Cannes Lions 2024 Tech Highlights:  Federico Salvitti of MINT on Six Transformative Advertising Trends 

Cannes Lions 2024 was another spectacular celebration of creativity and innovation in the advertising world. As well as the glitz and glamour of creative accolades, there was also a showcase of groundbreaking technologies poised to redefine the industry.  MINT, a global leader in the advertising resource management sector, was an active participant and observer at Cannes, with Federico Salvitti, VP of growth US, uncovering insights into the core topics being discussed on the French Riviera.

Fusing creativity with technology: Cannes Lions has always been synonymous with creative excellence. The 2024 edition highlighted a significant shift; creativity intertwined with advanced technology. AR and VR were everywhere, with several sessions dedicated to exploring their potential. 

As Salvitti noted, “This new wave of tools allows brands to engage with consumers in more personalised and impactful ways. The goal is to consolidate all these technologies and connect them to a backbone that helps brands manage their workflows efficiently.” 

The importance of AI-driven optimisation: One standout theme was the advance in AI-driven predictions for campaign management and optimisation. Salvitti said: "AI has the power to improve the effectiveness of media spending. Cannes showcased how AI can identify consumer behaviour patterns to predict channel performance accurately, allowing brands and agencies to manage budgets in a completely new way." 

Up-skilling marketing teams: Brands and agencies both highlighted how cross-functional teams are essential to support companies’ growth. While digital transformation propels progress for organisations, it has also brought tech overload, integration challenges, and C-suite misalignment. Cross-channel and cross-functional skills for marketing and media professionals are needed more than ever, especially with the rising use of AI and automation. 

Salvitti commented: “AI won’t take jobs away, but has the potential to relieve individuals of tedious tasks; it's important to build AI-enabled teams that combine diverse skill sets, supported by a consolidated tech stack to eliminate fragmentation.” 

Technology as an ally to DEI: A highlight was the emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through its ERA (equity, representation, and accessibility) framework, Cannes has made significant strides in promoting inclusivity. 

Salvitti remarked: “This is not just a trend but a necessary evolution. MINT took part in panels hosted by the Female Quotient and ANA Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing and we believe that technology and AI can help the industry to remove bias connected to underrepresented audience segments.” 

New sustainability standards: GARM and Ad Net Zero launched new standards to transform carbon emission measurement in media. The framework focuses on consistent measurement across TV, digital and out-of-home, with additional formulas for print, radio, and film coming soon. 

"Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity for the entire ecosystem. The new framework marks the initial phase of a collaborative effort to agree common metrics for carbon emissions," said Salvitti. 

The Rise of 'Commerce Media' and CTV: The concept of commerce media is reshaping our understanding of retail media and was a big topic of conversation on La Croisette this year. Going beyond traditional retailers, commerce media includes new, unexpected players in the advertising industry. For example, JP Morgan Chase launched Chase Media Solutions, signalling the importance of Financial Media Networks (FMNs) in the list of emerging networks to monitor. 

CTV also dominated many panels and prompted compelling discussions about consumer behaviour. “Exploring new channels is beneficial for advertisers as we approach the cookieless future. MINT is always growing its network of integrations and data connectors and we will follow the rise of commerce media and CTV very closely," Salvitti commented. 

A Positive Outlook 

“As we move into the second half of the year, MINT is committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in advertising," said Salvitti. “The insights and innovations at Cannes reaffirm our belief that the future of our industry is bright, and we are excited to be part of this journey.” 


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