• Kargo: Don't Over-Rely on Open Exchanges

    To mitigate the risk of ad fraud and bots, marketers in Asia-Pacific should not be too dependent on programmatic open exchanges and must combine technology with human oversight.

    Advertisers should practise caution against relying solely on automation, advised Rob Leach, Kargo’s Asia-Pacific general manager, who pointed to a The&Partnership study that revealed nearly 30% spent on open exchanges last year was on invalid traffic. He further underscored the need to assert more human control to ensure quality, rather than quantity, ad [...]

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  • How AI Is Learning to Create Computer-Generated Imagery

    Artificial intelligence continues to evolve as it finds new ways to learn and function, including tackling the subject of creativity. Next on the machine-learning list: computer-generated imagery. As Olga Egorsheva, CEO and co-founder, Lobster, explains, AI could have a greater role to play in freedom of creativity than you could imagine.

    AI’s relationship with creativity has always been a curious one. Can machine learning truly equal the human mind when it comes to expressing creativity? Perhaps some of the answers can [...]

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  • APAC Marketers Overlooking Physical Customer Touchpoints

    Marketers have been so focused on optimising customer experience across digital channels that they have neglected the need to be equally responsive on physical touchpoints.

    A survey by CMO Council revealed that 78% of marketers believed they could respond or react to consumer feedback, requests, suggestions, or complaints specific to campaigns within two weeks – with 43% saying they could do so within 24 hours, according to the research, which polled 153 marketers [...]

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  • What Role is Artificial Intelligence Set to Play in Creative?

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest buzzwords to hit the creative sector. In the tradition of those gone before it, the likes of ‘big data’ and ‘growth hacking’, AI has been billed as having transformational capabilities, and able to revolutionise business and marketing, writes Robert Berkeley, president, Express KCS, exclusively for ExchangeWire. Accenture estimates that an AI revolution could work to double the annual economic growth rates of 12 of the largest developed countries by 2035.

    To the relatively uninitiated, [...]

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  • Digital Can Steal Hearts & Minds, As well As Ad Budgets

    When you think of bold creative executions, digital doesn’t tend to spring to mind and an even less obvious connection is mobile. Yet, given the weight of importance consumers place on their mobile devices, why shouldn’t these be front and centre when it comes to investing memorable creative campaigns? Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Rob Garber, managing director EMEA, Undertone, explains why he believes marketers should be exploring the powerful, brand-building opportunities digital, specifically mobile, has to offer.

    One thing strikes me [...]

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  • AI Plugs Human Errors & Lets Marketers Focus on Quality

    Left to run autonomously, marketing platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) can avoid mistakes humans make. Rather than fear it, marketers should leverage this to better focus on producing value-added quality. AI marketing systems could watch and analyse consumers’ digital journeys, and decide the best way to spend media dollars, says Naomi Simson, co-founder of Australia’s Big Red Group (BRG).

    Describing AI as the ability to read and learn from data and adjust outcomes, she said AI-powered marketing systems enabled the [...]

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  • Programmatic Is Not an Excuse for a Lack of Creativity: Q&A with Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, Sublime Skinz

    Identifying the user and connecting the customer journey across devices and platforms is fundamental to maintaining creativity in video advertising, believes Andrew Buckman, MD EMEA, Sublime Skinz. Speaking exclusively with ExchangeWire, Buckman explains how creativity in video can still thrive in a programmatic environment.

    ExchangeWire: What does the future of digital video look like?

    Andrew Buckman: Mobile devices will drive the growth of digital video consumption. The latest Zenith Online Video Forecast indicates fixed device viewing is already reaching a peak, while [...]

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  • Creative Is the Most Essential Element of Advertising: Q&A with Miha Mikek, Celtra

    In order to reach your customer, you need the right creative to engage with them, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Seamless collaboration across agencies and brand consistency is also a necessity. As Miha Mikek (pictured below), CEO, Celtra, explains, creative management platforms can be essential for production, delivery, measurement, and the ultimate success of an advertiser’s campaign.

    ExchangeWire: What does a Creative Management Platform (CMP) do? What are the advantages of using one?

    Miha Mikek: [...]

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  • IAB Puts the Consumer First with Latest Standard Ad Unit Portfolio

    The IAB recently released a finalised version of the new IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, allowing for ad creative to adjust to a variety of screen sizes and resolutions. As well as flexible ad sizes, the IAB has included specifications for AR, VR, social media, mobile video, emoji ad messaging, and 360º video ads, following industry-wide feedback after the initial version was released for public comment in September 2016.

    The latest ad portfolio, and its host of new guidelines, marks [...]

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  • Internet Advertising’s Robust Growth Hides an Inconvenient Truth

    Digital advertising is booming in terms of growth, but is struggling to personalise ads effectively. This is stagnating performance and undermining the industry, says Cablato Founder and CEO, Adrian Pearmund (pictured below).

    If you take a look at the recent Advertising Expenditure Forecast from Zenith Global, it looks as if everything in the digital ad garden is rosy. The respected report reveals that digital ad spend will grow by 13% to top USD$205bn (£159.3bn) in 2017. Zenith Global also [...]

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