• New Tech on the Blockchain

    The industry is crying out for a solution that allows the digital advertising supply chain to coordinate in a scalable, trustworthy, and secure way – and blockchain could be the answer.

    ‘Blockchain’ is the buzzword of the moment in the ad tech industry. This year, we’ve already seen three companies come to market bringing the blockchain protocol (typically synonymous with crypto-currency Bitcoin) to the digital advertising supply chain: MetaX, NYIAX, and

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  • What’s in a Word? How Linguistics Can Transform Digital Advertising

    Speed, scale, and mass targeting — it’s not hard to see why the lure of programmatic benefits has led digital advertising to become an industry defined by data. But, as Giovanni Strocchi (pictured below), CEO of ADmantX, writes, such a one-track approach has its shortcomings.

    “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more.” – Confucius

    By focusing almost exclusively on data-driven automation, the industry has neglected two key areas: semantics and context. And this oversight has created multiple issues, [...]

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  • 10 Questions You Should Ask Your Tech Provider

    From transparency, to customer data, to campaign optimisation – what questions should you be asking to get the most out of your tech provider? In this piece, Paul Wright, CEO, iotec, offers a checklist for opening up the conversation and gathering actionable insight. 

    There has been continuous debate about transparency in the advertising industry which has all come to a head in the last few months, being heavily debated at Ad Week Europe and the recent ISBA Conference, [...]

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  • Build or buy? A Framework for CTOs’ Biggest Call

    Did you build the house you live in with your own hands, or did you buy or rent it from someone else who did the hard work? To ask such a question on ExchangeWire may seem off-topic, but senior IT leaders face the same question – “Build or buy?” – every day, when it comes to software architecture. In this piece, Sunil Thomas (pictured below), CEO, CleverTap, explains why ‘build’ and ‘buy’ options are not mutually exclusive. Many companies [...]

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  • True Machine Learning, Not Smarter Programming: Q&A with Domenic Venuto, The Weather Channel

    What takes something beyond smart programming and into the realms artificial intelligence (AI)? How is AI and cognitive computing changing the scope of digital advertising? Ahead of his keynote speech at The 614 Group’s Brand Safety Summit in London on 16 March, ExchangeWire speak with Domenic Venuto, general manager, consumer division, The Weather Company, about the direction of AI and the key considerations of cognitive computing as it becomes more engrained in daily lives.

    ExchangeWire: When we talk [...]

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  • Pairing Technology with People: Man & Machine’s Future Co-Existence in Media

    The ad tech industry has a lot to answer for. The digital boom forced the focus in advertising to shift to technology rather than the expertise of people. As a result, writes Chris Dobson (pictured below), CEO, The Exchange Lab, many companies have lost sight of the fact that technology is just a facilitator for digital advertising. The fact is that most advertisers don’t care about the ins and outs of the technology, just that it works, is safe, [...]

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  • 12 Things to Look for When Choosing a DMP

    If you’re looking to invest in a data management platform (DMP), it can be a daunting prospect. Available options vary wildly and fundamental to your search is understanding your goals and objectives right from the very start. Alex Sibois (pictured below), managing director APAC of leading independent DMP Lotame, provides ExchangeWire an in-depth look of the questions you need to ask of your business and your potential DMP provider to ensure you choose the right technology.

    So, you’re reviewing your options [...]

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  • Even in 2017, Building Desire is Still What Matters

    Technology is changing the advertising world and stretching what is possible with each passing day. However, what about the people in the creative process, looking at more than just CPA optimisation, focused on creating an emotional engagement with an advertising campaign? We’re still lost in the plumbing and it’s time to remember what it’s really all about, says James Naylor (pictured below), product director, Affectv.

    When I first moved out of the world of recruitment software and into ad tech, [...]

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  • More Consolidation is Coming: Q&A with Chris Allen, MD of North America, Infectious Media

    A business model with strong traction in the digital advertising space is that of the Next Generation Agency – a digital agency with proprietary technology that crosses the boundaries between the traditional media agency and the technology provider. Infectious Media, one such agency, have been experiencing significant international expansion as a result of their success with this business model. ExchangeWire speak with Chris Allen (pictured below), Managing Director of North America, Infectious Media, about his new role at the company and how [...]

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  • Why We Need Fewer ‘Unicorns’ & More Panama Canals in 2017

    The scope for technology making everyday lives easier is huge. However, asks Martin McNulty (pictured below), CEO, Forward3D, are we missing the point? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, McNulty explains how changes technology, like VR and IoT, should be driving a revolution, not an evolution.

    No one was talking about unicorns in 1851, when work began on the Panama Canal. By 1914, sixty-four years in the making and with the loss of almost 20,000 lives in its construction, the canal finally opened [...]

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