• Blockchain Buzz Could Overshadow the Benefits: Q&A with IAB Working Group Co-Chairs

    Blockchain is already changing the way global industries perform transactions and share data. And now, the IAB Tech Lab is kicking off a Blockchain Working Group to explore ways to leverage blockchain to improve efficiency and value realisation in digital advertising. Richard Bush, chief product and technology officer, NYIAX, and Michael Palmer, global director product, [m]Platform, GroupM, co-chairs of the working group, talk about how the IAB Tech Lab plans on working to help the industry get their heads around, [...]

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  • It’s Time for Advertisers to Abandon Desktop Buying Technology

    Mobile advertising consumption has been growing exponentially every year. For advertisers to properly engage consumers by using the latest capabilities available, they need to be using the best technology to make that happen. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Renaud Biet (pictured below), CEO and co-founder, TabMo, talks about the differences between mobile and desktop advertising, and the challenges marketers face using outdated desktop technology when wanting to take advantage of the latest in mobile advertising.

    To call mobile media a [...]

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  • Now & Next: Virtual Reality

    If you’ve looked at any list aiming to predict technology trends that will dominate the marketplace over the last few years, you will know that virtual reality is not a new phenomenon. It is the only technology to come through the Gartner’s hype cycle’s ‘Trough of Disillusionment’, to reach the ‘Slope of Enlightenment’, and now it is well on its way to the ‘Plateau of Productivity’. Despite these nauseating category titles, the point [...]

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  • Google’s Search Downgrade Inspires Innovative Solutions

    The one thing in the advertising industry that’s constant, is change. And companies like Google are always changing the rules on publishers, advertisers, and vendors, which automatically forces change across the industry. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Gonzague de La Tournelle, COO, Madvertise, explains that while the mandates that Google impose may be frustrating, these changes can also lead to innovative solutions by the companies that need to abide by them.

    Google’s decision to downgrade the search ranking of mobile sites [...]

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  • The Value of Data: It's Not All Doom & Gloom on the High Street

    It’s been a difficult 2017 so far for the retail sector: Jaeger collapsed into administration, Rue 21 closed stores, and Debenhams is closing stores to focus on a more digital approach. Many retailers are failing to meet consumer expectations by realigning their approach to a more digitally focused marketing strategy that ensures the retention and growth of their customer base. Digital has revolutionised where and how we can connect with our consumers. This should be a dream come true [...]

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  • The Telcos’ Various Routes to Ad Tech Dominance

    Much has been made of ad tech’s new strategic buyers. With the demise of traditional buyers, like AOL and Yahoo, and the departure of Google, new players have filled the M&A vacuum. The most prolific of these new buyers have been the telcos.  

    Looking to unlock the value of their first-party data, and diversify beyond their plateauing core business, the telcos have been actively shopping for ad tech assets.  

    They [...]

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  • Marketo Engagement Platform Offers Choice Vs Captivity: Q&A with Chandar Pattabhiram, Marketo

    While attending this year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, you could feel the excitement throughout the conference. Not only from new and long-time users of the Marketo platform, but from marketers excited about their launch into the world of martech and big data. ExchangeWire speak with Chandar Pattabhiram (pictured below), CMO, Marketo, on their vision to offer deeper integrations, simplicity and agility with The Marketo Engagement Platform, to drive true innovation for marketers.

    ExchangeWire: Why have Marketo chosen to move to [...]

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  • New Tech on the Blockchain

    The industry is crying out for a solution that allows the digital advertising supply chain to coordinate in a scalable, trustworthy, and secure way – and blockchain could be the answer.

    ‘Blockchain’ is the buzzword of the moment in the ad tech industry. This year, we’ve already seen three companies come to market bringing the blockchain protocol (typically synonymous with crypto-currency Bitcoin) to the digital advertising supply chain: MetaX, NYIAX, and

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  • Combatting Fraudulent Traffic for Better Campaign Health: Q&A with Rich Kahn, eZanga

    Fraudulent traffic has been around for ages, and continues to be perpetuated with the growth of online advertising. As Rich Kahn (pictured below), CEO, eZanga explains, advertisers need continued education and technology to tackle this neverending problem and eliminate this issue to improve performance.

    ExchangeWire: eZanga’s Anura has been a long time in the making, what were the driving factors for the development of this platform?

    Rich Kahn: eZanga started as an advertiser buying traffic, but what we were [...]

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  • What’s in a Word? How Linguistics Can Transform Digital Advertising

    Speed, scale, and mass targeting — it’s not hard to see why the lure of programmatic benefits has led digital advertising to become an industry defined by data. But, as Giovanni Strocchi (pictured below), CEO of ADmantX, writes, such a one-track approach has its shortcomings.

    “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.” – Confucius

    By focusing almost exclusively on data-driven automation, the industry has neglected two key areas: semantics and context. And this oversight has created multiple issues, [...]

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