Havas Media Group Partners with Lumen Research to Measure & Optimise Attention at Global Scale

Havas Media Group announced today (1st June 2022) a global partnership with Lumen Research that will create bespoke tools to plan, measure, buy, and optimise attention. This offering, the first of its kind to be integrated on a global scale, augments Havas Media Group’s Media Experience (Mx) operating system with Lumen Research’s proprietary attention data, harnessing the world’s largest and longest-lasting continuous eye tracking panels to estimate the consumer attention generated by each media impression. 

The addition of attention data to Havas Media Group’s Mx operating system is currently rolling out across 150 of Havas Media Group’s global markets and will be available to client teams, effective June 2022. 

“In a landscape where consumers are inundated with countless media experiences every day, traditional metrics such as impressions and viewability only tell part of the story,” said Jon Waite, global head of activation at Havas Media Group. “Measuring and optimising attention is an integral component of cutting through the noise and ensuring brands are effectively delivering meaningful media experiences that resonate with consumers. Havas Media Group’s partnership with Lumen Research allows us to assess attention more accurately than ever before with the combined power of real human observations alongside device data and machine learning.” 

Lumen’s Attention Measurement Platform (LAMP) utilises web camera eye tracking to record visual attention from consenting panel participants, creating a training data set for machine learning models to score a wide array of video and display media formats for attention metrics. This innovative partnership will augment Havas Media Group’s Mx planning tools with access to attention averages across online display, video, and social media formats. It will directly assess the attention of client campaigns with a bespoke integration of Lumen’s LAMP tag that measures attentiveness metrics on an ongoing basis.

“We’re immensely excited to be taking such a bold step forward with our partners at Havas,” said Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen Research. “This relationship represents a change in the way we think about attention – from an interesting research topic to a fundamental business tool.”


Lumen is the leading attention technology compnay. We use eye tracking data to build powerful predictive models of attention that can be used to plan, buy and report on digital media. Our creative testing tools allow brands to optimise their creative...
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