire ask how this is progressing.

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  • Pairing Technology with People: Man & Machine’s Future Co-Existence in Media

    The ad tech industry has a lot to answer for. The digital boom forced the focus in advertising to shift to technology rather than the expertise of people. As a result, writes Chris Dobson (pictured below), CEO, The Exchange Lab, many companies have lost sight of the fact that technology is just a facilitator for digital advertising. The fact is that most advertisers don’t care about the ins and outs of the technology, just that it works, is safe, [...]

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  • Brand Building & Technical Creatives: Signals of a Programmatic Future

    Over the past few years, we’ve seen programmatic become the fastest growing ad-buying method in the industry. In fact, it’s on course to dominate the space, after IAB UK reported that 60% of digital display ads were traded programmatically in 2015, up from 47% in 2014. All signs seem to be pointing to further growth as we close out and review 2016, writes Dora Michail (pictured below), senior director, programmatic & audience solutions, EMEA, Yahoo.

    As marketers allocate increasing portions of [...]

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  • Would Isambard Kingdom Brunel Have Built Programmatic Pipes This Way?

    The great Victorian engineer designed much of the UK’s underlying connective infrastructure: dockyards, the Great Western Railway, suspension bridges, and innovations like tunnels beneath rivers. It was the GWR, Brunel’s greatest achievement, that connected Plymouth to London by rail. But, writes Paul Wright (pictured below), CEO, iotec, we seem to have forgotten that the track also runs in the other direction.

    In the modern world of advertising, all roads lead to the capital. Agencies, brands, publishers, and [...]

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  • War for Talent Greater Challenge than Ever Before: Q&A with Laura Probert, Xaxis

    Sourcing and retaining good talent in the digital advertising industry is an ongoing challenge and an increasingly important business function. Businesses are expanding and diversifying HR operations to focus on talent. With 14 years’ experience in HR management, Laura Probert does just that. Probert was recently hired as director of talent for EMEA, Xaxis. The first role of its kind at Xaxis EMEA, it challenges Probert to put her skills and expertise towards developing and retaining talent across the EMEA [...]

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  • How Can Education Address the Gender Gap in Our Industry?

    It is no secret there is an issue with the representation of women in the technology industry, with varying opinions around how this can change. Lauren Jones, specialist, business development & global expansion, MediaMath tells ExchangeWire the key is education, education, education.

    In the US, fewer than a quarter (25%) of jobs in STEM fields are held by women, while in the UK this is even lower, at one-in-seven (14%).

    Diversity in tech organisations is lacking; and we still do not have [...]

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