Strengthening Ad Tech Advocacy: TeqBlaze Joins the Prebid Community

TeqBlaze, a leading ad tech provider, is expanding its contribution to developing industry standards by stepping into the Prebid community. This move aligns with TeqBlaze's commitment to developing industry standards and modernising its products.

By joining the Prebid community, TeqBlaze gains valuable guidance and development capabilities to tackle common technical challenges in the ad tech industry. The team will actively participate in working groups, contributing its expertise, resources, and insights to enhance the effectiveness of Prebid technology solutions.

TeqBlaze's membership complements the existing 250+ demand partners within Prebid, furthering the mission to deliver robust ad tech solutions. This collaborative effort empowers advertisers, publishers, and agencies to achieve optimal marketing results with minimal effort. At this point of solutions development, the company’s goals strongly resonate with improving the global programmatic landscape and defining the technologies.

“Our experience with Prebid technologies since 2016 shows that the open-source solutions that become the industry standard must be a win-win for all parties. Since many profits are lost on different interpretations of IAB protocols and adapting solutions with such discrepancies, that's why joining the Prebid community is a logical continuation of our way to maximise the profit of our clients and benefit the industry partners.” — Vlad Isaiko, CTO at TeqBlaze.

Diving into the Prebid ecosystem: a TeqBlaze perspective

Being partners with Prebid, the TeqBlaze team would like to share the first impression as a new member by describing how the community organised the entire ecosystem and work culture. This includes:

  • Equality among community members. Your involvement and activity in webinars, product roadmaps, and other events will be appreciated regardless of your company's size.
  • Absolute freedom in work - from writing code and prioritising features in Prebid releases to manual code reviews of other developers. The same applies to people you can involve in the membership - they can be both business and technical specialists.
  • Open communication and networking. Everyone within the community is open to helping and supporting you in reviewing open issues, pull requests, insights, etc. Moreover, you can express your opinion or ask anything regarding policies, development plans, or GitHub repositories.

It’s a perfect shot for proactive people and companies who desire to contribute and shape the industry. For all future Prebid clients to join the membership, you should be ready to demonstrate thought leadership. This means having a solid team and taking time, as there are no clear guidelines or people assigned to you as a member.

With the gradual realisation of the planned and new activities coming, the TeqBlaze team would like to thank the Prebid community for trusting and recognising the high scientific and technical potential of the already-started collaboration. More great things are coming!


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