• RevOps Barometer H1 2022: What the Industry is Saying

    Running since 2019, the Colab Consulting Rev Ops Barometer monitors the needs, concerns and priorities of revenue and advertising operations teams across the globe. Aimed at giving a voice to an important group of specialists in an underrepresented facet of the [...]

  • Brico Dépôt Campaign with Taptap Digital and JCDecaux Advances Digitalisation of OOH Media

    Ahead of ATS Madrid 2022, Taptap Digital's Emma Gold writes about how programmatic DOOH was successfully leveraged by Brico Dépôt Iberia, and how Taptap's Sonata Location Intelligence helped the company choose the right screens to reach their target audience. Brico Dépôt [...]

  • The Programmatic Trader Role Should Be Made Redundant; Time to Embrace Automation.

    In this exclusive piece for ExchangeWire, Wayne Blodwell (pictured), founder and CEO, TPA Digital, reflects on an article written for this very publication nearly a decade ago, which has always stuck with him all these years later, and asserts that [...]

  • Disney Open Data Platform to Horizon Media; South Korea Pledge ₩223.7 Billion for Metaverse

    In today's ExchangeWire news digest: Disney strike a deal with Horizon Media to open their data platform for brand measurement; South Korea pledge ₩223.7bn (£139m) to developing a national Metaverse; and ITV launch the UK's first AVOD/SVOD platform, ITVX.    Disney open [...]

  • Predictions 2022: DOOH and OOH

    In the second article in ExchangeWire's 2022 predictions series, industry experts predict what next year will hold for the traditional and digital out-of-home sector, which has face particularly stark challenges over the course of the coronavirus pandemic. Innovation in creative, context, [...]

  • Programmatic Curation: Q&A with Joe Meehan, IPONWEB

    In this exclusive interview following ATS London 2021, ExchangeWire speaks to Joe Meehan, EVP principles, IPONWEB, to discuss how media curation can be used by both buyers and sellers to bolster both transparency and ease of media management. What is programmatic [...]

  • The Future of Programmatic Buying: Q&A with Xandr

    In this in-depth interview ahead of ATS London 2021, ExchangeWire speaks to Harvin Gupta, senior director - solutions engineering, and Karan Singh, senior commercial director - advertiser partnerships, Xandr, for an outlook on the future of programmatic buying, alongside how [...]

  • Decentralisation can Improve Advertising for All: Q&A with Alkimi Exchange

    In this exclusive interview ahead of ATS London 2021, Ben Putley, CEO & co-founder of Alkimi Exchange, explains how decentralisation can improve the ad buying process for advertisers and publishers whilst creating a better experience for consumers.   How has the programmatic buying [...]

  • Consolidation in Digital Audio: Now & Next

    In this feature article, ExchangeWire examines investment within the digital audio space over the course of the last nine months, how programmatic is fuelling funding initiatives, and the effect of consolidation upon the sector. Consolidation in digital audio is booming. As [...]

  • Programmatic Will Help Unlock the Value of Audio - Q&A with Benjamin Masse, Triton Digital

    Ahead of ATS London 2021, Benjamin Masse, managing director, market development and strategy at Triton Digital, gives an overview of the current programmatic audio landscape - as well as its challenges and its opportunities - in this exclusive Q&A. 1. How [...]