Clinch Enhances Sports API Offering to Include Olympics Data

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalisation and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, announced today (May 30th, 2024) a new creative decisioning capability via its Sports API, allowing advertisers to seize opportunities leading up to and during the Olympics.

"By enhancing our Sports API offering to include Olympics data, Clinch continues to empower advertisers to engage with audiences in real-time, delivering personalised experiences during one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world," said Oz Etzioni, CEO. “Brands can leverage our Sports API not only for the Olympics but also for other summer events such as MLB and the UEFA European Championship.” 

Clinch's real-time, data-driven capabilities span across all channels, encompassing Connected TV, social, programmatic display/video, mobile, digital-out-of-home, and audio, making it the preferred choice for advertisers targeting sports enthusiasts. Brands can now connect with Olympic fans using a broad range of attributes, including: 

  • Daily medal counts by country and sport
  • Event countdown by sporting event type 
  • Event countdown by sport/country 
  • Live scores 
  • Sporting event results: final scores, won/lost 

This expansion enables brands to offer personalised/localised experiences to audiences in real time, matching the fast-paced nature of the Olympic Games. To enhance fan personalisation, brands can employ a range of complementary strategies. These include utilising sequential messaging, directing consumers to nearby dedicated merchant partners or delivery services, and showcasing product feeds highlighting top-performing items.

To learn more about Clinch’s Sports API, submit an inquiry or request a demo at https://clinch.co/contact/ or reach out to info@clinch.co


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