• APAC Publishers Slow to Turn Up Video Content

    Advertisers and agencies want more video content, but few publishers in Asia-Pacific are scaling up to meet the increased demand over concerns about cost and complexity.

    Eager to reduce their dependence on YouTube, marketers in the region are keen to seek out alternative video inventory, says James Sampson, DataXu’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager. However, most premium publishers have yet to add video content at scale, he notes, adding that there also are other issues to consider.

    In this Q&A with [...]

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  • Localisation Key to Survival Amidst China's Walled Gardens

    Localisation and working alongside walled gardens may be key to survival in China's tough ad tech landscape. Although, this does not mean brands should stop demanding more transparency.

    Lured by the country's sizeable market potential, numerous foreign players have attempted to grab a piece of the pie, but few could claim success. A big part of this was due to their lack of local knowledge, according to Albert Sim, Miaozhen China's vice president of [...]

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  • Ad Requests am Abend; EVSG startet Viewability-Standardisierung

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH mit Schlaglicht-Interviews aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: Abendstunden gehören der Mobile-Nutzung; Standardisierungsvorstoß der EVSG; Integral Ad Science wird rezertifiziert; und Fünf Fragen an Kate Owen, Digital Element.

    Meiste Ad Requests am frühen Abend

    In seinem Mobile Netzwerk Report widmet sich AdColony den mobilen Nutzungszahlen in den deutschsprachigen Ländern. Erkenntnis aus dem aktuellen Bericht : Werbeeinblendungen erreichen die Nutzer vor allem in den Abendstunden.

    So wird aus den Zahlen von AdColony klar, [...]

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  • Taptica Buys Tremor Video DSP; Bitposter Launches Direct Marketplace

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: USD$50m (£38.5m) for Tremor Video’s DSP; Bitposter Direct Marketplace; ABC accreditation for Integral Ad Science; European Viewability Certification Framework; QDOT goes Uruguay; FastPay and Videology announce USD$80m credit facility; and UK businesses not ready for GDPR.

    Taptica pays $USD50m for Tremor Video DSP

    Tremor Video is separating their buy- and sell-side business buy selling their demand-side business to Taptica. The video optimisation and attribution [...]

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  • Personalisation, But Not Precision

    With the death of cookie-based marketing on the horizon, personalised marketing (or identity-based marketing) is on the rise with the so-called ‘universal ID’. Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Ray Kingman, CEO, Semcasting, talks about the challenges the universal ID still faces, the advantages of IP and device-ID matching, and how marketers can boost performance by reaching unique audiences with personalised messaging.

    Around the time we started to think of our phones as essential extensions of our identities, consumers began to [...]

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  • Taptica Acquires Tremor Video’s DSP; Kepler Integrates with LiveRamp

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the US/Canadian digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Taptica buys Tremor Video’s DSP; Kepler partners with LiveRamp; Videology and Tru Optik parter; Cuebiq launches new IoT Audiences; inMarket integrates with trading desks; Placecast partners with Pinsight Media; and Amobee new hires and unifies brand.

    Taptica buys Tremor Video’s DSP

    Consolidation in the ad tech space continues with mobile advertising platform, Taptica, purchasing video ad tech company, Tremor Video’s demand-side platform [...]

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  • China Ad Tech Players Don't Always Respect Boundaries; Singapore Media Giants to Build Programmatic Marketplace

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries; Singapore media giants to build programmatic marketplace; China 1Q online ad revenue fall to £7.78bn; AU radio network offers personalised ads; Amazon must localise to build SEA loyalty; and IAB AU offers video, audio, and mobile glossaries.

    China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries

    China’s ad tech landscape can be [...]

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  • APAC Publishers Dragged Down by SSP Codes

    Publishers in Asia-Pacific still are putting multiple codes from different SSPs, which drags down page loads and worsens ad latency. They need to move away from this and start embracing header bidding, urges Rammohan Sundaram, C1X’s Asia-Pacific Middle East Africa managing director and senior vice president. He notes that awareness of header bidding in the region remains nascent, but will continue to grow as it becomes the standard platform to connect with SSPs.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Sundaram also discusses [...]

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  • Mehr Kooperationen für adsquare; MMA Deutschland wächst

    ExchangeWire bündelt die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der Region DACH aus der deutschsprachigen Programmatic-Szene. Diese Woche: Neue adsquare-Kooperationen; MMA Deutschland auf Wachstumskurs; und Axel Springer und United Internet bringen Awin.

    Adsquare kooperiert mit Adbrain, Drawbridge, Tapad

    Über eine Handvoll neuer Kooperationen will Adsquare seine DMP mit neuen Cross-Device-Funktionalitäten aufwerten. Mobile Targeting-Daten und Kampagnen lassen sich auf alle digitale Geräte übertragen. Mit von der Partie bei den neuen Kooperationen sind Adbrain, Drawbridge und Tapad. Was die drei neuen Partner vereint: Alle bieten cross-device ID-Matching, [...]

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  • Screen6 Launches Tech Platform Hub; New Standard Ad Portfolio by IAB Europe

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Tech hub for platforms launched by Screen6; IAB collaborates on new ad standards; Identity matching solution by AdBrain; UK ranks lowest in viewability benchmarks; Talent and technology acquisition for Mozoo; and Crownpeak buys Evidon.

    Screen6 launches tech solution for platforms

    A new centralised solution for advertising and marketing technology companies has entered the scene. Dubbed ‘The Hub’, Screen6 provides a platform solution aimed at self-service cross-device ID processing, [...]

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